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At General Hospital, Portia pulls Curtis aside to talk about his wife and Cyrus. She explains Jordan turned down an offer from Cyrus to help exonerate Taggert, and she asks him to talk to Jordan about it. He reveals that he and Jordan are separated. They go into an exam room to talk, and Portia tells him how sorry she is at this news. Curtis vents he’s tired of all the lies and omissions. She understands as a lack of honesty is what broke her marriage to Taggert.

Curtis seeks advice from Portia GH ABC

Curtis has realized he needs something new and more out of his own life. When he finishes this current nightclub job he thinks it will be his last case. He recalls Portia offered to help him with the investigation and asks if the offer still stands. She agrees and asks what she has to do. He says, “Be my Valentine.”

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By the steps, Cyrus lashes out at Brando for failing to locate his mother and thinks it’s time they part ways. Brando claims he’s made headway tracking down the vehicle that transported her, but Cyrus isn’t impressed by his weak findings. Cyrus warns Brando if he doesn’t locate his mother then he’ll have him terminated.

In Britt’s office, Britt tells Jason that the results on the lab mice in the report on Cyrus’ drug are contradictory to what she found in her own tests. She pulls up her results on her computer, only to find the file empty. All her research and her backups are gone. Britt’s hand trembles as she becomes upset, and Jason tells her not to do anything rash and they need to take their time on this. Britt blurts out, “Time is something I don’t have.”

Jason questions Britt’s statement, and she covers by saying she has patients and duties of her own. Jason assures her that he has some leverage to keep Cyrus in his place for now and will handle things. Jason receives a text from Brando to meet, so he takes off. Britt calls to make an appointment for herself with Dr. Walsh for the tremors in her right hand.


Martin meets with Valentin at the Metro Court, and the lawyer is furious with him for wasting time with Jackie instead of looking for his mother. Jackie arrives and announces she’s located Florence, well, probably. She believes Florence is in Vermont, where Carly’s mother Bobbie happens to be taking care of an important patient. Martin wants to go there immediately, but Jackie states she works alone.

At Tan-O’s, Lenny, Phyllis and “Mike” are stunned to find the bar ransacked and robbed. Lenny asks “Mike” where he was because he was supposed to be watching the bar. Officer Finchley enters and wants to know the same thing. “Mike” explains he had to drive a drunk customer home and then had to walk back. As the other cops take photos of the scene, Finchley accuses “Mike” of lying, but Phyllis and Lenny defend him. “Mike” tells the cop to check the hotel for the drunk patron if he doesn’t believe him. The officer reveals he ran “Mike’s” prints from a coffee cup he swiped, but he couldn’t get a good print. Lenny is furious he would resort to running “Mike’s” prints and stealing from his pub. “Mike” maintains he’s innocent and invites the officer to search his room. Finchley says he will and heads upstairs.

In tears, Phyllis tells “Mike” that he can’t stay there any longer. She believes he is innocent, and doesn’t want him to go, but fears the officer is fixated on locking him up. “Mike” fears their troubles aren’t over and he believes the place is being targeted because this was more than a robbery. The officer returns and says “Mike’s” room is clean, but he is keeping his eyes on him. Phyllis asks “Mike” if he still is willing to stay and put up with the officer. “Mike” insists he stay and help them.

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At the Corinthos estate, Joss returns home and demands Jax and Carly explain why Nina lost it at the cemetery and what does she think they did to Nelle. Carly comes clean with everything that happened on the cliff, and that she lied to the police. Joss feels she made the right call and recalls she was already locked up once thanks to Nelle’s lies.

In Jordan’s office, Nina tells the commissioner that Carly has been lying to the police about being on the cliff when Nelle fell, and she wants her arrested for Nelle’s murder. Jordan asks her to sit down and tell her everything. Nina details what she overheard and reveals that Nelle was her daughter. Nina cries that Carly is the reason Nelle is dead and she needs to be held accountable.

Back at the Metro Court, Jackie learns that Martin spoke with his mother. Nina enters and heads to the bar, and Valentin excuses himself to check on her. She vents to Valentin about what she learned and how she can’t forgive Jax for always putting Carly first. Valentin hates seeing her in pain and wishes he could do something for her. Nina asks him to help her make Carly pay.

Back at the table, Martin continues to insist that he accompany Jackie to Vermont as her backup. Cyrus arrives and asks if they are planning a trip. Jackie explains she’s been looking into Martin’s allegations that Jason kidnapped their mother, and she was going to the facility where she went missing to do some research. Cyrus assures her it’s not necessary and he has someone on it. Cyrus departs, and Martin warns Jackie that if Cyrus finds his mother first then he’ll move her to another secret location. Jackie agrees to work with Martin to find Florence.

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Jordan arrives at the Corinthos estate to speak with Carly and Jax. Carly asks Joss to go check on Donna for her, so she leaves. Jordan asks Carly if she pushed Nelle to her death. Carly swears that she did not kill Nelle. Jordan explains what Nina told her, and how their statements at the time contradict this new information. The case is out of her jurisdiction, but she will have to update the Feds on this development. Jordan suggests Carly consult with Diane. Jordan departs, and Joss comes downstairs. Carly promises her daughter that everything will be okay.

In an alley, Brando tells Jason his time with Cyrus is up and he may be fired or killed, unless they come up with a solution. Jason realizes this is a problem. Brando thinks Jason is just throwing him to the wolves and walks off, only for Jason to draw his gun and fire!

jason shoots gh

On the next General Hospital: Portia enjoys her time with Curtis while they are on a stakeout.

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