Liz and Franco talk cancer at home General Hospital
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At General Hospital, Britt convinces Jason to help her hand out Valentine’s bags to sick children. He thinks she knows what it’s like to feel alone on Valentine’s Day. After they do the rounds, a kid comes after him and asks for her valentine. He hands it to her, and she thanks Mr. and Mrs. Cupid. Once they finish handing out gifts, he tells Britt he’s had worse nights and leaves.

Britt and Jason talk Valentine's Day General Hospital

In his room, Brad calls Lucas to tell him that he’s there and he’d like to see him. Britt drops in on him with a Valentine’s bag to take back to prison.

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Ava and Nikolas discuss first meeting at the Grill General Hospital

At the Port Charles Grill, a second gift is delivered to Ava and Nikolas’ table. It’s a bracelet with the date they met inscribed on it. He recalls their early days and promises to keep her safe. When the waiter comes by, he explains the cockroach gift arrived before his shift started, but there was also a note for Ava. He hands it to her. The note is typed and reads, “Secrets and cockroaches are the only things that survive, except for us.” They assume Ryan sent it but that doesn’t make sense and call Jordan to tell her. She confirms that Ryan is still completely paralyzed. The prince promises Ava a proper wedding. He wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

Chase and Willow talk wine at the Grill General Hospital

Willow tells Chase they need to learn from what’s happened over the past few months. Once they finish their meal, he asks where she’d like to go next.

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At General Hospital, Michael tells Sasha that he needs to go home and check on Wiley. She insists on going with him.

Sasha and Michael check on Wilet at Quartermaine's General Hospital

When they arrive at the Quartermaine house, Sasha calms the kid down and he goes to sleep. Michael and Sasha head downstairs, play chess, and talk therapy. She decides it’s time to go home, but wonders if they could go back to where they left off. He needs to learn to trust her again. She wants that. They kiss as Chase and Willow walk in. Willow apologizes. Sasha exits and Michael wanders off. Willow thanks Chase for the evening and then joins Michael. After talking about Wiley, they watch Love Actually.

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Curtis and Portia talk at the club General Hospital

Curtis and Portia are at the club. He’s having such a good time and doesn’t want to go home. She suggests he tell his client about his unfaithful wife tomorrow. They discuss their own failed relationships. After they get the bill, he tells her that the club is for sale. He wonders if it’s time for him to shake things up.

General Hospital

TJ and Jordan arrive at the law clerk’s office where Kristina and Molly are waiting. The clerk asks them to skip the family therapy and get the show on the road. The couple fills out the paperwork and then hugs. “I thought it would feel more special,” TJ says. Molly tells him he will always be her life. TJ tells his mom that this was the happiest night of his life and he’s happy that she was there.

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Liz and Franco talk cancer at home General Hospital

When Franco gets home, he admires all the trouble the kids have gone to so they could welcome him. Joss and Trina encourage Cam to sing the song he wrote for Franco, but he’s upset and runs upstairs. His friends go after him. Franco and Liz talk about his cancer and he jokingly asks if she’ll still love him without hair. She makes chicken soup. He wishes he had the energy to make love. The nurse promises that this is just the beginning of their life together. He suggests they go to Bahrain for their honeymoon.

In the bathroom, Cam gives himself a pep talk about stepping up so he can show his brothers how to cope. Trina and Joss bang on the door and demand to be let in. He asks them to shave his head. Trina says the girls at school would never forgive her for sheering his head. He’s insistent.

Joss and Trian shave Cam at home General Hospital

Joss and Trina go downstairs to warn Franco and Liz. Cam comes down and reveals he’s cut his hair. His mom is shocked. Cam tells Franco he’s with him all the way. They try on hats as the ladies laugh at them.

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