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Alexis arrives to an empty courtroom, followed by Sam and Diane. They both ask Alexis to change her plea to not guilty, but she refuses. Valentin arrives and supports Alexis in her decision to plead guilty if it’s what she needs to do to face her addiction, but Sam worries it will send her to prison. Dante soon appears, and Sam pulls him aside to check on whether he can handle today given all he’s been through these past few days. He again thanks her for stopping him from killing Peter, though she admits she wishes she let him knowing that he likely killed Franco. She reveals she is working with Britt to figure out how to deal with Peter.

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Laura drops by Curtis’ new nightclub and says she’s looking forward to its opening because she and Kevin have promised to make more time for date nights. Curtis is glad things are going well for them. She wishes she could say the same for some of her other relationships. Laura fills him in on Cyrus ruining her and Martin’s celebration for his birthday, and how Cyrus went out of his way to paint Martin as having a dark side. She realizes she was rushing into a family connection with Martin without really knowing him, and perhaps Curtis is rushing away from his with Jordan.

Jordan brings Taggert back to her place and tells him he can unpack in the guest room and then they’ll plan what to do for dinner. Taggert wants to get to work finishing what they started and take down Cyrus. He asks to see the file on Cyrus, but she can’t give him access to a police file. Taggert heads to unpack, and Jordan pulls out the file on Cyrus. When Taggert returns wanting to order take-out, Jordan hands him the file to look at. She believes the fact that they know the real Cyrus will work to their advantage in finding a way to expose him to everyone. As they talk, there is a knock at the door. Jordan answers and Curtis enters having something to say that can’t wait. He then spots Taggert on the couch.

Taggert and Jordan on GH

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At Anna’s place, Anna offers Carly some tea and they discuss Jason being framed and the likelihood that Peter killed Franco. Carly tells Anna that Jason believes they can work together to bring Peter down. Anna asks if she has any information she can use, so Carly explains Gladys is the one who came forward with a statement against Jason and she thinks she’s being paid by Cyrus. Anna doesn’t understand why Cyrus would want to protect Peter. They realize Gladys is the key, and they need to find a way to win her trust. Carly believes Gladys wants money and respect, but she feels she’s owed them rather than earning them. This gives Anna an idea.

Carly asks for Anna's help GH

In the stairwell of the Metro Court, a furious Peter calls Cyrus about their deal and the fact that his eyewitness seems to have loose lips. He’s angry that people are spreading rumors about him being responsible for Franco’s death.

In the restaurant, Finn speaks with Michael about Alexis’ hearing. They are both concerned about her wellbeing. Peter breezes by and insults Finn about his personal life being in shambles. He walks off, and Michael promises Finn that Peter’s day is coming.

Brando and Gladys grab a bite to eat, and Brando wonders how she is paying for this. She tells him that her lodging and meals have been taken care of, and admits it is Cyrus helping her because he cares about both of them. Brando again accuses his mom of telling Cyrus the truth about Dev, and warns her that if she crosses Cyrus then she will regret it. Peter interrupts them and introduces himself, but Gladys knows exactly who he is. Brando is distracted by a call from his garage and excuses himself. Peter gets the impression that they’ve met before. Gladys says it’s possible, and he has a face one doesn’t forget.

Cyrus visits Jason in jail and calls him a fool for not taking his offer by returning his mother for his freedom. They banter back and forth, and Cyrus reminds him of the upcoming five families meeting he arranged and now won’t be able to attend. Cyrus promises to keep the families at bay as long as he can, but Jason has to decide whether he will take his deal or go to prison for Franco’s murder. Jason refuses, and Cyrus lets him know he won’t get another chance. He leaves as Michael arrives.

Michael knows Diane is working on Jason’s bail, but also a witness came forward. Jason doesn’t expect to be released anytime soon. The enforcer reveals to Michael that Gladys not only is the witness against him, but Cyrus is paying her. Michael feels he needs to step up and take charge and take Cyrus on because he sees no other way to keep them all safe. Jason tells him that he’s wrong.

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Back in court, Diane continues to try and reason with Alexis, but Valentin continues to support Alexis wanting to be truthful with herself and face the consequences. Finn walks in and quips, “Says the guy who lies to everyone.” Sam returns, and Valentin gets a text. Alexis can tell by the look on his face that it is important and lets him know it’s okay for him to go. Diane asks Alexis how she’s going to plead, and she insists she still put in a guilty plea. Diane promises to fight for Alexis whether she wants her to or not. Later Finn is paged to the hospital and wishes Alexis luck. Everyone takes their seats as the judge is announced.

Alexis has her day in court GH

Back at the Metro Court, Peter joins Gladys at her table and tells her about a confrontation he just had with Liesl Obrecht, who accused him of hearing somewhere that he killed Franco. Gladys tells him off the record she was the one who turned Jason in after seeing him dispose of the gun. Peter believes that her story and photo need to be on the front page of The Invader. Suddenly, Brando returns with Cyrus, and Cyrus declares that is an awful idea. Cyrus points out if Jason is released then he will target Gladys, which nobody wants. Cyrus suggests Brando take his mother up to her room for some dessert to go, so they leave.

Cyrus scolds Peter for his rash thinking, but Peter feels Cyrus’ witness isn’t doing enough to stop speculation about him. Cyrus assures Peter everything will be taken care of as long as Peter keeps up his end of their bargain. Peter doesn’t know what else he can do as the way for him to take over from the Corinthos clan has been paved. Cyrus says they need to work together to make sure Jason stays in jail for the rest of his life.

At Anna’s place, Anna believes they need to get Gladys to implicate Peter in Franco’s murder. Valentin arrives having received Anna’s message and is surprised to see Carly there. Carly fills him in on their theory that Peter killed Franco and is framing Jason. Valentin asks what they do about this, and Anna responds, “It’s what you’re going to do.”

On the next General Hospital: Dante testifies at Alexis’ hearing, Alexis is willing to accept the punishment for her actions, and Peter warns Carly she doesn’t want to pick a fight with him.

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