Obrecht searches for evidence against Peter at Maxie's General Hospital
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Carly and Jason meet at Perks. She tells him the Feds don’t buy Nina’s story and Nelle’s death is officially an accident. Now she’s worried about Nina’s claims on Wiley. She doesn’t want Nina projecting her feelings about Nelle onto that child.

Michael and Willow drop by Crimson to visit Nina. She reintroduces herself to the child and thanks them for bringing him. Nina apologizes for having a meltdown in the cemetery. Michael hopes she can move past her problems with Carly for their grandson’s sake. Nina and Wiley sit at her desk and watch polar bear videos. Carly arrives and her jaw drops at this. Once Michael spots her, he gathers the kid and exits with Willow. Carly immediately tells Nina that could be her last time with her grandson. Her claims about Nelle’s death have no basis in fact. Nina doesn’t think that Carly would ever have let the truth come out. Carly warns she will lose everything if she keeps spinning out of control. She storms out and Nina stews.

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Alexis pays Olivia a visit at the Quartermaine's General Hospital

Robert drops by the Quartermaine house to see Olivia. After getting an update on her life, she wants to hear about his. He admits he hasn’t made peace with Maxie’s choice of husband. She starts ranting about Peter. When she jogs off for wine, Alexis shows up. He tells her she shouldn’t be there after almost killing Liv’s son. When Olivia returns, Robert tries to keep the peace, but she assures him she can handle this. He exits and Liv wonders why the disgraced lawyer isn’t drowning her sorrows somewhere. Alexis wants the opportunity to be the kind of friend she deserves. Olivia isn’t that forgiving.

Michael and Willow go home to the Quartermaine’s and congratulate themselves on what they did for Nina. He apologizes for making her watch a movie on Valentine’s Day. She says he didn’t. After confirming that they will both continue dating other people, she goes off to the gatehouse.

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Britt stops Maxie from leaving the Grill General Hospital

Britt and Maxie are at the Port Charles Grill. The doctor says having more female relatives is a good feeling. Maxie won’t listen to any anti-Peter talk. Britt sticks around to stop Maxie from calling her betrothed to head home. She suggests that Maxie is getting cold feet, otherwise she wouldn’t care so much about what other people think. Maxie goes on about how great Peter is and how he will prove everyone wrong. Pointing out she knows more about his past and family than Maxie, Britt says she has some serious doubts. Maxie admits she might be right.

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Anna wants truth from Peter at home General Hospital

Peter arrives at Anna’s. She says it’s time they face the truth. If there’s something he needs to tell her, now is the time. She still has the paperwork connecting him to the assassin. He insists that any evidence against him is a lie concocted by Obrecht. August encourages her to destroy the evidence. After talking her around, he drops her evidence into the fire. After giving her a positive spin about the future, he says they will see each other again at the wedding and exits. She calls Valentin, telling him they have turned a blind eye for too long. It’s time for them to stop Peter.

Obrecht sneaks around Maxie and Peter’s apartment. She knocks over the envelope from Marick and ignores it. After finding nothing, she assumes his secrets must be hidden elsewhere. But before exiting, she picks up the envelope and opens it. It contains a USB with a video from Alex. After she watches it, she laughs that she has struck the motherload. She can hear Britt and Maxie in the hall and hides as they enter. After searching for Peter to no avail, Britt calms Maxie down and sends her to get some rest. As soon as she’s gone, Britt ushers her mom out. When Peter returns, Maxie runs into his arms and he promises he won’t make her worry again.

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Robert meets with Jason at Perks. He’s worried that Stone Cold might be distracted by running the business and has taken his eyes off Peter. Jason hasn’t forgotten about August.

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