Maxie and Obrecht argue about Peter in cemetery General Hospital
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Maxie is appalled to see Obrecht in the cemetery. Liesl says she needs to save herself. Maxie refuses to believe that Peter is as bad as she thinks. Dr. O guesses she’s there because she already has serious doubts. She says that Peter isn’t even the man he thinks he is. Maxie refuses to listen to this anymore and accuses Obrecht of just wanting revenge on Anna. When Maxie eventually leaves, Liesl vows to Nathan that she will do what she has to and pulls out the USB stick.

Finn and Chase talk wedding at Metro Court General Hospital

Finn runs to his room at the Metro Court. Violet tells him he’s late and reminds him it’s his wedding day. He assures her she’ll always be number one to him. Chase and his father appear as Finn hopes his daughter will start thinking of Anna as a mom. She already does and hops away. Chase tells Finn how hard today must be on their father. Finn encourages him not to beat himself up about whatever went wrong between their parents.

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Robert and Jackie talk weddings in ballroom General Hospital

At the ballroom, Robert hands Jackie a glass of champagne. They talk about romantic disappointments. He’s trying not to be too pessimistic in that department. As they talk about the wedding, Gregory shows up and recalls when Jackie almost missed their wedding. When Robert gives them some room, Jackie tells Gregory they are getting divorced. He won’t fight it. He wanders off as Chase comes down, leaving Finn to speak to Jackie. She tells him today is no day for DNA drama.

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Valentin and Anna discuss Peter at Metro Court General Hospital

Upstairs in the hall, Valentin and Anna debate going ahead with their plan. He reminds her that it is up to them to stop Peter. Jordan interrupts. They cover and Valentin takes off. Jordan quizzes Anna about what’s happening. Anna has a feeling the wedding isn’t going to happen. Her friend senses she and Valentin are planning something. Anna manages to change the subject by bringing up Curtis. Jordan encourages her not to make her mistakes.

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Valentin apologizes to Peter at Metro Court General Hospital

In his room, Peter dresses before the mirror. No one can stop him from having the life he wants. Dante knocks on the door. On Lulu’s behalf, he warns that Peter will answer to him if anything bad happens to Maxie. They rehash Peter’s past and Dante says that he has a mission of his own. Valentin interrupts and Dante takes off. Peter tells his old mentor how much he wishes he could show him his gratitude. Valentin takes responsibility for his toxic childhood, but Peter says he’s made up for that. After giving him a hug, Valentin walks out and makes a call, saying, “It’s on.”

Britt Sam and Mac worry about Maxie in ballroom General Hospital

Sam and Britt arrive in the ballroom and worry to Curtis that Maxie has disappeared. They fill Mac in. He tells them how upset she was by her daughter calling Peter “daddy.”

Sam and Curtis talk about their business. She has faith in his plans to be a nightclub owner, but he hopes he’s running to a goal and not away from something. Later, Jordan tells Sam that she’s glad she’s supporting Curtis. When she turns to him, Curtis tells Jordan how confident he is about his decision.

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Franco tells Jason about the voices at home General Hospital

At Liz’s place, she and Franco explain to Jason that he’s been hearing Peter’s voice, talking about Drew. They explain what happened with Dr. Kirk. She leaves to check on Cameron and Jason asks Franco some questions. Jason tells him to take care of his family and he’ll take care of everything else. Once he’s gone, Franco tells Liz he won’t risk hurting her or the boys so he’s leaving until he knows he’s not a risk.

Maxie arrives at Anna’s room in the Metro Court. After they get their dresses on, Anna calls Mac to say the wedding is on track.

Before Peter leaves his room, someone sneaks in and pulls a hood over his head.

On the next General Hospital: Peter is delayed.

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