Maxie hears the truth on GH
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Chase checks on his mother in her room at The Metro Court and fills her in on the wedding drama, including Anna lying to Finn. He doesn’t understand how someone could plan on marrying another person while keeping something so major from them. Jackie asks him not to be too hard on Anna because relationships are complicated. He’s beginning to see that, and he’s sorry he never saw how strained things were between her and his father. She admits looking back there are a thousand things she wished she would have done differently, but that’s life. Chase realizes it’s getting late and isn’t sure what to do with Violet, who is asleep in the other room. Jackie believes she’ll be more comfortable with him.

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Anna appears at Finn’s Metro Court room and assumes he has a lot of questions. He only has one, what else is she lying about? He wonders if she planned on ever telling him that Peter wasn’t her son. Anna says there was no plan, and she and Valentin were just focused on containing things. Anna explains that Valentin came to her just recently with evidence of all of Peter’s crimes, which made her face the reality that Peter’s redemption was a show. They decided Peter couldn’t marry Maxie, and so they had him abducted. She didn’t want Finn involved in this tragic mess. Finn is upset she made that decision for him. Anna cries she didn’t want to accept how bad Peter was. Anna knows she was wrong and realizes now that she was protecting herself and trying to avoid this moment.

In the ballroom, Peter is stunned that Maxie still wants to marry him. Obrecht warns Valentin that this must be stopped and approaches Dante with the clicker pen. Before she can put Dante in a trance, Valentin blurts out, “Sorry Maxie, but I cannot allow this wedding to continue until you learn who Peter truly is.” Maxie asks someone to get Valentin out, but Robert feels Maxie should listen to him. Peter is in shock that Valentin is doing this when he claims to care about him. Valentin empathetically says he does and is doing this to protect him from Jason Morgan. However, he also can’t let him hurt Maxie. Maxie knows Peter was coerced into kidnapping Drew, but Valentin says Peter wasn’t a pawn. He details that Peter willingly kidnapped Drew and worked with Helena to double-cross Faison, and then he did everything he could to cover it up. Valentin accuses Peter of bringing down Drew’s plane.

Dante holds Sam back as she rushes Peter screaming, “You son of a bitch! You killed Scout’s father!” Maxie doesn’t believe this, but Obrecht swears it’s true and is why Peter framed her. Valentin reveals there is more, and details that Shiloh knew the truth and that’s why Peter was on the pier that night to pay Shiloh off, he wasn’t looking to buy an apartment. Maxie cries that if Anna knew this was true then she would have told her.

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Back in Finn’s room, Anna’s phone rings and Finn tells her not to answer. She has to because it’s Robert. Robert orders her to get to the ballroom because everything has hit the fan. She says she’ll be right there. Anna tells Finn that she wants to work this out and is sorry. He is sorry too.

Down in the ballroom, Peter accuses Valentin of lying and reminds Maxie that is what he does — so she shouldn’t believe him. Anna enters and announces everything Valentin said was true. As Obrecht goes off on Anna for finally coming forward, Valentin drags her out of the room. Anna tells Maxie that she only found the truth out about Peter recently, though admits she’s had her doubts since she connected Peter to the assassin who tried to kill Franco and Andre. She wanted desperately to believe Peter wasn’t behind it, just like Maxie didn’t want to face the truth about him. She says when Valentin told her the whole truth, she gave Peter every chance to come clean with her, but he lied to her face. She doesn’t believe Peter can tell the truth. Peter wants Maxie to come with him and he’ll explain everything, but Mac refuses to allow that and decks Peter. Suddenly Maxie grabs her stomach, breathes heavily, and cries “The baby!”

Peter is betrayed at his wedding GH

Back in Jackie’s room, she is surprised when Finn appears at her door.

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At the bar, Jax talks with Carly and says Nina isn’t returning his calls. Carly believes Nina is with Wiley. Carly knows it will be good for Nina to get to know Wiley, but she is worried that it might be too soon because Nina is still processing so many shocks, and she wonders if she’ll transfer that grief to Wiley. Later, Valentin and Obrecht grab a drink at the bar, and he thanks her for interrupting the wedding because he would have had to if she didn’t.

In another Metro Court room, Franco calls Obrecht and lets her know that he’s staying at the hotel if she feels like breaking in for a visit. Cam and Liz stop by with some things they packed for Franco, including the phone that Drew recorded a message on and left him before undergoing the memory procedure to turn back to Franco. He has avoided listening to it for a year and they thought it could help him figure out the voices in his head. Liz gets a message from the hospital that they are short-staffed, and she has to go in. Cam wants to hang out a little more, but Franco worries it’s not safe for him. Cam is upset and leaves, and Franco tells Liz that she shouldn’t be there either. Liz breaks down and cries that she’s scared. He holds her and she promises to never give up on him and always be his champion. She loves him and swears nothing will change that. Liz heads to the hospital and Franco begins to watch the message from Drew.

Nina arrives at the Quartermaine mansion and thanks Michael for the invitation and the chance to spend time with Wiley. Willow is happy to see Nina, and Wiley smiles and remembers Nina. Nina and Wiley play with some blocks, and Michael gets a message that there is business at Aurora and excuses himself to deal with it. As the Nina and Wiley play, Willow asks Wiley, “Can Mommy help you build?” Nina appears disturbed by the comment but brushes it off with a smile.

Later, Carly arrives unannounced and talks with Willow in the foyer. Michael told her Nina came by and asks how things are going. Willow believes it’s going well.

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Back in the living room, Nina tells Wiley that she is his grandma, but she’s not her mommy’s mommy. Carly and Wiley enter, and Wiley gives Carly a hug. Willow tells Wiley they should get into his PJs and come back to play more. They leave, and Carly admits to Nina that she was a little too blunt the other day, but knows they both want what is best for Wiley. Michael returns along with Willow and Wiley who is in his pajamas. Nina decides to head out, and Willow suddenly bursts into tears because Wiley just told her that she wasn’t his real mommy.

On the next General Hospital: Franco realizes it was Peter all along, Dante asks Sam if she’s going to tell Jason about what happened, and Maxie is taken to the hospital.

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