Jason denied Bail GH
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At Liz’s place, Cam finds his mom reading a scathing article about Jason’s guilt in The Invader. Cam promises to be more careful in what he says around Jake, but Jason killed Franco and now it’s time for him to pay. Liz tries to talk to her son, but Cam won’t listen and slams the door on his way out.

Cam wants Jason to pay GH

Joss meets with Trina at Ava’s gallery so they can both open their emails from Port Charles University together. Both are ecstatic that they got in, but Trina knows Joss has her heart set on Southern Coastal University. Joss still hasn’t heard from them. Cam arrives and is happy to learn they got into PCU and thinks they should celebrate. Trina excuses herself to call her mom, and Joss asks Cam how Jake is doing. Cam admits he’s still angry with him, and when she started defending Jason he just… She stops him and tells him to think this through. She doesn’t believe that Jason would have killed Franco in such a sloppy manner and let himself be caught.

Trina is worried on GH

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Furious, Cam screams the sooner Joss and others accept Jason killed Franco the better. He rants that this lifestyle caught up with Sonny, and now it’s Jason’s turn to pay. Joss reaches her breaking point and refuses to feel sorry for the grieving Cam any longer. She points out all he is doing is hurting those who care about Jason, and when he finally realizes how wrong he is about Jason, she hopes Jason and others will be able to accept an apology from Cam. She storms out, and Trina returns wondering what in the heck happened. Outside, Joss gets a text that she’s been waitlisted at her top pick school.

Joss defends Jason GH

At the Metro Court, Peter sips his coffee and reads an article about the end of Jason’s reign of terror in The Invader. Jackie confronts him and is furious with his lack of journalistic integrity and wants nothing to do with him or his paper. He refuses to let her out of her contract, and she seethes that his lawyers made that clear. She storms off.

Chase runs into Finn, and they exchange pleasantries. Finn tells him that Violet misses her uncle and wants to know when she will see him again. Finn explains he’s been trying to keep things normal for Violet and informs Chase that they are living in the Metro Court since he and Anna split up. Finn is sorry and knows how much it hurts to lose the woman you love, and says he wouldn’t wish that on anyone, even him. Chase agrees to carve out some time to visit with Violet. Finn departs to check in on Liz, and Chase spots his mom across the restaurant.

Finn and Chase talk GH

Chase joins his mom at the bar. He doesn’t want to make the same mistake Finn did and shut everyone out. He wants to find a way to move forward. Chase notes that Gregory will always be his father no matter what, but it may be time for them all to sit down as a family to sort things out.

Chase and Jackie catch up GH

Scott wakes up in a room in the Metro Court to see his clothes strewn all over the place. Obrecht emerges in a bathrobe from the shower and hopes he slept well. Scott apologizes for hanging around last night, though isn’t sorry he did. Obrecht smiles and says she is glad he stayed too. After the two dress, Scott thinks they should talk about what they did multiple times last night, and what it means. They both agree their emotions in reminiscing about Franco stirred things up, but at the same time wouldn’t mind revisiting what they clearly have together. Obrecht changes the subject quickly and reminds Scott that they need to get to the courthouse.

Obrecht and Scott slept together GH

Outside of court, Anna approaches Robert. She asks him to grant Jason out. Anna explains she needs Jason out, especially with the things about to blow between Cyrus and the five families.

Anna and Robert in court for Jason GH

Inside, Carly approaches Jason as he’s brought in and hopes Diane will get him out on bail. Diane will fight for Jason but reminds her that this isn’t the trial but an arraignment, and Jason’s record is working against them. Diane says barring a miracle, Jason will remain in custody until the trial.

Carly plots with Jason on GH

Anna and Robert enter the court, and Diane goes to speak with Robert. Carly meanwhile promises Jason she will do whatever she has to in order to get him out. Suddenly, Peter enters using his press badge. He sits behind Anna, and the court is called into session. The judge is ready to hear arguments for and against bail. Robert says the state will not fight a request for bail because Jason’s family and businesses are in Port Charles and they don’t see him as a flight risk. The judge calls a recess to consider his decision.

Carly in court with Jason GH

The judge eventually returns and announces that Jason’s long record of criminal behavior can’t be overlooked. He has Jason held without bail until trial and remanded to Pentonville. Peter is pleased and gloats to Carly, but Carly warns him when Jason is eventually proven innocent, all Peter’s lies will come crashing down around him. Scott and Obrecht arrive, and Peter gleefully tells them that Jason is headed to prison.

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At the Tan-O, “Mike” sweeps the floor to an old Frank Sinatra song. Phyllis enters and says she and Lenny danced to this song at their wedding. He suggests she show him, and they dance around as Nina enters. Nina notes how happy “Mike” looks. “Mike” offers to take Phyllis to the firehouse if Lenny doesn’t, but Phyllis suggests he take Nina instead. Nina reminds Phyllis she’s due at the clinic. Phyllis can take a hint but points out to Nina that the firehouse chili is to die for. After Phyllis leaves, Nina lets “Mike” know she’s not looking for anything, and he isn’t either. However, he does love chili. Nina responds, “So do I.”

Sonny curious about Nina GH

Later, Nina takes a call from Elijah about the article she’s going to write. “Mike” is suspicious about the guy, who he says tried to buy the Tan-O before she arrived. Nina says he’s just looking to raise real-estate prices and tells “Mike” he’s always looking for enemies where there may be none. He wonders how she seems to think she knows him so well. Nina knows he helped save Lenny and Phyllis before, and thinks he’s trying to protect her. She promises she doesn’t need protection from Elijah. “Mike” eventually convinces Nina to join him in dance as to not disappoint Phyllis, so they dance around the bar. The two get awfully close while dancing, and Mike recalls his dream of the blonde woman. Phyllis returns and likes what she sees, later telling Nina that she is good for “Mike.”

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Back at Liz’s place, she ponders her confrontation with Peter earlier in the week and her conversation with Carly about whether Jason was guilty. She’s about to tear out of her place when she runs into Finn at her door. She was headed to find him, and he came looking for her. Liz tells him that Jake is convinced Jason didn’t kill Franco, but Cam is sure he did. Finn asks what she thinks. Liz thinks back to seeing Jason over Franco, and wonders if perhaps he was checking for a pulse. The nurse admits she’s not sure if Jason killed Franco. However if he didn’t, then who did?

Finn checks on Liz GH

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