Kristina and Molly arrive for wedding at law office General Hospital
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Chase arrives at the Quartermaine estate to pick up Willow. That’s awkward since Michael opens the door. It gets worse when Sasha shows up. When Michael explains they are going to the Port Charles Grill, Chase admits they have reservations there as well. Michael offers to go to the Metro Court instead. After Willow and the cop leave, Michael and Sasha miss how things used to be. Before they can head out, he gets a call from Carly about Brando’s shooting.

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Franco and Liz go out for anniversary dinner General Hospital

Liz and Franco arrive at the Port Charles Grill. When people see them walk in, they take off. Franco goes to the bathroom to freshen up as Ava and Nikolas arrive. Liz tells them how hard Franco is fighting the tumor as he returns. After the prince and Ava take a table, Franco’s hair starts falling out. He and Liz sit down but he can’t eat so she insists they go home.

Nikolas and Ava talk about finding happiness. A gift for her is delivered to the table. She’s horrified when she opens it and sees it’s a roach in glass.

Willow and Chase go to the Grill General Hospital

Chase and Willow take a table and he tells her she looks beautiful. They talk about wine and she admits that Michael’s wine guy has been giving her tips. She tells Chase about the renovations on the gatehouse and all the things Michael has been buying for her. The topic turns to his family and his hopes that things are better between his dad and Finn. If that relationship can heal, he hopes that theirs can too.

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Cam answers the door with his guitar General Hospital

At home, Cam is singing and playing his guitar when there is rapping on the door. He answers wielding his instrument, but it’s only Joss and Portia. Cam feels bad that they are there instead of at the dance. Joss says the last year has been hard, but she couldn’t have gotten through it without them. When she looks for tape to fix a poster, she finds Cam’s college acceptance letter. He’s not sure he’s going to go because he might suck. He also doesn’t want to leave them or his family. Joss says life will change whether he goes or not. Franco and Liz arrive.

Curtis and Portia have dinner at club General Hospital

Curtis brings Portia to a club and thanks her for being his wing-woman tonight. He explains that the owner of the club hired him to see if his wife is cheating. This is all like a vacation for Portia. They watch as the wife fondles some dude at the bar. The PI snaps a photo. That’s Curtis’ job done. Portia asks him to stay for another song.

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Jordan and Jason question Brando at General Hospital

Jordan shows up in Brando’s hospital room to question him about being shot. Jason arrives to listen. Brando has no idea who shot him. The commissioner assumes he’s protecting someone. Jason suggests that letting Brando survive was a gift. As soon as she leaves, Brando demands to know why Jason shot him. Stone Cold says this was the only way to get Cyrus off his back. Michael and Sasha arrive to check on Brando. Once Jason takes off, Brando tells them he has no idea who shot him and encourages them to get back to their date. Sasha promises to be back.

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Britt visits Brad at General Hospital

Britt and TJ walk the halls at General Hospital. She’s impressed he stuck around tonight and ushers him out to see Molly. She heads down the hall to tease Brad and gets him to help her make Valentine’s bags for kids. The doctor got him out of jail on the pretext he needed a follow-up operation. Brad wonders if Lucas knows he’s there and notices she seems upset. Britt won’t explain. When she wheels the gift bags out, she bumps into Jason in the hall and asks him to help her hand out the valentines.

At the nurses’ station, Lucas and Felix chat about their plans for the night. They don’t have any. Felix suggests they get a drink… but only as friends. As they talk about this, they pass Brad’s room and he hears them making plans.

Molly and Kristina arrive at the law office for the wedding. Molly explains that she wanted to do this without too much fanfare and hopes Sam and Alexis understand. The clerk putters in and announces she’s going to shut down for the night. They beg and she offers to wait twenty minutes. Kristina tries to calm down her sister and Molly explains she wanted to make Valentine’s Day about true love. The clerk returns to kick them out. Molly runs outside to look for TJ and Kristina offers the clerk a bribe.

Jordan runs into TJ at General Hospital. He hasn’t been able to get a rideshare. She offers to drive him.

On the next General Hospital: Nikolas vows to keep Ava safe.

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