Double Wedding Stopped on GH
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At the Metro Court, Lucy mentions to Valentin that he looks verklempt. He says being Peter’s best man is a lot of stress and work. Meanwhile, Finn wonders to Chase where Peter is, and he wishes he never agreed to this double wedding. Chase is sure he’ll arrive soon. Willow joins them and apologizes for being late. Finn jokes, “The whole damn wedding is late!” At a table, Britt is asked where Peter is, but she has no idea as she chugs some champagne. Across the room, Robert and Jackie share drinks before the ceremony begins. She notes how happy Robert appears, and thinks it must be due to Peter being missing.

Britt celebrates no show Peter GH abc

Maxie, in her dress, finds Anna, Sam and Jordan outside of the ballroom and apologizes for being late. She says it’s time to roll. Jordan relays they have a problem and reports Peter is missing. Maxie thinks he has to be somewhere.

Peter, bound in gag, is left unconscious on the floor in a janitor’s closet.

Peter held hostage on GH

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Lucy runs into Dante and tells him how sorry she was to hear about Lulu. Meanwhile, Willow fixes Chase’s tie and tells him he’s a dashing best man. Chase wishes he could be a better best man, as he doesn’t know how to help Finn, who is fretting over the delays. Gregory approaches Finn and tells him to look on the bright side, Anna could have been the one not to show up.

Finn and Greg talk wedding on GH ABC

Robert speaks to Mac about Peter. Robert thinks Maxie is better off without him, and Mac doesn’t understand how he can take pleasure in this. Mac walks off, and Britt confronts Robert about his feelings regarding Peter and this wedding. She also brings up his promise to help her mother. Robert didn’t forget the promise, it’s just taking longer than he expected to help Obrecht, and it’s probably a good thing the doctor isn’t there to see Peter break Maxie’s heart.

Back outside the ballroom, Maxie tells Anna, Jordan and Sam that Peter would not miss this day. Anna is sure Peter will reach out to her about whatever is going on. She suggests they postpone the wedding to look for Peter, but Maxie refuses.

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Finn catches the ladies discussing postponing the wedding. Anna tells him that Peter is missing, and Finn says everyone is talking about that inside. Maxie suggests Anna and Finn go ahead and marry, and she and Peter can marry later. Finn likes the idea, but Anna refuses to leave Maxie hanging and needs to see this thing with Peter settled. She pledges herself to Finn and assures him once this Peter thing is taken care of that she can spend the rest of her life loving him.

In the ballroom, Jordan asks Valentin if he’s heard from Peter, but he hasn’t. He says he’ll make some calls.

Valentin goes up to Peter’s room, puts on black gloves, and cleans up the mess. He reflects back on talking with Anna about how to stop Maxie from marrying Peter. As he cleans, we hear them discussing their plan to make Maxie think Peter left her at the altar. He would have his men kidnap Peter and eventually move him to one of his foreign properties. They’d leave a letter to Maxie indicating Peter knows too many secrets that could put her in danger, so Maxie wouldn’t be tempted to look for him. After he cleans the room up and packs Peter’s things, Valentin leaves a letter behind.

In the ballroom, Sam and Dante discuss Peter, who neither thinks would leave Maxie like this. Maxie confronts Dante and assumes he is happy about this, but he assures her he isn’t. Dante decides to look around. Maxie goes to talk with Mac, who tells her that Laura is sorry she’s missing the wedding, but she is in New York with Lulu. Laura thanks her for sending the maid of honor bouquet to Lulu.

Sam and Dante discuss Peter on GH ABC

Finn approaches Robert and asks if he had anything to do with this. Jackie wonders why he would think Robert would be involved. Finn ponders because it keeps Peter from marrying Maxie, and on some level stops Anna from marrying him. Robert wishes he could say this was his doing, but it’s not, and he won’t apologize for not wanting Maxie to marry Peter.

Robert reacts to missing Peter GH abc

In the garage, Dante calls and leaves a message with Lulu. He says he knows Maxie wishes she was there. Suddenly he hears banging coming from a nearby door and goes to investigate. When he hears muffled screams he locates a crowbar to break open the door only to find Peter bound and gagged. Dante frees Peter, who says he was blind-sided and doesn’t know who did this to him. He needs to get to Maxie.

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Back in the Metro Court, Mac tells Maxie that it’s time to call this off because they can’t keep these people waiting. Maxie is positive that Peter has not abandoned her, and she’s worried something is wrong Meanwhile, Jackie asks Robert if he approves of Anna and Finn’s marriage. Robert swears he wants nothing but the best for Anna and Finn, but he’ll be celebrating if Peter doesn’t turn up. Valentin joins Anna and tells her in a few minutes he’ll suggest to Mac that they check Peter’s room, and then they’ll find the letter.

Maxie worries to Mac ABC GH

Finn and Mac gather everyone to make the announcement to postpone the wedding. Suddenly, Peter bursts in with Dante. Peter explains someone jumped him, put a bag over his head, and locked him in a closet. Chase and Jordan get to work investigating, but turn up no clues as to who took Peter.

Maxie thanks Dante for saving Peter. Anna asks if Dante saw anything, but Dante says whoever did it was long gone by the time he found Peter. Peter thinks they need to get on with the wedding. Anna and Valentin try to stall and suggest that Peter get checked by a doctor, but he begs them to join him and Maxie and get married. Peter tells Maxie that he’d like to still get married as planned, and she agrees she doesn’t want to wait any longer. Finn agrees with Maxie that they should go through with the wedding, and Anna consents. However, she casts Valentin a worried glance.

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As everyone takes their seats, grooms and best men take their place at the altar. Peter again thanks Valentin for helping him get to this day. Sam walks down the aisle, followed by Mac and Maxie. Maxie joins Peter at the altar. Next, Violet enters as the flower girl, followed by Jordan, and finally by Anna.

Lucy begins to officiate the wedding and speaks about how both couples have risen over all the obstacles to be together, including the ones of today. Suddenly Obrecht bursts in and reminds Lucy that she needs to ask if anyone objects!

On the next General Hospital: Obrecht reveals new evidence, Maxie screams “That’s a lie!” and Finn realizes Anna knew all along.

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