Chase demands the truth GH
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“Mike” arrives at a garage for a poker game run by Bob and his friends. As the game plays out “Mike” is forced to fold repeatedly until there are only two players left, him and Bob. “Mike” and Bob go all-in on the last round and “Mike” wins it all with a royal flush. The other two players leave in a rush, and Bob is furious that “Mike” played dumb and made him look like a fool. “Mike” claims he had lady luck on his side, but Bob doubts that.

Sonny gambles poker GH

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Back at the Tan-0, Elijah arrives with a contract. Suddenly, “Mike” enters all beat up. He assures them that he’s fine. Lenny reveals they are going to sell the bar to Elijah, but “Mike” tells them he has business first. He hands over a wad of cash saying he’s paying his tab. Phyllis never planned on charging him, and even if she did, indicates this is far more than he owes. “Mike” wants to pay for the next six months in advance and lays down more cash on the table. Lenny tells Elijah the bar is no longer for sale. Elijah is happy for them and asks “Mike” where he got the money. “Mike” says he can’t remember, but what is important is that Lenny and Phyllis don’t have to sell. After Elijah leaves, Lenny asks where he got the money. “Mike” tells them poker, and they laugh.

Mike pays up GH

Outside, Elijah makes a call and orders someone to follow “Mike” and find everything they can on him.

At Chase’s place, Jackie announces that Chase needs to know the truth. Chase asks his dad what is going on. Gregory says he only recently found out the details. Chase screams, “Someone talk!” Finn responds, “Jackie and I slept together.” Chase asks how they could do that to their dad and Anna? They explain it was long ago, the night before Jackie married Gregory, and that’s why Finn stayed away for so long. Finn reveals he couldn’t process everything at the time. Jackie explains the timing of his birth, and Chase realizes that Finn could be his father.

Jackie tells the truth GH

Jackie is sure in her heart that Chase is Gregory’s son, and Chase realizes the DNA test is about him. Finn reveals after he was shot and thought he might die, that’s when he realized he had to know the truth. Jackie admits she knew about the test and tried to convince Finn not to look at the results, but Gregory overheard them. Finn says they can get the results if he wants. Chase blows up at Finn and his mother. He can’t wrap his head around this and screams at them to leave. After they do, Chase breaks down in Gregory’s arms.

Finn hopes for forgiveness GH

After he calms down, Gregory tells Chase that he loved his mother and his life with her, but she kept a part of herself hidden from him, and he’s not ready to forgive her. Chase says he’ll always be his father, no matter what the DNA tests say. Gregory loves him too but says they need to be prepared for changes that might come.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Willow apologizes to Michael for running out on him last night. She left because she didn’t want Wiley to see her hurting, and informs him that she went to see Chase. What Wiley said made her think about the child she lost. She knows one day that she’ll have to tell Wiley how she came into his life, and that he’s not a replacement. Michael takes her hand and says they’ll tell him together.

Michael and Willow talk apologizing GH

Jason visits with Danny at the mansion, and the boy misses his father and wishes he would come home. He also reveals that he hears his mom crying in her room every night.

Jason visits Danny GH

Later, Jason interrupts Michael and Willow. Willow departs to get Wiley his snack, and Jason asks Michael to keep an eye on Monica because he had to tell her that Peter was responsible for Drew’s death, though he’s denying it. He shifts the conversation to Franco, which Michael is out of the loop on. Jason reveals someone shot Franco and he’s dead.

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Willow returns and sees Michael seems troubled. He tells her about Franco’s death. Jason heads out, and Michael and Willow discuss Wiley. Willow is stunned that Michael told Nina it was best she didn’t see Wiley for the time being. He knows he should have talked it over with Willow first, but she gets that he did what was best for Wiley in the moment.
Willow is sorry GH

In Crimson, Valentin drops by to check on how Nina is handling the news of Franco’s death. She reflects on her time with Franco, and the topic shifts to Peter and Maxie’s wedding. Nina had no idea it didn’t happen, and Valentin explains how he was forced to blow Peter’s world apart to protect Maxie. She knows that had to be hard for him to do. He changes the subject back to her because that is why he came there. Nina reveals the latest turn of events with Wiley and being barred from seeing him by Michael. Valentin offers to help her in whatever way she needs him to. Nina has decided to put the brakes on scheming for now. Valentin heads out, and Nina makes a call to someone about her grandson. She asks how soon they can get there.

Nina is upset GH

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In the halls of The Metro Court, Anna speaks with Frisco on the phone about Peter, and though we don’t hear him, Frisco appears furious with Anna.

Anna heads into The Invader office where Peter is working. He wonders if she’s there to be his judge, jury and executioner. Anna came with a message from his father. She overheard him tell Maxie that the past was dead and all they had was the future. Anna says Faison said the same thing to her once, and Faison was chasing a fantasy that turned into an obsession. She begs Peter not to end up like his father and to let Maxie go. She urges him to turn himself in, but Peter refuses as he’ll lose Maxie. She points out that he already has.

Peter's executioner GH

Peter says being good Peter has been exhausting and he should have known Alex was his mother because she saw into his soul. He accuses Anna of being relieved that he wasn’t her son. Anna felt sad over the fact, and she was trying to spare Peter the pain. Peter scoffs that she failed and she killed his mother before he could get to know her. Peter gloats that he’s decided to embrace his parents’ legacy and intends to do what he wants and how he wants. He says right now he wants her to pay! Suddenly, Jason enters.

Peter confronted at Invader GH

Valentin shows up at the Quartermaine mansion and tells Michael he has an offer for him.

On the next General Hospital: Valentin offers Michael the deal of a lifetime, Finn suggests to Jackie that they forget about the results, Chase turns to Willow, and Ava gives Nina advice to divide and conquer.

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