Obrecht meets with Dante on GH
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Jordan brings Jason into the station in cuffs as Carly trails and yells they can’t arrest Jason based on Elizabeth’s rantings. Soon Diane arrives, and in the interrogation room, tells Jason that Jordan clearly has evidence against him, otherwise she wouldn’t have arrested him. Jordan enters with a gun in a bag and reveals ballistics said it was used to kill Franco.

Diana warns Jason he's in trouble GH

Jason swears he’s never seen the gun. She informs him that a witness saw it in his hands and claims they saw Jason throw the gun down a garbage shoot. Carly, assuming it’s Liz, claims the nurse couldn’t have seen that. Jordan reveals the witness isn’t Liz, and she’ll see them all in court. Jordan exits, and Diane announces they have a problem.

Jason arrested on GH

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At Kelly’s, Sam warns Peter that he’ll never see Jason coming, but Peter thinks Jason has bigger problems. Peter says he hasn’t vetted the information yet, but the police have him for the murder of Franco.

Peter taunts Sam on GH

In the cemetery, Obrecht tells Dante that the WSB wants a permanent solution to the problem of Faison’s wretched son. She clicks her pen and orders Dante to complete the mission and assassinate Peter August. She instructs him to use Maxie’s cellphone, which he’s already acquired, to lure Peter to the cemetery. She hands a gun to him and tells him to use it to kill Peter and then throw it in the harbor. Should he be questioned, he will tell the authorities that Dr. Kirk gave him these orders. She clicks her pen again and orders him to complete the mission before walking away.

Dante and Obrecht plan on GH

Back in Kelly’s, Peter gets a text from Maxie’s phone asking him to meet her at Nathan’s grave. He says goodbye to Sam, after gloating that Maxie wants to meet him. She tries to call Maxie’s phone, unaware that Dante has it.

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At General Hospital, Valentin checks in with Britt about Maxie. She advises he let her worry about Maxie and he should worry about Peter coming after him. As they argue, Britt becomes upset and her hand trembles uncontrollably, which Valentin takes note of. She bangs her hand against the desk to stop it and later has to have it bandaged. Valentin makes sure she’s taken care of, which she says she has a hospital full of people to do. She again warns him to focus on stopping Peter for Maxie and the baby’s sake. Later, Britt makes a call about her appointment with a specialist and is furious she has to reschedule it.

The nanny brings Violet to Finn after picking her up from kindergarten. Violet wants to plan a tea party and asks if they can go home to Anna’s house just as Anna exits the elevator. Violet is thrilled to see Anna, hugs her, and thinks they can all go home, and Anna and her dad can get married. Anna tells Violet that she’s sorry their big evening got canceled and suggests Violet work on planning her tea party. Finn sends the nanny off with Violet so he and Anna can speak.

Violet begs Finn not to go on GH

Anna and Finn go into his office, and she tells him how much she loves and misses him and Violet. He returns the sentiments. Finn has been doing some soul searching and believes there is a chance for them, but only if Anna can stop shutting him out of parts of her life. She can’t guarantee something from her past won’t pop up, and she may have to deal with it on her own or with trained backup to protect him and Violet. She states that some things are just too dangerous for him and Violet to know about. He councils that secrets and lies fuel his disease, and he can’t roll the dice on his sobriety. He has to stay clean for Violet and others who need him. Finn isn’t seeing a way forward for them except apart. The two profess to still love one another, and admit they both change each other’s lives, but say their goodbyes.

Anna asks Finn to come home GH

Olivia is shocked to find a pregnant Brook Lynn lounging on the couch at the Quartermaine mansion. Olivia asks if Ned knows about this development, and recalls last time they talked it was over what happened with Valentin. She realizes he’s the father, and Brook Lynn admits that she hasn’t told Valentin yet. Olivia warns Brook Lynn that Valentin can never know about this. Brook Lynn suggests Olivia focus on her father right now. When she learns Ned isn’t living there, she asks Olivia not to tell him about this as he has enough to deal with.

Olivia reunites with Brook Lynn

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Chase stops by the gatehouse and tells Willow that he found out that his brother is his dad. She embraces him, and they talk about the situation. Chase admits he isn’t ready to face Finn, and that Gregory will always be his dad. Willow knows Chase is the wronged party, but Finn is a good guy and a great father to Violet. She believes he may want to reach out to Chase, but could also be afraid. She reminds him that Finn made a mistake leaving his family for so long once before, and could repeat it. She urges Chase to make the first move and speak to him.

Chase leans on Willow on GH

Back at the hospital, as Finn looks at a photo of him and Anna, Chase barges in.

Jax finds Nina still at Ava’s gallery. He was hoping to find her and came to ask for her forgiveness. He will never regret loving her, and if there is a chance that things can work out for them, then he’ll take it, as he feels they are worth fighting for.

Jax tries to talk to Nina on GH

At the coffee house, Gladys rants to Brando about Carly, and how Sonny deserved better than her. Gladys knows Carly was the one who convinced Sonny to boot him out of the family. Brando suggests his mom go home, but she says she has messes to clean up by doing her civic duty. Gladys flashes to telling Jordan that she saw Jason dump a gun in a garbage shoot. She informs Brando that she turned Jason in for killing Franco, and the streets are safer without him.

Brando offers advice on GH

Outside of Kelly’s, Valentin meets with Nina, who called him. She asks him to give a letter to Charlotte and explains she’s leaving Port Charles for awhile. She walks off leaving Valentin stunned. Valentin then runs straight into Brook Lynn.

Back in the cemetery, Peter arrives and learns Dante texted him, not Maxie.

On the next General Hospital: Olivia meets with Ned to discuss his daughter, Finn wants to run the paternity test again, and Dante aims his gun and says, “I have to complete the mission.”

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