Peter threatens Anna and Valentin GH
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Nikolas and Ava have dinner at The Metro Court. Nikolas is expecting Martin to join them, and Ava says if Laura knew what he was planning that she’d tell him, “No way in hell!” Nikolas is willing to make a deal with the devil to ensure his family’s safety. Martin arrives and didn’t know Ava would be joining them. Nikolas explains that Ava was just about to leave, which she does after receiving a text.

Nikolas makes a deal with the devil GH

Nikolas talks to Martin about how much family means to both of them and offers to help repair Martin’s relationship with Laura after Cyrus tanked it. He knows what it’s like to have Cyrus threaten someone important, as he did the same with his Aunt Alexis. Martin realizes Cyrus made Nikolas an offer to keep Alexis safe in exchange for his mother’s whereabouts. Martin tells Nikolas that his mother is fine, happy and safe where she is… far away from Cyrus. He can’t help Nikolas find her current location, but did visit her at her previous one in Vermont and even found someone to make her a hummingbird cake.

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Scott drops by Laura’s place to reveal that Jason didn’t kill his son, but Peter August did. Laura is shocked and wonders what changed his mind. He explains it was Obrecht. Laura doesn’t see her as credible and reminds him there are two witnesses against Jason. Scott is positive that Peter killed his son, and he’s going to use the law in his favor to get Peter into a courtroom.

Laura questions Scott GH

At Anna’s place, Valentin and the spy discuss Peter and the fact that the only way to keep everyone safe is to see him locked up. Peter arrives and confronts them about Obrecht spreading lies that he killed Franco and wonders where she got the idea. He assures them he didn’t and wants to offer them the chance for a fresh start, which is in their best interest to take. Anna feels that sounds like a threat. Valentin urges Peter to turn himself in and work towards redemption. Peter sees they’ve made their choice and now they must live with it. He departs, and Valentin and Anna realize they have no time to lose where Peter is concerned.

Anna and Valentin are not amused GH

In a cubicle at General Hospital, Liz gives Joss and Jax news that Joss only sprained her ankle and didn’t break it. She leaves them and Jax asks his daughter why she risked injury at her match by playing as if she had something to prove. Joss does and confides in her father that she’s been waitlisted at her top university pick.

Joss in the ER GH

At the nurses’ station, Finn gets off the phone with Violet after wishing her goodnight. He talks to Liz about kids, and they each share their family struggles with one another. Finn reveals he’s supposed to be going to dinner to try and resolve some of his family’s problems.

Finn leans on Liz GH

Liz checks in on Joss and tells her that the doctor is getting ready to release her after checking on her one last time. Jax excuses himself and leaves the cubicle to pull out his phone.

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Jackie, Chase, and Gregory arrive at an Italian restaurant for dinner. They sit down, and Finn eventually shows up. They all try and figure out if they move on as a family or go their separate ways. Gregory says they can’t erase their past together. Chase is trying to take the high road but doesn’t know if he can after all the secrets and lies. Gregory believes that they had a good family. He is proud of raising two intelligent men and is overjoyed that he has a granddaughter. He wants them to order dinner and get on with trying to move forward.

Finn and Chase's family dinner GH

Out back of the restaurant, Peter meets with a waiter and hands him a vial. He wants Finn to get a taste of his own medicine, and in return, Peter offers to make the waiter’s parole officer trouble go away.

Peter has the waiter poison Finn GH

Back inside, the waiter serves everyone their drinks, making sure to hand Finn his requested coffee. Jackie recalls the game they used to love playing where they would put their cups on the Lazy Susan and spin it to see who gets what. They play the game again, with someone getting the tainted drink.

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Carly visits Jason in Pentonville and fills him in on how she’s now being threatened by Peter while trying to deal with Cyrus and the five families. She needs Jason and is going to get him out, whatever it takes. Carly wants to give back Florence to Cyrus, but Jason says Florence is the only leverage they have. Carly’s phone dings and she gets a text from Jax that Joss is in the ER. Carly has to go but promises him that she’ll be back.

Carly promises to free Jason GH

Ava arrives at Laura’s place having received her text. Laura asks Ava to help her stop Nikolas from getting involved with Cyrus. She believes Nikolas will listen to Ava, and Laura also asks Ava not to let Nikolas give into his dark side. Ava promises to make sure Nikolas does the right thing. Later, Laura gets a bouquet of flowers from Spencer, who misses her and can’t wait to see her at his graduation.

Laura asks Ava for help GH

Back at the hospital, Liz tells Joss that she’s being discharged, but can’t play ball for two weeks. Carly arrives in the waiting room and learns what happened from Jax. They join their daughter in her cubicle, and Joss is upset at having to sit out when scouts will be visiting. Carly excuses herself and asks to speak to Liz, so they step out. She begs Liz to think hard about what she really saw the night Franco died and be honest with the police for Jason’s sake.

Carly learns Joss hurt GH

Back in the cubicle, Jax asks Joss why she didn’t tell her mom about being waitlisted. She doesn’t want her mom or him to fix this for her. Joss vows to prove her own worth to the university.

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Back in prison, Scott visits Jason and swears he isn’t there to threaten him. He knows Jason didn’t kill his son, that Peter did, and offers to help if there is anything he can do for Jason. Jason believes very soon that Peter’s luck will run out.

Scott offers Jason help GH

Ava rejoins Nikolas later at The Metro Court. Nikolas fills her in on what Martin told him about taking his mother a hummingbird cake in Vermont, which is the information he needs to track down where Florence is.

Ava dines with Nikolas GH

Peter returns to Anna’s place after she asked him back. He tells her that his offer no longer stands, and time has run out. Valentin appears and agrees, and both he and Anna pull guns on Peter.

On the next General Hospital: Willow tells Michael she’s not ready to give up what they have, and Anna informs Peter that she’s going to be the one to do something to him, not Valentin.

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