Cyrus makes a deal at the Grill General Hospital
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Cyrus and Brando go to The Grill. Brando tells him that Valentin has taken an interest in Gladys. They try to figure out why until Nikolas arrives. After sending Brando away, Cyrus and Nikolas discuss a deal. His mother in exchange for Alexis’ safety. As they negotiate, the prince suggests that he might find Florence and keep her for himself. They strike a deal and Renault warns that if his mother isn’t found quickly, Alexis will have a grim time in Pentonville. Once the Cassadine is gone, Cyrus and Brando return to discussing Valentin.

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Violet asks Chase and Gregory what's changed at General Hospital

Violet walks the halls of General Hospital with Finn. Chase walks by and the girl runs into his arms. The cop asks Finn to a family dinner so they can talk things over with Jackie. As Violet colors in the corner, Finn admits he hasn’t spoken to Gregory since he learned the truth. Gregory arrives and Violet senses the adults are acting strangely. Chase takes her off for a treat. Once Finn and his father go to his office, Gregory reminds him that he is still his son. Finn doesn’t think he would have been the father to Chase that Gregory has been. He made Chase the good man he is. The doctor invites him to dinner, but his father isn’t ready to see Jackie.

Chase gets Violet an ice cream sandwich. He’s sure her dad will stop feeling sad since he has her around. She wishes she had a sibling to talk to. They head down the hall to Finn’s office. Violet plays a game while Chase asks Gregory to dinner. Gregory agrees, but has no idea what his relationship with Finn will be like moving forward.

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Britt checks Maxie out. They hear Brook Lynn arguing with Valentin. The doctor goes out to them and insists on giving Brook Lynn an assessment. She wheels her off. Valentin tells Anna how terrified he is for the baby. He’s amazed by how quickly he’s grown attached to the child and how indifferent Brook Lynn seems. Charlotte isn’t wild about the situation, he admits. Anna is sure she will come around and tries to calm his fears.

Brook Lynn examined by Britt at General Hospital

Down the hall, Britt prepares Brook Lynn for an exam. The Quartermaine claims she’s in shapewear and needs some time to get changed. Once she’s alone, she looks for a way to fake her pregnancy.

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Peter arrives at General Hospital

Peter rushes in to see Maxie following a call from her. Britt arrives and tries to reassure him, playing the sound of the baby’s heartbeat. After Britt takes him away to talk, Brook Lynn comes in and swipes an ultrasound picture. Once she disappears, Anna drops in to check on Maxie, who isn’t happy to see her and reminds her that she pushed her to trust Peter when she knew better. Anna wishes she would let her handle Peter, but Maxie doesn’t trust her.

At the nurses’ station, Britt tells Peter that Maxie had a close call. She needs no stress in her life and he needs to keep his distance.

When Peter returns to Maxie, he’s unhappy to see Anna there and starts railing at her. Peter offers to give Maxie space to avoid stress and vows he won’t let anyone hurt her. In the hallway, Anna warns Peter that stress could drive Maxie to miscarry.

Britt and Maxie plot at General Hospital

Britt goes back to Brook Lynn, who claims that she already had her ultrasound and shows her the sonogram she swiped. She bustles out, handing the sonogram to Valentin on the way out.

As Britt checks on Maxie to sign her in, she notices the sonogram is missing.

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Alexis requests Molly and Kristina move in at her house General Hospital

Kristina arrives at Alexis’ in tears, sorry she didn’t show up for the trial. Molly joins them and their mother announces that she wants them to move into the house while she’s in prison. That way they can look after her house and each other. Molly offers to talk to TJ, but Kristina can’t stand the idea of living with her sister. As they bicker, Alexis says she’ll miss this. She hugs them and makes them promise to take care of each other. Molly tells her mom how proud she is of her. As they have cocoa, Nikolas shows up and assures Alexis that he will be keeping an eye on her children for her. He remembers all the hard times she got him through. The prince says he has taken steps to make sure she is safe in Pentonville.

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Cyrus calls Peter at General Hospital to talk about Valentin and Gladys. August has an idea of why Valentin is interested. They guess it must be because of Anna. Glaring over at Finn, Peter has an idea for how to take care of this.

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