Chase is poisoned on GH
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Finn arrives at Curtis’ club and gifts him a portable defibrillator for his business. Finn tells him that he just came from dinner with Chase, his dad, and Jackie, which was awkward. Curtis asks how things between him and Anna are. Finn would rather talk about his new club. Curtis loves all the planning going into this venue. However, the rest of his life isn’t going so well, and he confides that he and Jordan have called it quits. Finn expresses how sorry he is. Curtis says this nightclub has energized him in a way that he hasn’t felt in years. The only problem with this new life is that he lost Jordan.

Curtis in the club on GH

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Jordan runs into Portia at the hospital. The cop dropped by to take TJ to dinner, but he’s assisting in surgery. Portia invites her to join her for a cup of coffee because she looks a little on edge. They chat, and Portia admits she spoke with Taggert earlier and something came up. She tells Jordan that Taggert figured out her affair that broke up their marriage was with Curtis. She just wanted Jordan to know given Taggert is living with her.

Jordan confides in Portia GH

Portia doesn’t want to add more turmoil to her life and hopes she and Curtis work things out. Jordan explains that won’t happen because she and Curtis are getting a divorce. Portia is sorry to hear that. Jordan couldn’t be the wife Curtis needed, which is why she must let him go. Portia offers to be there to talk if she ever needs anything.

Jordan shocks Portia with news on GH

In Maxie’s room, Britt tells her that she’s being discharged. Maxie is in hysterics because she just found out a huge media company is interested in The Invader, and she fears that Peter is selling and will use the money to take her and the baby out of the country. Obrecht enters and orders Maxie back into bed to rest.

Britt worries about Maxie GH

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Maxie tells Obrecht that she is feeling much better and just wants to get home to her son. Obrecht feels Maxie still will need care, so she’ll move in. Maxie promises that is not necessary, and Obrecht worries Maxie is keeping her door open for Peter. She warns her to open her eyes to the psychopath and that Peter will always be Faison’s son. Maxie knows the crimes Peter has been accused of, but he is her child’s father and she can’t cut him out of her life completely.

Obrecht issues orders on GH

Britt thinks the best thing is for Maxie to get home, and she’ll escort her. She grabs Maxie’s bag, drops it, and screams in pain. Alarmed, Obrecht asks what happened. Britt claims she just hit her funny bone on the bed. Obrecht urges her to be more careful and leaves them. Maxie hopes Britt really is okay because she can’t do this without her.

Maxie needs help on GH

In Anna’s basement, Peter tells Anna that if she continues with this plan of hers then someone she cares about will die. He gloats his plan is already in motion and it can only be stopped if they let him go. Anna lunges at Peter, and Valentin pulls her away. Anna is furious because this is right out of Faison’s playbook and he usually never bluffed on his threats.

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Anna worries about Peter's threat GH

Anna goes upstairs to call Robin and other family members to check on their safety. Valentin calls Charlotte, and Peter laughs that unlike him, he’d never harm a child. Valentin checks on Brook Lynn, but she doesn’t answer the phone. Valentin promises Peter that if he hurts anyone he cares about then he’ll kill him. Peter again tells Valentin that someone’s life depends on his freedom.

Peter threatens a death on GH

Brook Lynn bangs on Chase’s door and calls out that she knows he’s in there and to wake up. Chase struggles off the couch and lets Brook Lynn in. She has coffee and says he looks like hell. Chase gets dressed and returns, and Brook Lynn asks what is going on with him. He says he thought he had food poisoning, but today his head is killing him. He wonders why Brook Lynn is there. She admits she’s trying to escape from Olivia, who is monitoring everything she eats and drinks. Plus, she wanted to see him and asks if she can stay awhile. He says she’s welcomed to stay, but he wants to get back to the dream he was having about Willow.

Brook Lynn complains GH

Chase believes that he and Willow will be getting back together very soon. She urges him to take things slow, and to take it from someone who gets herself into trouble by acting before she thinks. Chase worries she’s in trouble and asks if he can help. Suddenly there is a knock at the door, and it’s Brook Lynn’s bodyguard Yuri checking in. He hands her a phone, and on the other end is Valentin. Brook Lynn is furious with him pestering her and swears she is fine. Valentin warns her that people in his past could want to hurt him or those important to him, so he needs her to do as Yuri says and answer his calls. She agrees, and Yuri goes back into the hall. Brook Lynn explains the situation with Valentin and the bodyguard to Chase.

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At the Quartermaine gatehouse, Michael tells Willow that he loves her. She returns the sentiment. Michael proposes the idea that he and Wiley moved in, and they create their own home together. Willow would love that. After making love again they both dress, and Michael can see something is on Willow’s mind. He knows she’s thinking of Chase. She feels bad that she offered to give Chase a second chance when Michael was always the man in her heart. She’s going to need to talk to him.

Michael ponders moving in GH

Back at the club, Anna arrives to speak with Finn. Curtis gives them privacy, and the spy reveals the nanny told him where he was. Finn asks what is wrong. Anna explains that Peter is showing his true colors, and she’s worried he might go after those she loves. Finn promises to look both ways before crossing the street, and that he and Violet will be okay. Anna calls Valentin to fill him in that everyone is fine. Valentin says Charlotte and Brook Lynn are fine too. Anna believes Peter was just bluffing, but Valentin is not so sure. Anna is about to leave when she learns Finn can’t get a hold of Chase, who wasn’t feeling well earlier. Anna’s expression turns dire when Finn explains Chase seems to have come down with food poisoning from their dinner.

Finn and Curtis chat on GH

Willow arrives at Chase’s place and finds he is with Brook Lynn. She doesn’t want to interrupt their visit, but Chase is glad to see her. Chase invites her in, and Brook Lynn decides to leave them. She drops her purse, and out falls a fetal heart monitor. She explains they put it on her at the hospital. She tells Chase to feel better and leaves. Willow worries that Chase is sick, but he tells her not to. Willow tells him that they need to talk. Suddenly, Chase tumbles to the floor.

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Chase is in trouble on GH

Back in Anna’s basement, Peter warns Valentin that time is of the essence and he better let him go before it’s too late.

On the next General Hospital: Willow wants to get Chase to the hospital.

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