Chase tells Willow about his paternity woes at the guesthouse General Hospital
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As Willow is about to leave the guest house, distraught Chase arrives. He doesn’t know what to say. Sitting down, he explains he no longer knows Gregory if his father. It might be Finn. She decides to get wine. As he gulps it down, he tries to make sense of this. He’s not sure he can face the DNA test and feels selfish for being so upset. Chase thinks that Finn is the worst of them all. He just prays that his dad is his dad and leaves for the hospital with her.

Gregory Finn and Jackie talk DNA at General Hospital

At General Hospital, Finn tells Jackie they should let the DNA test go. Gregory interrupts to say nothing will be the same now that Harrison knows the truth. None of them will ever be able to shake their doubts so they might as well just find out what the truth is. Finn leaves to get the results. When he returns with them, Chase and Willow have arrived. Finn reads the results. “I’m your father,” he says. Chase tells Gregory he loves him and nothing will ever change that. Turning to Finn, he says he will never accept him as his father and walks out.

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Valentin offers Michael ELQ at Quartermaine's General Hospital

Valentin drops by the Quartermaine estate to talk to Michael about ELQ. He offers to sign over most of the voting shares he acquired in exchange for Nina getting contact with her grandson again. Michael refuses. He’s sure that Nina will work through some problems and can have a relationship with Wiley eventually, but not now. Valentin encourages him to try negotiating with Nina and suggests counseling. Someone watches them from the bushes outside. As soon as Valentin is gone, Brook Lynn bursts in.

Nina tells Ava about Wiley situation at Crimson General Hospital

Nina is in her Crimson office flipping through pictures on her phone when Ava arrives, still in disbelief about Franco being dead. Immediately, Nina turns the topic to Wiley and how she’s lost contact with him. She insists she was just trying to do the right thing. Ava warns her about taking on the Corinthos clan and how Michael will do whatever his mother says. She encourages her friend to divide and conquer, winning over one person at a time. Valentin arrives and Ava nearly bites his head off for interfering. He tells Nina sometimes you have to take a step back and let the person you love come to you.

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Ned and Alexis talk Neil at Kelly's General Hospital

Alexis has coffee with Sam at Kelly’s. She encourages her daughter to visit Maxie. Once Sam exits, Ned walks in. He tries to avoid her, but Alexis tells him to stay. Joining her, he wishes he could help her while she’s hurting. She just wants to know he and Olivia are back together. They aren’t. They talk about how gracious and forgiving Olivia is.

Jason and Anna talk Peter at The Invader General Hospital

At The Invader, Peter leaves Anna and Jason alone, assuring them they won’t find anything in his office. They search for bugs and Anna admits he was right about Peter all along. She can already see that he’ll be just like Faison. He assures her it’s not all her fault and Peter is good at manipulating people. She confesses that she stole records that would have incriminated him and he destroyed them. Jason tells her to stop looking back. They need to stop Peter and might be able to get him for killing Franco. She assures Jason she won’t let him take the fall for Peter.

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Dante checks in on Maxie General Hospital

Dante and Olivia drop by Maxie’s with food. She lets them in and explains that she told Peter it’s over. She’s not sure how to feel. The man she loved wasn’t real. Sam arrives with boxes. Maxie is more concerned about whether Peter is going to prison. Dante explains that some investigations have been reopened. Maxie tells the Falconeris they can go. As she packs up clothes, Sam takes Dante aside. He admits to her that Peter has covered his tracks.

Alone, Maxie and Sam pack up Peter’s clothes. Sam promises that everything will be okay. The second she leaves, Peter comes in and locks the door.

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Dante and his mother are outside of Kelly’s. He wonders how she’s doing. She’s hanging in. He can see she misses Ned. Liv doesn’t know what’s next.

When they go inside, she’s shocked to see Alexis sitting with Ned and her jaw drops. They assure her they were just having coffee. Dante and Alexis head to the bar. She apologizes for what she did to him. He knows it was an accident, but she needs to think about how out of control she’s been and what that might mean in court.

Ned begs Olivia for forgiveness at Kelly's General Hospital

Ned keeps apologizing to Olivia for the damage he’s caused and begging for a chance.

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