Franco realizes what Peter did at Metro Court General Hospital
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In a hotel room, Franco watches the video he made when he was Drew, saying goodbye to his life. As he watches it, he flashes back to Peter kidnapping Drew and realizes what happened.

Anna worries to Robert in ballroom General Hospital

In the Metro Court ballroom, Maxie tells the guests that she thinks the baby is coming. Peter wants to help but Robert and Dante hold him back as she’s taken to the hospital. Once she’s gone, Robert warns that arrest should be sooner than later. Peter lashes out at Anna for betraying him. The only thing he needs now is Maxie’s faith in him. He storms out. Anna tells Robert she doesn’t want to hear about how wrong she’s been. He doesn’t need an apology but thinks Finn could use a big one. She doubts that will be enough.

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Carly and Nina argue about Wiley at Quartermaine's General Hospital

At the Quartermaine house, Willow tells Carly, Michael and Nina that Wiley told her she’s not his real mother. They wonder where he got that idea. All eyes turn on Nina, who explains the experts all think kids need to know the truth. As soon as Willow and Michael leave, Carly lectures Nina, who says they can’t just forget Nelle. Carly suggests they won’t be sharing their grandson in the near future.

Michael shows Willow out and reassures her she’s Wiley’s mom. She needs some air to settle her emotions. He returns to the grandmothers and tells Nina she needs to take a step away from Wiley for the kid’s sake. She tries negotiating but that fails.

Violet gets a visitor at Chase's General Hospital

Chase takes Violet back to his place. She wants to know why the wedding didn’t happen and demands to see her father. Gregory shows up and tells her the grown-ups messed things up. He takes her to bed and tells her a story to put her to sleep. The two men talk about Chase and his happiness. Harrison worries that Willow has been developing feelings for Michael. Willow shows up and Gregory excuses himself. She cries to Chase about what Wiley said. She couldn’t handle it because of the baby she lost. He explains that he did what he did with Sasha to help heal her and promises never to hurt her again.

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Jackie and Finn talk moving on at Metro Court General Hospital

Finn drops by Jackie’s hotel room. They talk about the situation with Anna and the irony of it. The doctor complains that it’s not only that she lied, but that she confided in another man. She wonders if he and Anna can get past this. He doesn’t know and takes her hand. They talk about the night she almost backed out of marrying his father. What all of this is going to do to Violet is breaking Finn’s heart. Gregory stands in the hall as she remembers how attracted she was to Finn when he was a student.

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Maxie gets checked out at General Hospital

Britt and Mac take Maxie to General Hospital. She wants to run some tests to make sure everything is good before they call Felicia. The ladies head down the hall and Britt tests her for diabetes. Maxie has calmed down. Britt assumes she had Braxton Hicks contractions. After an ultrasound, Britt confirms the baby is okay. Mac sticks his head in for an update and thanks the doctor. He apologizes for hitting Peter and upsetting Maxie. When he leaves to make some calls, she quizzes Britt about what she knew. Britt explains what’s been happening with Obrecht. It took her a while to admit that her mother was right about Peter. Maxie says it’s still just her word against Peter’s. A nurse comes in with her test results.

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General Hospital

Back in the ballroom, Dante and Sam talk about what she thinks should happen to Peter. He doubts that evidence against August will be easy to find. Franco shows up, looking for Peter. They tell him what happened and he explains the voice in his head is Drew before he runs off. She calls Jason to warn that Franco is looking for him.

Anna and Robert go over the situation. They’re both worried that Peter seems so confident Maxie will side with him. She told Maxie that Peter was a good man but he’s not. He tells her to stop beating herself up and think of a positive solution.

Peter goes to his hotel room and gets a gun. He jogs down the fire escape and is clobbered by Franco with a tire iron.

On the next General Hospital: Jason can’t ignore the facts.

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