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Curtis arrives in a tux to see Finn, who is staying at his old place at the Metro Court. He is happy that Finn is getting married, and Finn tells Curtis that he’s been a big part of his getting his life back on track and getting sober. Curtis heads out and Chase and Gregory arrive in their tuxes for the big day. Suddenly, Finn gets a message from General Hospital that his DNA test is back. Finn tells Chase and his dad that he has an emergency at the hospital, but he’ll be right back.

Finn ponders Chase GH ABC

While Finn is gone, Gregory talks about his wedding day to Jackie, and how he didn’t see her for a full day before they married. He admits he thought she may have changed her mind. Chase wonders where she was the day before, but Gregory never asked her. Chase appears troubled.

Preview: Will Dante kill Peter on his wedding day? 

Chase in his wedding tux GH ABC

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Jordan arrives at Anna’s place to pick her up and take her to the Metro Court for the wedding. She finds Anna drinking her tea and thinks she doesn’t exactly seem excited. Valentin drops by, and Anna asks Jordan to head on without her and she’ll meet her at the Metro Court.

Anna vents to Valentin about who Peter really is, and that they have to make sure he never hurts anyone again. She wants to tell Maxie the truth, but Valentin warns her that could get Peter killed and they have no evidence to back up their claims. He says the minute Maxie knows the truth, she’ll tell Spinelli, who will run to Jason. Anna knows Jason would take Peter out and leave no trace of who did it. Valentin thinks they need to gather evidence and let the WSB prosecute Peter, but Anna doesn’t think she can let Maxie go through with this marriage in the meantime.

Anna Valentin versus Peter GH ABC

At Crimson, Britt guards the door as Peter approaches to try and speak to Maxie. She refuses to let him near his bride-to-be because it’s bad luck, and suggests they instead go to the bar for a drink.

In the office, Maxie talks to her mom on the phone, who can’t be there for the wedding as she’s taking care of her aunt who suffered a fall. Nina helps Maxie to prepare for the wedding, and Maxie reveals James drew her and Peter a picture for their wedding day, and he referred to Peter as his daddy. She says something about it didn’t sit right with her. Nina doesn’t want Maxie to feel guilty and believes Nathan would want James to have a father. Maxie is unsure Nathan would want Peter to be that man and tells Nina that she visited Nathan’s grave for his blessing and didn’t feel his presence as she normally does.

Jason runs into Sam at the Metro Court ballroom, where she’s busy making sure everything is ready for the wedding. Spinelli arrives and calls the day a cursed one. Peter and Britt arrive and overhear Spinelli’s ranting about him.

Spinelli is unhappy GH ABC

Curtis bumps into Jordan, and Sam interrupts them to ask Curtis about the papers for the sale. He says his lawyers will send them over shortly. Sam walks away, and Jordan inquires what is going on. He tells her that he’s getting out of the PI business and buying a nightclub. She hopes it works out for him. She has to go to meet up with Anna, and Curtis tells her that she looks incredible. Jordan gets into the elevator and bursts into tears.

Peter takes Spinelli aside to have a word. In private, Peter demands Spinelli leave as he doesn’t want him at his wedding stirring up trouble. Peter forces him to call Maxie and tell her that he’s become sick and can’t make the wedding. As Spinelli leaves, he takes comfort in the fact that he didn’t exactly lie to Maxie as this wedding makes him nauseous.

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Back at Crimson, Maxie is upset that Spinelli isn’t coming to the wedding, but she thinks it may be for the best. She also thinks Nina shouldn’t be at the wedding because it might be too hard for her with all she’s going through after finding out about Nelle.

Back in the ballroom, Jason speaks to Sam about Alexis attacking Franco, and Sam fills him in on the details. Sam says Franco was agitated that day and was talking to himself again, and even she was a little scared.

Britt and Sam go to meet up with Maxie and help her finish preparing, but find she’s gone.

At General Hospital, Lesley and Laura are giddy over the bad day Cyrus is about to have. Laura is shocked that she and Monica were able to work together on this.

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Cyrus confronts Jackie in the hall about the story she wrote on his criminal activities and speaking to his mother for the information. He demands to know where she is. Jackie informs him that his mother was likely moved after she talked to her, and Florence was clear that she didn’t want to see him. A woman interrupts to lets Cyrus know that the board meeting is about to begin.

When Cyrus enters the room he finds Laura and Lesley, who tells him the meeting is over and the board voted against him and his drug after reading Jackie’s article. Furious, Cyrus vows this isn’t over and departs. Lesley says she’ll savor this memory, but reveals to her daughter that she’s leaving town. She’s going to visit Lulu and consult with her doctors on her care.

Finn runs into Jackie, and he reveals he had the DNA test run and the results are in. Jackie warns this could devastate Gregory and cost Chase his entire family. She begs him to think about what they all stand to lose. Finn thinks maybe today isn’t the day for this and agrees not to check the results right now.

At Liz and Franco’s place, Liz finds Franco and Cam arguing about Cam’s decision not to go to college, as well as Franco attacking him. She is startled, and Cam says Franco is just being dramatic. Franco explains what happened with his nightmare and pinning Cameron down after he woke him up, and he also reveals Cam got into Stanford but is refusing to go. Liz is left in shock, and Franco believes it’s no longer safe for him to stay in their home. Liz suggests they check him into Shadybrook to have the doctors run some tests, but Cam is opposed to the idea and storms out. Liz thinks maybe Franco is overreacting and really was just startled, but a worried Franco says he was having a nightmare about Jason.

Liz worries about Franco GH ABC

Later, Jason arrives to see Franco. Cameron returns and is upset to see Jason there, but Liz and Franco assure him it’s okay and make him return to his room. Jason asks Franco about the day Alexis attacked him and his talking to himself. Franco admits he’s hearing Peter’s voice in his head, which may be a leftover Drew memory.

Maxie visits Nathan’s grave because she doesn’t know what to do. She asks for his guidance. Suddenly she turns around, is frightened, and asks “What are you doing here?”

On the next General Hospital: Maxie is angry with someone about Peter, Dante pays Peter a visit, and guests worry about a bride being AWOL.

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