Finn confronted by father GH
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Jackie stops by Anna’s place to speak to Finn. Anna relays that he didn’t come home last night. Anna invites Jackie in, and they sit down for tea. Anna admits she’s been blind to who Peter really was, and she lied to herself about his redemption. She feels responsible for a good portion of the fallout at the wedding, and Finn is furious with her for lying to him about her suspicions of Peter. She knows now she should have prepared Finn for the possibility that the wedding might not happen, and now her life is falling apart.

Anna and Jackie talk mistakes GH

Jackie knows regret is a horrible burden, and all they can do is learn from their mistakes. Anna realizes you can’t have love and family while keeping secrets from them because they will eventually reveal themselves at an inopportune moment. Jackie wishes Anna luck and departs. Later, Anna looks at a photo of her and Finn.

Jackie commiserates with Anna GH

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At Chase’s place, Chase gets Finn some coffee after he wakes up. He tells his brother that the nanny took Violet to the park. Finn checks his phone and sees twelve missed messages from Jackie. Later Gregory stops by and claims he wanted to see how Finn was holding up and assumed Chase might know where he was. Chase leaves them to go to take a shower, and Gregory admits to Finn that he didn’t come looking for him. Finn wonders if Gregory is going to tell Chase the truth. Gregory says he will always be Chase’s father, but there is no reason to tell him until they know for sure. Gregory can’t believe he’s blamed himself for their strained relationship for decades. Finn never wanted to hurt him and says he left so he didn’t take away his happiness. Chase enters in the back and hears Gregory say Finn did take away his happiness because this secret took away his oldest son. Chase’s shock is put on hold by a phone call, and Chase reveals that Franco has been murdered.

Gregory upset with Finn's lie GH

Finn thinks he should check on Liz and decides to go. Chase stops him because he forgot his phone and picks it up. The cop sees a message about DNA test results and inquires what it is about. Finn tells him it’s work-related, but Chase doesn’t buy it. Jackie arrives at the door and hears Chase grilling Finn about the test, and if it has something to do with his mom calling him a dozen times. Jackie enters and says they can’t keep doing this. Finn begs Jackie not to do this, but she doesn’t want the same thing to happen with Anna and Peter to happen to them. Jackie tells Chase that he needs to know the truth.

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At the Tan-O, “Mike” calls someone about a meeting in the back of the garage later. Meanwhile, Lenny worries the bank is going to foreclose on them, but Phyllis is sure their customers will come back when they reopen. A man enters, and Phyllis and Lenny introduce “Mike” to their old friend Elijah. He’s a big-name developer and has come to make an offer to financially help them out. He wants to go into business with them by injecting cash into their bar. In return, he’d like to buy the place.

Sonny wonders who he is on GH ABC

Elijah suggests they think of him as a silent partner. He will allow them to run the place until they are ready to retire, and then he’ll take it over. Lenny says they’ll talk it over. Elijah departs, and “Mike” admits he doesn’t like the guy. Lenny says he is a good egg, and this could solve a lot of problems. “Mike” has somewhere to be but asks them not to decide anything until he returns.

At the Corinthos place, Jason checks in with Carly, who can’t believe Jason is being blamed for killing Franco. Jason swears he didn’t kill Franco but found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. All they can do is let the cops investigate, and they need to focus on who did this. Jason knows one person who had a motive and believes it was Peter.

Carly worried about Jason GH

Jason explains that Franco was having memories of Drew when Helena kidnapped him, and Peter was there. Jason believes Peter killed Franco so he couldn’t reveal that Peter had been lying all along about his involvement in taking Drew.

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At Liz’s place, Liz gets off the phone with Nikolas, and then Terry stops by to support her friend. Sam also stops by to check on Liz. Terry heads out, and Liz invites Sam to sit down with her. Sam brought coffee, and she promises to keep her in the loop on who did this if she hears anything from her sources. Liz realizes Sam doesn’t know and accuses Jason of killing Franco. Sam is shocked and can’t believe Jason would do this without reason. This upsets Liz, who thinks Sam is blaming her husband. Sam knows the pain she’s going through and wouldn’t wish it on anyone. She decides to leave.

Liz breaks bad news GH

At the hospital, Cam meets with Trina and Joss. They hug him and tell him how sorry they are. Cam needs their help in revealing that Franco is still alive. He suspects Jason helped Franco fake his death to protect them. Trina and Joss step aside and discuss Cam creating this alternate reality, and they need to support him until he can figure it out on his own. Cam meanwhile finds he’s unable to hack into the hospital system through his laptop to find out if Franco is alive. Joss comes up with another idea and grabs a hospital badge.

Cam turns to Trina and Joss GH

As Terry arrives to work, she spots the kids sneaking around. Down in the morgue, Trina creates a distraction claiming that her friend hurt herself, and once the mortician leaves, Cam sneaks in and locates the drawer with Franco inside.

Back at Liz’s place, Terry calls and warns Liz that Cam and his friends are sneaking around the place and she might want to get down there.

In the morgue, Cam opens the drawer and comes face to face with Franco’s corpse. He pulls back the sheet, touches his face, and collapses in shock. Liz calls out, so Cam covers Franco up with the sheet. She enters and asks what he’s doing. Cam cries that he thought that Franco was faking his death to protect them. He realizes now that Franco is gone. Liz holds him as he sobs. Terry, Joss, and Trina enter.

Franco dead GH


Sam arrives at the Corinthos place looking for Jason. Carly excuses herself to check on Donna, and Sam needs to hear the truth from Jason. She asks if he killed Franco. Jason reveals he found him already shot in the studio. She’s sorry he’s being blamed for this. Jason assures her that he’ll be okay. She warns him to be careful.

On the next General Hospital: “Mike” says, “I’m in,” at The Invader Peter asks someone if they’ve come to be his executioner as well, and Finn says he hopes once the dust settles they can forgive them.

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