Ava tells Nikolas she thinks he's making a mistake a Wyndemere General Hospital
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At Wyndemere, Ava is not happy to hear that Nikolas is going ahead with his plan to hunt down Florence. He thinks that what Cyrus really wants is for him to help build a bridge to Laura. This is all a turn-on for Ava. After they make out, he tells her about the mercenaries he’s hired to find Florence. She loves him for wanting to protect his aunt but trusting Cyrus to keep his word seems like a bad idea. It sure didn’t work for Julian. The prince just wants her support. They have sex. In bed, he tells her he wants to protect her. He gets a call from his mercenaries and they have tracked down Bobbie. Ava promises to support him no matter what he does.

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Sasha and Brando talk last night at the garage General Hospital

Sasha drops by the garage with a latte for Brando. She left her phone there last night. She’s glad about what they did. There has been something between them for a while. He’s impressed that she knows about engines and she’s impressed by how brave he has been for Carly’s family. After he wipes grease off her cheek, she smiles. Later, Gladys shows up, unhappy to see Sasha there.

Nina asks Sonny if he wants his old self back at Tan-O General Hospital

At the Tan-O, Sonny urges Nina to be cautious with Elijah. She’s not in the market for a relationship. He tells her she’s better than the men she’s been involved with. She asks what he’d do if he could get his old self back. He’s not sure he wants to when he’s happy there. Nina tells him about the Met Ball she used to attend and how everyone smiled at it but was unhappy inside. Sonny says she seems happy in Nixon Falls. She tells him that she’s doing something selfish. He refuses to believe it. Before she can go to the library, he asks her to the firehouse dance. She’d love to but Elijah already asked. Nina promises him a dance.

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Carly in impatient with Anna and Valentin at Corinthos compound General Hospital

Valentin joins Anna at the Corinthos compound and they plan their next move against Peter. Carly opens the door and tells them they must act now. She informs them Cyrus seems to have made a deal with someone to get his mother back. Carly thinks they should go after Gladys and complains about how unhelpful they have been. Anna insists that none of them can do anything right now. If Peter gets a hint they are planning something, someone will die. Carly is still reluctant to agree.

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Laura and Martin talk Cyrus at The Grill General Hospital

Martin arrives at The Grill and overhears Laura leaving a worried message to Nikolas. The lawyer hopes her son is keeping his promise to her. She asks what that was. He explains Nikolas offered to help fix things between them and insists he had no idea what Julian was involved with. Martin thinks his brother is afraid of them getting closer. Laura may be disappointed in him, but she’ll never forget the things his brother has done. Cyrus strolls in, sees them together, and wonders if this is a sign she may be coming around to forgiving him. Laura refuses to let him use Nikolas to get his mother back and walks off. Martin rails at his brother. Anna and Valentin stroll in and she introduces herself to Cyrus as Peter’s aunt. He’s happy to meet her. Anna takes Valentin across the room to a table. She says she’s just figured out their next move. Meanwhile, Martin tells his brother not to grimace at Anna and warns him of how dangerous Valentin is. Cyrus thinks she could be useful and assures him he doesn’t care about Peter. August is just a means to an end and the end is coming.

Laura shows up at the Corinthos compound and tells Carly that she’s worried Nikolas has found out where Florence is. They argue about how to stop Nikolas from getting deeper into this.

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Alexis tours prison General Hospital

Alexis is given the tour around Pentonville by Maggie. When she gets to the gym, Hilda gives Alexis a shove. Maggie gets her to back off and warns her about how dangerous the place is. She’s amazed a lawyer didn’t have the sense to talk herself out of being sent there. Alexis blames booze and bad decisions. Hilda returns and tells Maggie to take a hike. Everyone else has emptied the gym. When Alexis mentions the crazy weather, Hilda takes it as an insult and shoves her again.

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