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At home, Alexis looks at her mother’s watch, still frozen at the time of her death. She plays her mother’s records and remembers being on the steps as a child and seeing Mikkos kissing and dancing with her mother. Sam interrupts and finds Alexis staring at the watch. Alexis sees it as a representation of her life being frozen over the next three years, and how much she will miss. Frantic, Alexis tells Sam that she feels she needs to talk to someone. Outside, Molly and Kristina are planning something and sneak in the back.

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Hours later, Alexis arrives at Kevin’s office, and she thanks the doctor for squeezing her in before she heads to prison. Alexis admits she doesn’t know who she is anymore. Kevin suggests they begin there. Kevin asks what she’s been doing with her last day of freedom.

Alexis flashes back to earlier in the day and being at Kelly’s with Ned, Finn and Jax for a goodbye celebration. Valentin joined them and noticed Alexis was wearing her mother’s watch. She was hoping to get it fixed again. Valentin said he was proud of her for taking responsibility for her mistakes. Ned found himself, for once, agreeing with Valentin.

Alexis and her friends on GH

Back in Kevin’s office, Alexis doesn’t know who she is, but she knows who she was. She was an attorney and stood for something. She was a fighter and an idealist. She notes that her consultant advised she find a purpose in prison and asks Kevin to help her find one. He goes back to their last session, which was a while ago, and her relationship with her father. A younger version of Alexis appears huddled in the corner of the office.

Young Alexis Kevin office GH

Alexis says she doesn’t have many memories of her father, he was barely a presence in her life. She flashes back again to being on the steps as a child and watching Mikkos dancing with her mother. She doesn’t believe her father is what led her life to spin out of control, and that started when she let Julian back into her life and he held a knife to her throat. She calls him one of the many toxic men in her life. Kevin notes not all of them were toxic.

Earlier, Alexis had a moment alone outside of Kelly’s to talk to Ned. Ned called her his dear friend and said he’d always love her and have her back. They hugged.

Back in Kevin’s office, Alexis knows Ned was kind and stable, but they didn’t belong together.

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Alexis remembers stopping by the Quartermaine mansion to see Dante, but Olivia told her that he wasn’t there. Olivia was still furious with Alexis, but was also terrified for her and didn’t hate her. Olivia reminded Alexis of the woman she was, the one who defended her for breastfeeding in public, and urged her to find that Alexis again.

Olivia forgives Alexis GH

In Kevin’s office, she can’t believe Olivia was kind to her when she didn’t deserve it. Kevin wonders if she pled guilty to punish herself. Alexis has been punishing herself for her whole life, and she doesn’t know why. She feels she should be accountable to everyone for everything. Kevin tells her that she’s not responsible for Neil’s death any more than what Julian did to her.

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Alexis recalls having met with Nikolas and Ava at Charlie’s. She found an old family album of photos of him with Stefan and wanted him to have it. Nikolas promised her that she’d be fine in Pentonville. Nikolas gave her a moment with Ava, and they discussed Julian. Ava told Alexis that Julian was flawed, but he did love her.

Alexis and Nikolas moment GH

In Kevin’s office, Alexis feels her relationships with men are fleeting, they come and go from her life. Kevin again believes this goes back to her father.

Alexis flashes back to witnessing her mother telling Mikkos that she didn’t need him, and him calling her a greedy little bitch.

Kevin wonders where Alexis keeps going. She lashes out that he’s not helping her and not all women define themselves by men or their daddy problems. Kevin believes they are finally getting somewhere.

After leaving Charlie’s earlier, Alexis ran into Valentin. She told him that she hadn’t been able to get the watch fixed and it was a lost cause just like them. Valentin didn’t believe that… she taught him that they were not defined by their parents.

Kevin wants Alexis to tell him what she keeps remembering. Alexis says she has blocked out so much of her childhood, but there is one memory that keeps coming back to her. She recalls it was Christmas Eve and Mikkos stopped by to give them gifts. He presented her mother with the watch. It was a wonderful night until her mother asked him to stay. He tried to leave, but she wouldn’t let him and so Kristen threatened to tell Helena all about her and Natasha. Her father slapped her mother, who fell to the ground, and the watch shattered. Alexis watched from the stairs and couldn’t stop her father from hitting her mother.

Mikkos and Kristen on GH

Alexis tells Kevin that she cherished her moments with her father and idolized him, until that Christmas Eve. She realized then her father was a monster who abused her mother.

In the past, a young Alexis finally intervened and screamed at Mikkos not to hurt her mother. She picked up the broken watch, which Mikkos snatched from her, and ran out of the house.

Alexis tells Kevin she thought that would be the last of her father, but he returned on New Year’s Eve begging for Kristen’s forgiveness. He fixed her watch and her mother took him back. She cries that she tried to help her mother, but Kevin tells her that she was only a child. Alexis looks over in the corner and sees her younger self crying. She goes to her and tells her nothing that happened was her fault, and their father was damaged and cruel. She knows their mother was damaged too. She tells Natasha this shouldn’t have been her burden to carry, and she deserves to be happy. Alexis introduces herself as Alexis Davis, a fighter, an advocate, and an idealist and says she’ll take care of everything from here on out.

Kevin tells Alexis that her entire life she has been the voice of others without even realizing it.

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Earlier, the Davis girls surprised Alexis with a party at home. They held a mock graduation for Molly, which is next month, and they wanted Alexis and all her friends to be together. Alexis told Molly how proud she was of her and all her girls. They shared a group hug.

Alexis party GH

Kevin notes that Alexis has repeatedly defined herself as a fighter, an idealist, and an advocate. He points out that she has three daughters who embody those qualities, and all she needs to be is Alexis Davis.

Later at home, Sam urges her mother to go relax after the party has ended. Alexis tells Sam not to worry, she is better than she’s been in a long time. Alexis ponders her past 25 years, the good and bad, through flashbacks. She takes off her mother’s watch, places it on her desk, and heads up to bed.

The next morning Alexis is shown to her cell in Pentonville. There she meets her cellmate who has a stack of books and is working on her upcoming parole hearing. Alexis introduces herself as someone who can help.

Back at Alexis’ home, her mother’s watch begins ticking again.

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