Nina is shocked to see Sonny at Tan-O General Hospital
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At the Metro Court, Valentin calls Martin to meet and thinks about Brook Lynn being pregnant.

Carly vents to Jax about Jason at Metro Court General Hospital

Jax shows up and talks to Carly about Nina’s concerns for Wiley. Valentin strolls over and tells Jax his little talk drove Nina out of town. After mentioning Jason being arrested, he walks away. Carly admits to Jax that Jason has been accused of killing Franco. He wonders if it’s true and she rants about Elizabeth. She can’t lose Jason after losing Sonny. Jax reminds her that she still has him and her family for support. When he brings up Nina leaving town, she says it’s a good thing because it means she still has feelings for him. He needs to go after her.

Robert and Olivia talk at Metro Court General Hospital

Olivia and Robert talk about Peter and Maxie, thankful the truth finally came out. She worries Peter will still use the baby as leverage. Robert has a plan for that. Valentin interrupts. When he gets Olivia alone, he tells her about Brook Lynn not wanting him in their child’s life. They discuss her problems with the fathers of her children, and he insists that he’s always been a good father.

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Brook Lynn tells Ned she's pregnant at Quartermaine house General Hospital

At the Quartermaine estate, Brook Lynn tells Ned that Valentin knows he’s the father of her baby. Ned assures her he’s not embarrassed, but the situation is a challenge. She got the impression Valentin wants to be part of the baby’s life regardless of how she feels. She already has a plan to deal with it. He reminds her that her last plan cost them ELQ.

Chase shows up at the front door looking for Willow. She’s not there but Michael is. They talk about Chase’s life falling apart.

Brook Lynn and Chase discuss Willow at Quartermaine house General Hospital

The cop goes in to see Brook Lynn after Ned leaves. He’s shocked to see how pregnant she is. “My baby needs a father,” she says. She’s just joking though. Sitting down, he tells her that he and Willow still aren’t exactly back together. They talk about whether she’s planning to keep the child.

Michael tells Ned that Valentin dropped by and offered him control of Danny and Scout’s ELQ stock. He turned him down and won’t use his child as leverage. Ned can think of someone who would. They send Chase away and Ned tells Brook Lynn she will use her child to get ELQ back.

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Maxie gets between Robert and Peter at home General Hospital

Britt drops by Maxie’s to check on her. She asks about Peter. Maxie admits he came by and Britt points out she’s going to be tied to him permanently. Peter knocks on the door, begging to be allowed in and telling her she still loves him. Britt yells for him to stop harassing Maxie. When he tries to open the door, he finds she’s changed the locks. Britt wants to call the cops, but Maxie opens up. He tells them about Dante almost killing him. The doctor wonders why he’s not going to the police. When he refuses to leave, Robert shows up and threatens to drag him out. After some bickering, August exits. Robert and Britt worry but Maxie refuses to call the cops.

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Phyllis and Nina discuss Carly at Tan-O General Hospital

At the Tan-O, Sonny tells Phyllis he hopes there’s no one out there who thinks he took off on them. When he goes off for a nap, Nina shows up. She wasn’t planning to come by. It just happened. She and Phyllis sit down and Nina unpacks the situation with Jax and Carly. She recounts Nelle’s fall. Phyllis wonders if she’s jealous of Carly. Nina can understand Jax being protective, but Carly’s vindictiveness worries her. She’s tired of Carly always winning. Phyllis suggests she might not be as invulnerable as she seems. She encourages Nina to count her blessings. Since Nina is looking for somewhere to go, Phyllis suggests she stay there. Nina thanks her but won’t impose.

In bed, Sonny dreams about a blonde woman. Whenever he approaches her, she runs away. When he gets up, he goes into the bar and spots Nina’s passport on the table. As he’s about to run it outside, she returns, shocked to see him. Now she has the perfect means to stick it to Carly. But will she really go there? Would the show? Here, the headwriters weigh in on Nina’s state of mind.

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Peter tells Olivia and Valentin about Dante with gun at Metro Court General Hospital

Peter bursts into the Metro Court and starts railing at Valentin before telling Olivia that her son came after him with a gun. She runs off, horrified. “Terrorizing Olivia? Faison couldn’t have done it better himself,” Valentin says.

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