Cyrus invites Portia to board meeting at General Hospital
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Curtis arrives at Jordan’s office. She wasn’t sure he would come and wants to work on fixing their issues. She’s made an appointment for counseling. He points out that they can’t talk to a therapist because their problems are her legally questionable behavior. When she says they can dance around the truth, he points out that’s the problem. He doesn’t want to lose her but it’s time for them to learn to be individuals again. That means a separation so they can clear their heads and figure out what they want. Sobbing, she begs him not to walk away. He points out they are dysfunctional and have to face it. After he leaves, she cries and talks to his photo.

Sonny tells Phyllis about returning memories at Tan-o General Hospital

Phyllis returns to the Tan-o to check on Lenny and Sonny, who tells her that he remembered someone in a dream. She suggests his meds will eventually lift his mental fog. Lenny takes her home. They return later and find the bar has been trashed. Sonny doesn’t know what happened.

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Nina confronts Jax and Carly in cemetery General Hospital

As Carly places flowers on Sonny’s grave, Nina calls Jax over and tells him they need to talk. He says he can’t, so she blurts out she knows what he did. Carly strides over and says this isn’t the place for this. Sam starts leading people away as Diane and Jason listen in. Nina lays into Carly and Jax for their lies and hypocrisy. She knows they were present when Nelle died. Carly snaps at her for destroying her husband’s funeral like this. Nina wants to know if she let Nelle die on purpose. Diane advises Carly not to answer but Carly insists she did try to save Nelle. Nina doesn’t buy that and rants about the town being full of Carly enablers like Jax. Carly reminds Nina of the nasty things she’s done and suggests she and Nelle weren’t so different after all. After more attacks, Nina and Jax step aside. She refuses to listen to him. Nina tells him he’s just a liar in a tan and walks off.

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Dante and Sam go to Quartermaine house for a drink. He asks how she’s holding up. She thinks she should be more concerned about him given what her mom did. Today has crystallized a lot of things for her. They talk about what happened at the cemetery and how she would be acting differently now if she was with her husband. She tells him about not being part of Jason’s world anymore. Smiling, she says she’s just Sam. They toast to her new life.

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At General Hospital, Portia watches as Cyrus chats with Britt. When she strolls over, Britt takes off. Cyrus invites her to the next board meeting and tells her winds of change are coming.

Leslie objects to Cyrus' plan at General Hospital

In the board room, Cyrus talks to the members and staff about his plans to push the hospital into the market of pain management. He has a new medicine with incredible potential and wants to go to the FDA. Lesley shows up to object. She may not get a vote, but she suggests those who can use it wisely. Cyrus insists to the board that these dire warnings are invalid. Portia points out Cyrus’ criminal past and the questions it throws on the drug. He adjourns the meeting.

When the meeting ends, Cyrus asks Lesley what that outburst was about. She blames him for Lulu’s coma. He says she may have delayed things, but not for long. Heading down the hall, he talks to Portia, who worries that his drug could be too addictive. He repeats his offer to clear Taggert if she’ll get through to Jordan. As soon as he walks away, she spots Curtis and rushes over to him to discuss his wife.

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At the Quartermaine estate, Olivia tells Monica that she and Leo don’t belong there. Monica reminds her that it’s her house and she’ll decide who should stay. “Like it or not, you’re one of us,” Monica says. The doorbell rings. Monica rolls her eyes when she opens up and finds Lesley on her doorstep. Lesley wants her help exposing Cyrus.

Jason asks Diane how bad it is at Corinthos house General Hospital

Diane, Jason, Jax, and Carly go to the Corinthos compound. The lawyer demands to know what has been going on. Carly explains how she chased after Nelle and she fell off a cliff. She did try to save her, but Nelle couldn’t hold on. Jax admits he convinced Carly not to tell the police all the details. Diane understands them keeping the cops in the dark, but not her. It’s too soon to know what the legal ramifications are. Jason gets a text from Britt and takes off. After going over the evidence, Diane suggests that if no pressure is put on the PCPD, they aren’t likely to do anything.

Nina bursts into Jordan’s office and announces she has new information on Nelle’s death.

Jason meets with Britt in her office at General Hospital. She tells him about Cyrus’ plan for the drug.

On the next General Hospital: Britt confides in Jason.

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