Anna learns about Peter's lies on GH ABC
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Diane meets with Carly in the PCPD interrogation room to go over what she’s going to tell Federal Agent Wilson. Diane urges her to stick to her original story and claim that Nina misheard what she overheard her and Jax discussing. Diane worries that Jax may choose to tell the truth because of Nina, but Carly is sure he will stick to his original statement. Agent Wilson eventually enters to follow up on Nina’s accusations.

Carly meets with Diane on GH ABC

At Crimson, Maxie drops by to check on Nina after hearing about the cemetery fiasco. Nina tells her side of the events, and that she turned Carly and Jax into the commissioner. She wants someone to hold Carly responsible for Nelle’s death. Maxie is stunned and reminds her that Nelle made Carly and Michael’s lives hell for years. Nina isn’t excusing her actions, but she has a right to know how Nelle died. She also can’t stop thinking about Nelle’s upbringing and how she turned out.

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Maxie notes a lot of people experience horrible lives growing up and are still good people, but at some point, Nelle decided to hurt people. Maxie puts herself in Carly’s shoes and admits it’s very likely Carly thought that if she tried to help Nelle that night that Nelle would pull her over the cliff with her. She also doesn’t think sending Jax and Carly to prison will give her the peace she needs. Nina realizes she’s right, and she hasn’t been thinking of how that would hurt Joss and Donna. Maxie urges Nina to focus on Wiley. She then leaves for a date with Peter.

Jax joins Alexis at a table at the coffee house, and she can see he has something on his mind. He fills her in on how he is supposed to give a statement to the FBI about the night of Nelle’s death, in light of Nina’s accusations. He assures her that Nelle’s death was an accident, but some details of what happened were left out in the original statements to the police to protect Carly. Alexis advises him not to further incriminate himself, but Jax is worried about doing right by Nina. Alexis thinks bringing in a federal investigation when there is no proof of wrongdoing won’t benefit Nina, but Jax thinks she’ll at least know he’s on her side. Alexis advises that throwing himself under a bus to try and impress someone else isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. He thanks her for the talk and heads out.

Alexis gives Jax advice on GH ABC

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At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael tells Willow that it turns out Nelle was Nina’s daughter, and Nina believes his mom was responsible for Nelle’s fall. They discuss how Nina is lashing out in anger against Carly, and perhaps letting Nina and Wiley get to know each other can help Nina find peace and also bridge the gap between her and Carly.

Willow and Michael discuss Wiley and Nina on GH ABC

At Anna’s place, she and Finn are packed and ready to go in search of Obrecht. Before they can leave, Finn has to deliver the tuxes to Peter, so he heads out. Valentin appears at Anna’s door and she can tell by his expression he doesn’t have good news. The Cassadine informs Anna their suspicions about Peter were right and it’s worse than they feared. Valentin fills her in on Peter admitting to framing Obrecht, making Drew’s plane go down, and arranging the attack on Maddox.

Valentin warns Anna about Peter on GH ABC

Anna realizes she’s been lying to herself about who Peter is and protecting him, which makes her just as culpable in what he’s done. Anna thinks back to Alex telling her that she gave her the memory of giving birth to Peter in hope that her sister would protect him and raise him, but she failed. Valentin assures her as the man who also damaged Peter’s life that this isn’t on her. Anna wonders what they do next. Valentin says they need to determine at what point protecting Peter puts those they love at risk.

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Britt meets with Obrecht at the new club in town, and Obrecht is dressed in her trench coat and a broad-brimmed hat. Britt asks her mother why she’s still flying under the radar now that she’s been cleared. Obrecht is trying to keep the element of surprise on her side to unmask Peter and protect Maxie and James from him. Britt points out the wedding is days away and her mom has still failed to get anything on him. Obrecht has learned, by posing as an advertiser and calling Maxie’s office, that Maxie and Peter have plans to go out tonight, so she’s going to break into their home while they’re gone. After Obrecht leaves, Maxie enters. Britt asks her to join her for a mocktail. She agrees while she waits for Peter to arrive.

Obrecht plots against Peter on GH ABC

Peter returns home, drops his mail on the table, and doesn’t notice Alex’s will in the pile. Finn stops by with the tuxes for them to try on for their double wedding. Though he knows it sounds corny, Finn admits being loved by Anna has changed his life. Peter knows what he means. He admits if Anna wasn’t his mother that he could have continued down a very dark road, but now he’s about to close the door on his life before meeting Anna. After Finn leaves, Peter gets a call from Anna asking him to come by her place. He says he’ll be over and leaves. Later, Obrecht breaks in as the camera pans to Alex’s will.

Back at the station, the agent questions Carly, who stands by her original statement that she was not present when Nelle fell to her death. He sends her and Diane out of the room and then brings Jax in. After talking to him in private, he calls Carly and Diane back. The agent says the case will remain closed after speaking with both of them, and in the absence of any new evidence. Diane and the agent leave to brief the commissioner. Carly is relieved, but Jax warns that there will likely be fallout from Nina.

Finn runs into Alexis at the coffee shop and joins her at a table. The doctor thinks that Alexis is looking happier. She shows him her new twenty-four-hour coin. Finn is proud of her and knows how hard it is to start over. He tells her to do whatever it takes to get through this because she deserves better.

Back at Crimson, Nina is surprised when Michael and Willow arrive with Wiley.

On the next General Hospital: Alexis tries to make amends to Olivia, Robert meets with Jason, and Obrecht searches Maxie and Peter’s place.

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