Willow finds Chase passed out at home General Hospital
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Willow finds Chase passed out on his floor. She helps him onto the couch and checks his temperature before deciding he needs to go to the hospital.

Sonny teases Nina at Tan-O General Hospital

Sonny is clearing up at the Tan-O when Nina shows up. He starts bragging about his big dance moves. She asks for hot chocolate and explains Elijah is taking her sightseeing. His gut feeling tells him there is something off about Elijah, who wanders in. The three of them discuss the stars in the sky and Elijah mentions that he used to live in San Francisco. Sonny starts grilling him about his business interests. This makes Elijah defensive but Sonny smells trouble. Nina repeats her hot chocolate order and wanders off to freshen up. Sonny tells Elijah he has the feeling he’s not who he claims to be.

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Jax asks Michael for a favor in guesthouse General Hospital

Jax drops by the Quartermaine guesthouse to see Michael. The topic becomes Nina. As Wiley plays on the floor, Michael thanks Jax for standing by Carly. Jax hopes that Nina can be part of Wiley’s life. He doesn’t think that’s too much to ask and reminds him of how complicated family connections have been in his life. After Jax leaves to call Nina, Michael tells Wiley that Willow is having a difficult conversation with Chase.

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Dante asks Brook Lynn if she's sure at Quartermaine estate General Hospital

Dante runs into Brook Lynn in the Quartermaine foyer. She brings up her pregnancy and insists she knows what she’s doing. Ned interrupts to announce he’s about to win back his wife. He’s going to fill the place with flowers and ask her to renew their vows. His daughter thinks this looks desperate and walks off. Dante says Ned doesn’t know Olivia if he thinks that would work. He takes him outside and tells Ned he needs to earn Olivia’s trust again, and flashy moves won’t do it. It isn’t just that he betrayed her, he lost faith in her. Ned walks off to ponder what to do.

Robert questions Olivia at Quartermaine estate General Hospital

Robert and Olivia share a drink in the main room. He asks why she’s living there if she wants to separate from Ned. She doesn’t have an answer to that. As he tries to reassure her, he holds her hand until Brook Lynn walks in. Robert assures her this is all innocent. Brook Lynn doubts it, which disgusts Olivia.

Brook Lynn bumps into Dante in the foyer again. He’s not sure their parents will be able to work things out. When they talk about the father of her baby, Dante offers her any backup she needs.

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Jackie tells Finn they have unfinished business at General Hospital

Jackie shows up at General Hospital to see Finn. She says they have unfinished business with Peter over the hurt he has inflicted on Chase. He suggests she go after him in the press, but her contract forbids it. She thinks they should look to Anna for help.

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Peter taunts Valentin and Anna at Anna's General Hospital

At Anna’s, she tells Valentin about Chase’s illness. He assumes Peter is behind it. August confirms that he poisoned him and reminds her of what happened with Sean Donely. Anna explains that Faison poisoned Sean’s wife and kept the antidote to manipulate him. In exchange for the antidote, Peter wants them to stay away from Maxie. Anna agrees to do what he wants. Willow calls to say she’s brought Chase to the hospital. After Anna takes off, Valentin asks Peter how he thinks he’s going to get away with this. Peter doesn’t understand why he’s lecturing him for acting just like he does. Valentin accuses him of never taking responsibility or thinking ahead. He cuts him loose.

At General Hospital, Willow tells Jackie and Finn about Chase. Portia joins them with an update on the cop’s condition. As the doctors consult, Jackie tells Willow how happy Chase is that she is giving him another chance. She’s just about the only thing that makes him happy.

Anna joins Finn to look in on Chase, who has Willow sitting at his bedside. The doctor says he’s going to do everything he can to find out what’s happening. As he goes off to consult again, Anna sends a message to Valentin. He soon arrives with Peter. Anna agrees to do whatever Peter wants so long as he gives her the antidote. It’s not going to be that easy.

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