Brook Lynn argues with her father about the baby at Quartermaine house General Hospital
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Carly drops by Valentin’s room at the Metro Court. They discuss the situation with Jason, and he urges her to be patient. She’s eager to prove Gladys is a liar.

Ava and Nikolas discuss Spencer at the gallery General Hospital

Nikolas stops by the gallery to see Ava. She senses he’s gloomy, so he explains that Spencer has been ignoring his calls. He says his son owes them a minimum of courtesy and has to accept them. Their vow renewal won’t feel right without his son. Ava is sure he will come around. Martin interrupts. They aren’t happy to see him. The prince explains what Martin did for Julian. Martin regrets all of that and he’s worried about his brother pulling Laura into his orbit. He’s sure that he will chip away at her until he can manipulate her. She’ll need her family to protect her. After he exits, Nikolas isn’t sure what to think.

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Cyrus visits Laura at home General Hospital

Kevin surprises Laura at home. He wants to lure her away, but she’s distracted by her brothers. She tells him about Cyrus trying to make Martin look bad and the lawyer helping Julian escape. She’s disappointed in him. He decides to leave her alone while she works. Soon after, Cyrus shows up, eager to talk about his mother. She insists that Martin and Jason are looking after his mom and there’s nothing she can do. Laura says if he wants to help his mother, he will accept his guilt and go back to prison. When he accuses her of taking sides in a mob war, she shows him the door. Nikolas pops up and grabs him, ordering him to stay away from his mother. Once he’s loose, Cyrus threatens Laura’s family.

Kevin drops by the gallery to pick up a painting Franco left him. As Ava opens a package, she screams and jumps away. There’s a fake hand in it.

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In the Metro Court dining room, Cyrus tells Brando how happy he is that Jason was not freed. He tells him to get lunch while he does some personal business.

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Gladys chats with Sasha about Brando and the Corinthos family until her son interrupts. He asks to speak to Sasha alone. He comes clean about how he faked Dev being his son and hopes that makes her trust him. This also means that Michael lied to her about the whole thing. They spot Gladys sitting with Valentin and laughing. Sasha suggests he keep an eye on them and takes off.

Valentin and Gladys sit at the bar and she tells him all about her son. They discuss his rivalry with Sonny’s family. Since Carly is giving her dirty looks, Valentin asks Gladys to go somewhere more private. Before they can leave, Brando comes over and asks to speak to his mother alone. When they step away so he can warn her about the Cassadine, Valentin flips through her phone. She returns and catches him. He claims he was sneaking his number into her phone. When he asks her to lunch, she has to take a raincheck.

Once he leaves, he and Carly meet in the hall and he tells her what he found on Gladys’ phone. They assume she’s been calling Cyrus on a burner phone.

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Olivia Brook Lynn and Ned argue at Quartermaine house General Hospital

Ned drops by the Quartermaine estate to check on Brook Lynn. Michael shows him in as Olivia grabs a plate out of Brook Lynn’s hands and starts lecturing her about what to eat. Brook Lynn smashes the plate. Olivia continues to lecture her until Ned bluntly asks his daughter if she is looking after the baby or just concerned about using it as leverage. That doesn’t go over well with Olivia.

Chase shows up to tell Willow about how his family is trying to move forward. He knows they can’t make things better without talking. She taught him the importance of forgiveness. Michael interrupts and Chase abruptly exits. Willow and Michael discuss the situation with Nina and his lucky shirt. He tells her how great her advice is and how much she matters to him. As they are about to kiss, Sasha walks in on them.

On his way out, Chase bumps into Brook Lynn. They listen to Ned and Olivia bellowing at each other. Brook Lynn tells the cop that things are going just the way she wanted them to. She claims she’s all in on the baby and is glad that her dad and Liv have a common cause to bring them together.

Olivia tells Ned that they need to tell Valentin what’s happening. He stops her and she realizes that he’s not opposed to using the child either.

Brook Lynn goes up to her room and pulls off her fake pregnancy belly.

On the next General Hospital: Sam steps up to help Alexis.

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