Scott and Obrecht talk regrets at Metro Court General Hospital
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Joss brings Cam some chocolate chip cookies at his place. Jake and Liz are arguing. He wants to visit his father and tell him he knows he would never kill Franco. Cam erupts and tells him he’s being stupid if he believes that. Jake accuses him of lying and runs off upset. Joss tells Cam he shouldn’t have done that. It was cruel.

Joss calls Cam cruel General Hospital

When Liz catches up with Jake, he asks if she thinks his father is guilty. She says he’s innocent until proven otherwise. Jake heads back to the living room. His brother apologizes to him, but Jake won’t accept it because he refuses to admit Jason is innocent. Left alone, Cam and Joss continue arguing about Jason’s guilt. She makes it clear they aren’t on the same side and she won’t be friends with someone who can’t consider they might be wrong.

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Nina encourages Sonny to find his identity at Tan-O General Hospital

Sonny and Nina head back to the Tan-O after he gives her a tour of the town. Panicky Liesl calls her to say she’s at a loss and announces that Peter murdered Franco. When she gets off the line, Sonny tries to convince her to run an article on the town to get tourists in. She admires how relaxed he is and asks how hard he’s tried to find out who he is. He thinks that his former life may have been a mess and he’s better off not knowing. The life he has now is pretty good.

Outside, Elijah looks in, talking on the phone about how this “Mike guy” is trouble. He heads inside and gets an introduction to Nina. Seeing them together, he got the impression she and Sonny were old friends. She insists they just met. When Sonny brings up the article he proposed, Elijah offers to give her a tour himself. They arrange it for tomorrow. As soon as he leaves, he calls someone and tells them they have a new problem: Nina.

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Jason tells Scott he's innocent in cells General Hospital

Scott drops by the cells to tell Jason that he belongs in there. He taunts the “muscle-bound oaf” through the bars and tells him that killing Franco broke Jake’s heart. Jason insists he didn’t kill his son. Obrecht shows up to say the person who killed her Franco deserves to pay… but it was Peter, not Jason. She explains what Anna told her and tells Jason she will fight for his freedom.

Obrecht and Scott go to the Metro Court for drinks. Once she’s “lubricated,” she thanks him for saving her from Dr. Kirk. After she says Peter is to blame for Franco’s death, they hold hands and talk about the dead man’s vulnerable side and how much they loved him.

Scott walks Obrecht up to her room. They are both thankful they were in Franco’s life. She asks him in.

Liz brings Jake to see Jason in the cells. Jason gives his word that he didn’t kill Franco. He tells his son he doesn’t have to fight for him.

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Carly argues with Peter at Metro Court General Hospital

At the Metro Court, Carly tells Peter no one is getting the better of her and her family. He chuckles as she threatens him. Jax wades in as Peter drops a few more insults before strolling off. Carly complains about being rescued. Her ex assures her that Sonny’s people are still loyal to her too. She’s less worried about Peter than Cyrus. Jasper assumes Renault isn’t interested in her while Jason and Sonny are out of the picture. They head into a corner and she unpacks Peter killing Franco. The topic turns to Nina and she tells him about the odd call she got. Taking her hand, Jax promises that she’s not alone in this.

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Britt asks Maxie how far she will go at home General Hospital

At Maxie’s, Britt asks her how far she’s really willing to go with Peter. Maxie says she’ll go as far as she has to. Britt refuses to help her and tells her to cut Peter out. “Psychopaths are clingy,” Maxie says. The doctor checks her blood pressure. Peter shows up to apologize for what happened at Lamaze and offers to give her space. He also gives her his old teddy bear and offers to put together the crib. The ladies tell him not to push it. After he leaves, Britt points out that the bear was a gift from Faison. Maxie has realized that Peter won’t stop pushing. Britt agrees to go along with her plan to fake a stillbirth. She has an idea of how to keep Peter away until the baby is born.

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