Peter and Cyrus discuss a deal in cemetery General Hospital
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When Cyrus startles Peter in the cemetery, August pulls a gun on him. That gives Cyrus a chuckle. He points out that he has snipers with Peter in their sights. Renault confronts him about the article he ran about him and suggests they work together to fight a common problem. He’s sure that Peter can be of use to him in the long run. They shake on it.

Curtis, TJ and Jordan talk commitment at General Hospital

Curtis runs into TJ at General Hospital. They discuss his recent commitment to Molly. Curtis goes on about how important commitment is until Jordan shows up. TJ explains his mom driving him to the ceremony and Curtis announces that he’s buying a club to spread good vibes. They look at photos from the commitment ceremony and Jordan gets called off to work.

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Carly yells at Jason in kitchen General Hospital

Joss runs into her mom in the Corinthos kitchen. They talk about how much Cam is hurting. Joss wonders if her mom is upset she’s attending Franco’s memorial. Jason joins them and Carly talks about how helpful Sonny’s memorial was for her. After Joss exits, Jason asks Carly what’s wrong. She’s upset because she can’t make coffee as perfectly as Sonny did. She smashes the cup and starts yelling about how hard things are. She admits that she’s mad at Sonny and can’t stand the thought of his body being lost forever. As she melts down, he tells her she doesn’t have to do this alone and hugs her. Jordan arrives and arrests Jason for Franco’s murder.

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Ava, Nikolas and Trina at the memorial at the gallery General Hospital

Ava and Nikolas are at the gallery when Nina arrives. She’s impressed by how they have prepared everything for Franco’s memorial. Trina arrives and Ava hopes that Liz will appreciate her putting all of Franco’s art up to honor him. She thinks that he redeemed himself as much as possible.

Nina and Obrecht catch up at memorial General Hospital

Nina greets Obrecht when she arrives. She apologizes for assuming the worst about her. Liesl tears up thinking about Franco. They chat about Nelle and how Jax betrayed Nina. Joss arrives and chats with Nina, sorry that she and Jax broke up. She fumbles through talk about the awkward situation. After she walks off, Obrecht returns and they debate Nelle’s character. Nina is surprised to hear that Liesl delivered Wiley. Finally, Nina announces she’s decided to leave Port Charles to get some perspective.

Joss joins Trina and they talk about being there for Cam.

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Liz wants revenge at home General Hospital

Laura drops by Liz’s to check on her and offers her help. She helps Aiden get ready as Scott arrives. He tells Laura that having her there makes today easier. The kids talk about what a great dad Franco was. Jake reads the speech he wrote for the memorial. Cam wishes that people knew the Franco that he did. Getting upset, Liz heads for the kitchen with Laura trailing after her. Liz is tired of having to defend Franco and wants to see Jason pay. As they leave the house, she flashes back though her relationship with Franco.

When Laura arrives at the memorial, Liesl confronts her for not having Peter arrested. The mayor says there’s nothing she can do. Obrecht mutters that she will take care of this herself.

Nina tells Ava that she’ll be leaving for a while. Ava says she better come back because she’ll miss her.

Liz and her family arrive. Ava reveals that the exhibition is all the painting done by the people Franco helped in art therapy.

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Dante and Sam talk Alexis' trial at Kelly's General Hospital

Dante meets with Sam at Kelly’s. He explains his discussion with her mom about the trial. She says Alexis has decided to plead guilty and that might be a mistake. Sitting down, they debate how to get justice for Drew and Franco. She believes Jason when he claims he didn’t kill Franco. They talk about whether the system can work and joke around. Obrecht calls him and says they need to meet immediately. He tells Sam he has to do some good and takes off. As soon as he’s gone, Peter shows up. He says the charges against him will never stick.

Dante and Obrecht meet in the cemetery. She tells him it’s time to take care of Peter.

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