Carly orders Jason to move now at Pentonville General Hospital

Carly visits Jason at Pentonville. She tells him they need to move now because Nikolas will turn Florence over to Cyrus. He thinks that might be for the best. She notices he’s been injured, assumes it was from Cyrus’ men, and starts to panic that she will lose him. Carly can’t wait for the trial. They must do things her way and now. He doesn’t like the sound of this, but she tells him to be ready and walks out. When he is returned to his cell, his guard informs him he’s getting a roommate. It’s Shawn Butler. They both wonder who set this up.

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Joss and Jax discuss Cam at home General Hospital

At the Corinthos compound, Cameron asks Joss if they can still be friends. She won’t let him pressure her. He accuses her of standing beside a murderer instead of him and reminds her of all the times he’s given up what he wanted to support her. After he walks out, Jax comes in and gives her a hug. She tells him that her friendship with Cam is over. She unpacks Franco’s killing and complains that Cam won’t listen to her. Jax points out that Jason will probably be freed in the end and there’s no point in losing a friendship over this. Besides, Cam is just scared and probably needs her understanding more than Jason needs her defense.

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Scott asks Liz if she needs help from family at home General Hospital

Scott drops by the Webber house to look after the boys. He asks Liz if she needs help and suggests she call in more family, like her father. Liz is skeptical. Cam arrives and his mom heads off to work. As Cam vents to Scott, the lawyer encourages him to stop being angry at the people around him. If he needs someone to lash out at, it should be him. Scott tells him about his bad reputation and the mistakes he made. He urges Cam to be a standup guy now or he won’t be one later. Joss calls him and tells him she doesn’t like how they ended things. He doesn’t want to give up on their friendship either.

When Carly gets home, she gets a call and tells someone to move on with the plan.

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Finn asks Portia to hurry tests at General Hospital

At General Hospital, Anna sees Finn complaining to Portia about not getting test results for Chase fast enough. Portia will go to the lab to expedite things but urges him to step back and call in a specialist. He refuses to back down and she threatens to turn him into Britt. After she walks off, Liz shows up and Finn tells her about the situation with Chase.

Peter arrives and gloats to Anna about all the pain Chase is in. He reminds her of his demands. She asks for the antidote. He’s changed his mind about that so she warns that Valentin will kill him if she doesn’t do it first. Peter won’t give it up until she convinces Maxie to let him be in the room when their child is born. He takes a vial of the antidote from his pocket and waves it around, ordering her to arrange a visit for him with Maxie. After smashing the vial, he walks off.

Chase wonders about Willow at General Hospital

Michael looks in at Willow sitting by Chase’s bedside. He joins them and Willow runs off. The Corinthos tells him about ending things with Sasha. That makes the cop wonder about what his chances with Willow are.

Willow approaches Portia in the corridor and asks about Chase’s case. Portia doesn’t know anything. She heads down the hall to see Chase. After she checks on him, Peter drops by and tells the detective to get well soon.

Michael and Willow talk at General Hospital

Michael finds Willow in the hall. Neither of them knows how they are supposed to break their news to Chase.

Anna finds Finn, takes him aside, and tells him she knows what’s wrong with Chase.

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Sonny asks Nina to dance General Hospital

In the town square of Nixon Falls, Phyllis and Lenny aren’t impressed that “Mike” hasn’t made more effort to dress up for the dance. She hands him a cowboy hat. When Nina arrives with Elijah, she’s amazed that Sonny looks so good in the hat. He asks her to dance. After they spin around the floor, they get some beers and she admires his skills. Seeing her dance has allowed him to see her when she’s actually happy. They nearly kiss when Elijah interrupts and asks for a dance. She insists on going to check on Lenny when she sees him hobbling off the dance floor. Elijah and “Mike” start leveling accusations at each other. “Mike” asks why he isn’t coming clean about what he did in California. After Elijah stalks off, Nina asks Sonny for another dance.

Meanwhile, Jax shows up and asks Phyllis and Lenny if they can help him find someone.

On the next General Hospital: Jax is in the wrong place.

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