Peter arrives at the hospital GH
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Britt and Valentin arrive at General Hospital. She heads to check on Maxie, and Valentin plans to keep watch for Peter.

In Maxie’s room, Anna tells Maxie that Peter is damaged and will continue to do terrible things. Maxie is upset that Anna didn’t warn her about Peter and was going to let her marry him. Anna explains she made arrangements to make sure she and Peter didn’t marry, but Dante discovered Peter. Maxie realizes she had Peter kidnapped. Anna tries to make her see that Peter is as dangerous as his father and had to be kept away from her and the baby. Maxie doesn’t even know Anna anymore. Britt stops by to check on Maxie, and Anna says she’ll be back later, but Maxie tells her not to bother because she doesn’t want to hear her excuses.

Maxie lashes out at Anna GH

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In the hall, Spinelli, working on his laptop, gets a call from Jason. Spinelli gets a ping and tracks Franco to the art studio, which Jason takes off for. Robert joins Spinelli and reminds him that Maxie needs him now to help her put the pieces of her life back together.

Robert prepares Spinelli

At the nurses’ station, Sam fills Liz in on the wedding drama and the revelations about Peter that came out. Liz is in shock and thinks Maxie must be devastated. Sam believes it is only now just sinking in with her. Liz asks if Jason knows, but Sam hasn’t heard from him. She says Franco was looking for Peter at the wedding and asked her if she knew where Jason was. Liz worries and decides to go searching for Franco but asks Sam to tell Jason not to hurt Franco if she talks to him.

Sam fills Liz in GH

Alexis arrives for a meeting and wonders why Sam isn’t at the wedding.

Jordan takes Robert aside and questions him as to why Peter has been walking free if he suspected he framed Obrecht. He says he had no proof, and all he could do was wait for him to slip up.

Jordan questions the plan GH

Back in the hallway, Spinelli blasts Valentin when he sees him for covering up for Peter. Valentin feels he owes no explanations to him. Sam and Alexis approach him, and Alexis asks for an explanation for her. Sam leads Spinelli away, and Valentin swears to Alexis that he didn’t know what Peter was up to until recently. Alexis chooses to believe him because she’s come to trust him. He asks if she’s all right. She isn’t and is trying hard to stay sober, which is why she stayed away from the wedding.

Valentin advises Alexis

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Elsewhere, Sam tries to calm Spinelli down because Maxie is going to need them to be grounded.

Back in Maxie’s room, Britt checks Maxie out and both she and the baby are fine. Maxie apologizes for lashing out at her earlier. Britt understands she’s angry that she’s been lied to by people she loves and trusts, and she’s probably angry that she’s been lying to herself. Britt heard her and Anna’s argument and advises Maxie to ask herself whose lies were more dangerous, Anna’s or Peter’s.

Britt discuses Peter's lies GH

Anna apologizes to Mac in the hallway. He says he’s not angry at her anymore, but he’s angry at himself for not seeing that his daughter was involved in a criminal. Anna states that Peter is good at hiding his true nature, even from himself. Mac can’t believe Peter won him over, and he never thought he’d see Maxie happy again after Nathan died. Anna notes they always want their kids to be happy, but their happiness is their Achilles’ heel. She wanted Peter and Maxie to be happy as much as he did.

Scott arrives at Liz and Franco’s place after getting a call from Cam. Cam is worried that Franco is giving up, so he and his brothers came up with a plan. They all created a list of things they want to do with Franco, and he wants Scott to turn it into a contract for Franco to sign. Scott thinks it’s a great idea and Franco will love it.

Scott is worried GH

At the studio, Franco tackles Peter, who is aiming the gun at him. They fight over the gun, which goes off. Franco is shot straight in the chest and goes down. He tries to get up but passes out as blood spills out of him. Peter asks Franco how it feels.

Franco shot in chest by Peter GH

Later, Jason arrives and finds Franco unconscious on the ground. He flips him over and checks for a pulse. Liz arrives right after him. She immediately begins putting pressure on the wound and begs him to open his eyes. Jason calls for the paramedics, and Franco is able to open his eyes. He struggles to breathe as Liz tells him to relax because they have a lifetime together. Franco tells Liz that he loves her, and to tell the boys he loves them. Franco passes out as Liz cries and begins chest compressions and orders him to stay with her.

Back at the hospital, Mac interrupts Robert and Jordan’s meeting. Jordan gets a call from the station that Jason just called in a shooting. Jordan departs to handle it. Robert ponders to Mac that if they get lucky that Jason may solve their Peter problem. Mac wishes he had listened to his brother earlier and they could have teamed up to run Peter out of town. He fumes that he wants to rip Peter’s head off to get justice for Maxie.

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Jordan arrives at the art studio as the paramedics load Franco onto a gurney. Jason tells her that Franco is dead. Liz is given a moment with him and begs him not to do this to her, not to leave her or the boys. When Jordan asks her what happened, she looks at Jason and accuses him of killing Franco.

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At the hospital, Alexis asks Valentin if he suspects Peter did these crimes or if he did them. Valentin knows he did them, which is why he and Anna tried to detain him. Suddenly, Peter appears. Valentin tells him that he shouldn’t be there, and Jason knows everything, so he should save himself. Peter sees no reason to run, and he is going to see Maxie.

Peter wants to see Maxie GH

Anna goes back to see Maxie. She promises not to stay long but wants to finish things. Maxie can’t believe Obrecht was more honest than her, and she cries Anna is the one she confides in and goes to for advice. She again affirms that she doesn’t know her and doesn’t want to. She tells Anna that they are done.

Maxie upset with Anna's lies GH

Sam and Spinelli stop in after Anna leaves, and she can’t believe they came after what Peter did to Drew and Jason. Sam doesn’t blame her, and Peter only showed her the parts he thought were worthy of her love.

Outside Maxie’s room, Anna and Valentin stop Peter from going in. Peter shouts out, “Maxie I’m here!”

Back in her room, Maxie tells Sam and Spinelli she was expecting him to show up. Spinelli and Sam exit and blast Valentin for what he’s done. They leave, and Anna urges Peter to turn himself in. Peter thinks she must be relieved that he’s not her spawn. He calls her the real disappointment and seethes that he doesn’t need her approval, love or permission any longer. Maxie calls out from her room to send Peter in.

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