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At the Tan-O, Nina is stunned to come face to face with “Mike,” who recognizes her. He says he dreams of her and her blonde hair, but he could never see her face. He knows they’ve met before. Nina realizes Sonny has no idea who she is. “Mike” remembers her voice from the phone when she called before. Phyllis returns and is glad to see “Mike” caught Nina before she left without her passport. Nina is stunned that Sonny thinks his name is “Mike.” “Mike” looks at Nina’s passport to learn her name and says it’s nice to meet her.

Sonny recognizes Nina GH

“Mike” excuses himself to get back to work, and Phyllis asks Nina if she’s okay. Nina asks about “Mike,” and Phyllis explains she met him at the clinic she works at and he was in a bad accident and lost his memory. She explains he got the name “Mike” from his watch. Nina questions her about his amnesia, and if anyone told him who he was if it could cause damage. Phyllis isn’t sure but believes “Mike” would want to take that risk if it could help him. Phyllis excuses herself to take care of some business, and Nina speaks to “Mike” about his memory loss. She tells him that she is not the blonde woman he’s been dreaming about, but everything will be okay. She excuses herself and makes a call.

Nina sees Sonny GH

At the hospital, Finn calls Violet to tell her that he’ll be a little late because he has a stop to make and asks her to feed Roxy for him.

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Laura stops by Liz’s place to deliver some news. Liz already knows that Jason’s been arrested. Cam listens as they talk about Jason, and he comes forward and swears to make Jason pay if the law doesn’t. Liz advises her son to let the law handle Jason, but Cam feels there is one type of law for Jason and another for everyone else. Laura has an idea and asks Cam to come with her.

At his new nightclub, which isn’t open yet, Portia stops by with Trina to see Curtis. Taggert’s sentencing is coming up, and Portia wants them to prepare for all that is going to be coming out. Trina apologizes to Curtis for blaming him for her dad’s death and the coverup, and the ugly things she said to him. Curtis suggests they start over.

Trina apologizes to Curtis GH

Cam and Laura stop by to see Curtis, so Portia and Trina give them space. Trina notices Cam seems upset and asks her mom to wait before they leave. Laura explains to Curtis that her grandson needs help. Cam asks Curtis to help him make sure Jason pays for killing Franco. Curtis thinks he wants a hitman, but Cam just wants him to use his connections in the PI world. Curtis isn’t in the business anymore but may be able to help him. He advises that the law is known to move slowly, and Cam should put his anger into something more positive. Cam doesn’t know how to. He couldn’t even find the words to say goodbye to Franco at his memorial. He begins to storm out when Trina calls out at him to stop. Trina tells Cam that even though Franco is gone, he will always be in his heart. She picks up a guitar that was left behind in the club and urges him to say goodbye to Franco in his own way.

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Cam and Laura on GH

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned accuses Brook Lynn of planning to use her child to get Valentin to give back ELQ. Michael thinks Ned is right, so Brook Lynn refuses to deny it. Ned councils her on his own mistakes in following in her grandfather’s footsteps, and using a child as a pawn is a recipe for heartbreak. This baby is going to be his first grandchild so she shouldn’t turn it into a bargaining chip. He tells her to look at his own life and the mistakes he’s made and what it’s cost him.

Brook Lynn has a plan GH

At the Metro Court, Marin meets with Valentin, who asks for the lawyer’s help in dealing with Brook Lynn and his new baby. Valentin needs Martin to charm the mother and convince her to let him stay in this child’s life. Martin has a better idea and suggests Valentin step up, be a good guy and work things out with the mother on his own. Martin gets a call and excuses himself to take it.

Valentin turns to Martin GH

At the bar, Ava overhears Jax and Carly discussing where to find Nina. She chimes in that she knows where to look, and she knows that Nina is through with Jax and furious with Carly for keeping her away from Wiley. Ava reminds Carly that she’s let her spend time with Avery, so she should do the same for Nina and Wiley. Carly reminds Ava that Nina upset Wiley and Willow. Jax returns to the topic at hand, Nina’s location. Ava doesn’t know her exact location, but she probably went somewhere she feels loved and safe. Jax leaves to make calls, and Ava continues to push Carly to do what is right for Wiley and Nina.

Jax questions Ava GH
Ava reveals she had to talk Nina out of taking her to court for visitation. Martin walks by, and Ava grabs him to ask his advice on whether grandparents have rights in New York. He affirms they do, especially when a parent has died. Ava gloats that she’ll let Nina know she has the right to sue for visitation and warns Carly could lose that precious grandson. Jax returns and has learned Nina hasn’t left the country yet because her passport hasn’t been used. He asks Ava if she hears from Nina to tell her how much he misses her.

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Finn stops by Liz’s place to check on her. She is hanging in and asks how he is doing in light of his non-wedding. He reminds her that he’s there to talk to her, but Liz thinks they can help each other. Finn reveals that he and Anna are over, and his private life has been splashed all over the news. Liz is stunned to learn that Finn is Chase’s father. Finn feels like everything is slipping away from him. She tells him that he still has Violet, her and the boys. They are interrupted by a call from Laura, who asks her to come to the nightclub. Liz asks Finn if he can stay with Jake and Aiden until she gets back.

Finn turns to Liz for help GH

Valentin waltzes into the Quartermaine mansion as Brook Lynn asks Ned and Michael to try and put their animosity towards Valentin aside because he has been a good father to Charlotte. He agrees and will respect any decision Brook Lynn makes regarding the pregnancy. He offers to help in any way he can. Brook Lynn sees Valentin out and says she’ll be in touch. After he leaves, she gloats to Ned and Michael that her plan is already working.

Liz arrives at the nightclub as Cam plays the guitar and sings a song about losing Franco. Laura wipes away tears, and Liz smiles and nods at her son.

At the Metro Court, Carly gets a call from Nina, who has something important to tell her.

On the next General Hospital: Trina visits her father in jail, and Carly warns Nina to think about the consequences before she does something drastic.

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