Carly meets with Cyrus GH
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In his cell, Taggert wakes up and sees Jason across from him. He wonders what he did this time. Jason informs him he’s been charged with Franco’s murder. An officer arrives to get Taggert for his sentencing hearing, and Taggert tells Jason to use that fancy lawyer of his to get out fast and keep Cyrus in check.

Jason still in jail GH

At General Hospital, Britt sees the story in The Intruder about Jason’s arrest.

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In the hall, Sam checks on Olivia, who is worried about Dante’s state of mind. She thanks Sam for showing up when she did and getting through to her son before he shot Peter. Olivia knows Sam’s been a really good friend to Dante and just what he’s needed since coming home.

Olivia thanks Sam on GH

In Kevin’s office, Dante tells Anna that she’s been there for hours and can go home since Kevin did, but she refuses. Dante recalls losing control and constantly hearing the voice in his head ordering him to complete the mission. Anna is glad they know what Dr. Kirk did to him and says he can get on with his life now. Dante doesn’t know what that means.

Dante meets with Anna GH

Dante and Anna exit the office, and Anna explains Dante was used by a faction within the WSB to eliminate Peter. Kevin was able to remove the triggers, but Dante will continue with a few more sessions to be sure. Dante thanks Sam for stopping him from killing Peter. Sam excuses herself when her phone pings. Molly texts her the copy of The Invader with Jason on the cover, which troubles her, so she takes off.

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Meanwhile, Olivia is worried about how Kirk controlled Dante if he was dead. Anna explains the triggers remained, but Olivia wonders if Dante was working with someone else, which gets Anna thinking. Later, Olivia sees Dante home, and Anna places a call to someone saying they need to meet immediately.

Sasha and Michael meet up at Kelly’s to catch up. Outside, Brando talks to his mother about her having Jason arrested. She swears all she did was come forward with what she saw and wonders why he cares because Sonny kicked him to the curb and he has a great new job now. She feels this will only endear him more to Cyrus

Sasha meets with Michael GH

Back inside, Michael brings Sasha up to speed in regards to Nina upsetting Wiley and Willow. Brando and Gladys enter, and Gladys announces that it is a family reunion when she spots Michael and Sasha. Brando pulls Michael aside to talk, and Gladys asks Sasha just how well she knows her son Brando. Elsewhere, Brando tells Michael not to react, but to give this information to whoever needs to know. He informs him that his mother is the witness against Jason.

Brando rats out mother GH

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At The Tan-O, “Mike” is glad to see Nina the next morning, and asks if she’s decided what she’s going to do next. Nina admits she didn’t get much sleep last night and has been thinking about her daughter and whether it’s her job or fate’s to balance the scales. Nina asks “Mike” if there was a way for him to know who he was, would he want to know? “Mike” isn’t sure because he has something good at The Tan-O. Phyllis arrives and wonders if Nina will be taking off. Nina thinks it is time they all got on with their lives. Phyllis doesn’t blame her for leaving because the town is falling apart. Nina learns from “Mike” about the vandalism, and local businesses failing. However, he thinks there is something Nina can do to help.

Sonny likes Nina on GH

“Mike” asks Nina to write an article about Nixon Falls to draw tourists there, but Nina explains her magazine is a fashion magazine. She also is on a leave of absence. Phyllis understands and excuses herself to get Nina some water for her ride ahead. “Mike” thinks she’s making a mistake, and maybe this is her chance to help people who have helped her such as Phyllis. When Phyllis returns, Nina tells her that she’s decided to stay a few more days and see what she can do about writing a story about this place. Phyllis hugs and thanks her.

Nina lies to Sonny on GH

At The Metro Court, Carly talks to Diane on the phone about Jason’s upcoming trial. Cyrus approaches and gives Carly his sympathy in regards to Jason’s arrest. She crassly tells him what he can do with his condolences. Cyrus explains he doesn’t know who to reach out to on matters of business with Jason indisposed of. He knows Jason called a meeting of the five families, and worries what will happen if Jason can’t make it. He will assure them that all is good on her end, but the other families may smell blood water. They are interrupted by a call from Michael, who informs Carly that Gladys is the witness.

Cyrus gives warning GH

Carly confronts Cyrus about Gladys and accuses him of putting her up to this. She thinks he is there to make her an offer she can’t refuse. Cyrus suggests an old lady like Gladys might have mistaken what she saw and recant her story. He sighs what a relief that would be, just like if his mother was returned to him. Carly believes they understand one another.

Laura disappointed in Martin GH

At a table, Martin meets with Laura. Laura just found out it was his birthday last week and wishes he had said something. Martin knows they are siblings, but they barely know one another. Laura wants to change that and asks Martin to spend Easter with her and her family. Laura has a cake sent over to celebrate his belated birthday. As he makes a wish, Cyrus appears and asks what he wished for.

Martin lunches with Laura GH

Britt stops in to see Jason in jail, pretending to be there as his doctor to follow up on his head injury. Once alone, Jason tells Britt that Peter framed him for Franco’s murder, which doesn’t sit well with her. Britt tells Jason that her father was a whole other level of crazy, and Peter learned all the lessons their father had to teach him. Britt thinks Jason should be more panicked about the fact that Peter could pull this off. She also selfishly knows if he goes to prison then she’ll be stuck dealing with Cyrus alone, which scares her. Jason takes her trembling hand and says she’s not as selfish as people think. The guard returns and explains that Jason has another visitor.

Britt wants to help Jason GH

Britt departs and Sam visits with Jason. She wanted to make sure everything was okay, and if he has a plan. Jason tells her that they are working on it. Sam suspects Peter killed Franco, and Jason believes so too, so getting out won’t be easy.

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Back at Kelly’s, Michael and Brando rejoin Sasha and Gladys. Michael and Sasha get back to their table and Brando and Gladys grab their own. Gladys scolds her son for getting involved with someone else in recovery. He tells her that he and Sasha are friends and she’s trying to work things out with Michael.

Meanwhile, Sasha and Michael continue talking about the Wiley situation, and Sasha admits she feels bad for Nina. Michael hopes things will work out for Nina someday, but right now she needs someone to help guide her along.

Michael lunches with Sasha GH

At the hospital, Britt and Sam run into one another and discuss the fact that they both know Peter killed Franco and have to do something about it.

Back in jail, Carly stops by and assures Jason that she’s getting him out no matter what.

On the next General Hospital: Peter tells Liz that he wants to take responsibility for Franco’s death. Cyrus tells his siblings he has something to celebrate too. Trina hopes her father will change his plea. And Anna meets with someone.

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