Nina assures Sonny she's not in his dreams at Tan-O General Hospital
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At Tan-O’s, Nina tells Sonny she’s not the blonde woman he’s been dreaming about. She assures him everything will be okay. She immediately turns around and calls Carly, who refuses to listen to a word and threatens to send Diane after her and make sure she never sees Wiley again. “You did this to yourself,” Nina finally says and hangs up. Sonny notices she looks upset. She says she was just talking to a bitter widow. When he asks what that was about, she vaguely talks of her regrets about the Wiley situation. He encourages her to live in the moment. Unable to understand why anyone would keep two people who love each other apart, he suggests that she teach the widow what it’s like to be kept from someone they love. Sonny says they seem to have been destined to meet, and tells her they have the beginnings of a beautiful friendship.

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Curtis and Portia talk Marcus at club General Hospital

At the club, Portia tells Curtis that convincing Cameron not to hire someone to kill Jason was impressive. Trina thanks him for his help. She can finally forgive her father for what he did. After she heads out, Portia reminds Curtis that Marcus is being sentenced tomorrow. She talks about how hard it was to be with him because he was always going undercover and could never talk about his work. She could never get his attention, so she looked for it elsewhere. Portia confesses that when they first met, there was a physical attraction, but she soon developed real feelings for him. He feels guilty for walking away after she told him she was married.

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Trina visits Taggert in cells General Hospital

Jordan visits Marcus in the cells. She advises him to reconsider his guilty plea. He says he needs to do his time to protect his daughter. Jordan explains they have leverage against Cyrus and a jury could be sympathetic to him. He’s not convinced. Trina arrives and Jordan gives them some privacy. Trina wishes she could hug him. Seeing what Cam has been going through made her realize how lucky she is that he’s still alive. He admits that he’s been keeping her away to keep his resolve to plead guilty. She urges him to plead not guilty, even if he is.

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Lucas drops by the Lamaze room at General Hospital to see Felix and asks him out for a drink.

Maxie runs into Brook Lynn at General Hospital

Maxie and Britt bump into Brook Lynn by the nurses’ station. They notice she’s pregnant. The Quartermaine changes the subject to Lulu. Maxie suggests she get Britt to be her doctor. Brook Lynn shoots that down so they say she should get Valentin to be her breathing partner. When Lucas shows up, Maxie insists he should be Brook Lynn’s breathing partner and drags her down the hall.

As everyone gathers in the Lamaze room, Peter bursts in and tells Britt he’ll take over from here. She says no and walks him out, telling him he needs to back off. The doctor tells him to give Maxie space.

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Valentin has news for Charlotte at Metro Court General Hospital

At the Metro Court, Valentin tells Charlotte they have something to celebrate. As he heads to the bar, he runs into Anna and tells her he’s going to be a father again. He notices she doesn’t seem okay. She explains that Finn offered to forgive her, but she couldn’t give him the open and honest life he wanted. He warns her that Peter keeps showing up at Maxie’s and promises that she will always have his shoulder to cry on. When he returns to his daughter, he informs her that she’s going to have a new sibling. She’s not eager to share her things with anyone. He promises that he could never love anyone the way he loves her.

Jordan and Anna sit across the room. They talk about the ruins of their love lives. Anna needs to find a way to keep Peter away from Maxie.

Michael runs into his mom. She tells him about fighting with Nina and how what she said felt like a threat. He admits he’s been having second thoughts about keeping Nina from Wiley. His mother insists they need to do whatever it takes to keep Nina away.

On the next General Hospital: Sasha and Michael try to bridge the distance.

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