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At the hospital, Liz consults with Finn about Franco’s latest brain scans. She hasn’t been able to talk to Terry yet but wanted his take on if the tumor is shrinking. He reminds her that this isn’t his specialty, but it doesn’t appear the tumor has changed. Liz cracks at the bad news, and she admits she’s angry at herself for being mad at Franco for getting sick. Finn gives his opinion that Franco is too damn annoying to die, and the love she and the boys have from him will pull him through. Liz details the side effects of the chemo he is currently dealing with, and Cameron shaving his head in support. He sees that they all have Franco covered, but someone needs to cover her. He suggests she have a support system in place. Liz indicates has Bobbie and Epiphany, so Finn lets her know that she has him too.

Liz worried about tumor GH ABC

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Elsewhere, Nikolas bribes a guard outside a room to take a break for thirty minutes. He meets up with Laura while Ava sneaks into the room where Ryan is. She looks at his medical chart to find out he’s there being treated for bed sores. Ava pulls out the roach in the glass dome and wonders how he was able to get someone to send this to her. She laughs that if this was supposed to frighten her, it doesn’t, and thinks he’s the one who should be scared of her. She calls him a pest, drops the roach on the floor, and squashes it. She bids him farewell and leaves.

In the hall, Laura asks Nikolas if he and Ava have set a date and if he’s reached out to Spencer. Nikolas says they are looking at the summer, but Spencer is still keeping his distance. Laura urges him to keep reaching out to his son, and she believes he will come around when he sees how happy Nikolas and Ava are together. Nikolas shifts the topic to Cyrus. She tells him that Cyrus is furious that his mother is missing and blames Jason and in part her, and she worries that Cyrus is going to lash out at their family if his mother isn’t returned.

Ava catches up with Nikolas and the two head out. The guard returns to Ryan’s room with his latest mail. As he reads a letter from Heather W. to the killer, who is his biggest fan, the camera pans to an envelope addressed to S. Cassadine in France that was returned to sender.

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At home, Franco has dreams of hearing Peter’s voice saying, “Please meet Drew Cain, you know his brother Jason.” Cam tries to wake Franco, who keeps calling out to Jason. Franco quickly sits up about to pummel Cam, who yells “It’s Cam!” Franco stops and apologizes. Cam says he was having a nightmare and it’s no big deal. Cam goes to get him some water and asks him if he remembers his nightmare. Franco doesn’t, so Cam tells him he was saying “Jason” over and over. Franco wonders why everything has to be about Jason. Cam thinks it’s natural since Jason hates him and is worried he’ll revert to the way he was with the first tumor.

Cam admits he worried because people want to see Franco dead, and he sees what they are saying all-over social media. Franco doesn’t want him picking fights with crazies to protect him, but Cam feels he has to protect their family. Franco doesn’t want to see him get into trouble and to stay an honorable young man at least until he goes off to California for college. Cam announces he’s decided to stay in Port Charles given all that has changed, and maybe he won’t go to college at all. Franco asks if this is because of the tumor. Cam states he won’t leave Franco because Franco wouldn’t leave him when he was in trouble.

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Curtis takes Sam to the club, and they grab a table and Curtis brings her up to speed on his troubles with Jordan. He’s been rethinking a lot of things lately, including his career, which he’s tired of. She asks what it is that he wants to do. He looks around and says, “You’re looking at it.” She can’t believe he wants to buy a bar but tells him to go for it. Curtis asks her if she’s done with the PI game, but Sam isn’t and misses it terribly. Curtis suggests she buy his half of the PI firm, and he’ll use the money to purchase this place. Sam agrees.

Portia visits Jordan in her office and asks her to give Cyrus whatever he wants to help Taggert. Jordan explains what he wants in return is to get Jason to stand down and let him move product in Port Charles, which will escalate a mob war and more drug overdoses. Portia asks her to at least get her in to see Taggert because he is refusing to see her or Trina. Jordan will speak with him, but she doubts he’ll change his mind. Jordan suggests she tell Trina that she is the reason Taggert isn’t seeing her and says effective immediately she will request Taggert be barred from receiving any visitors. Portia accepts the offer, for the time being, and is sorry to hear about her and Curtis.

In the woods, Jason is on the phone with someone and tells them to wait and see how things play out.

Jason on the phone on GH ABC

Jackie and Martin sit in her car outside of a house and he chows down on a bucket of fried chicken. She reveals she was able to go through the trash and found his mother’s prescription with Bobbie as the prescriber. He asks what the plan is. She has studied the layout of the home and suspects Florence is in the parlor on the first floor. She indicates the guards are about to change shifts, so they need to move fast. Martin asks what they do if they get caught? She suggests he not get caught.

Inside, Bobbie reads to Florence. She misses her son Martin, who used to read to her. Bobbie promises her that she’ll see him soon.

Martin and Jackie sneak in, only to find Jason sitting in an empty room. He tells them, “Wrong room!” Martin demands to see his mother, and Jackie points out if she can track Florence here then so can Cyrus. Jackie pleads they just want to see that Florence is healthy and okay.

Bobbie brings Martin to see his mother. As they reconnect, Bobbie asks Jason if this means this is over. Jason says they have to see how Martin and Jackie will react, and what Cyrus will do. Meanwhile, Florence tells Martin that Bobbie and Jason have been taking good care of her. Jackie tells her that her other son misses her too, but Florence says she washes her hands of that scoundrel. Jackie pulls out a recorder and asks her to tell her all about Cyrus.

On the next General Hospital: Cyrus demands Jackie tell him where his mother is, Anna and Valentin team up against Peter, and Maxie uninvites Nina.

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