Carly speaks at Sonny's funeral on GH ABC
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Michael arrives at the church with Willow before the services. He spots the photo of his father on the altar and tears up. Willow takes his hand. Joss, Trina and others begin to arrive. Joss asks how Michael is holding up, and he admits this feels like a bad dream, but very real.

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Elsewhere, Nina overhears Jax and Carly in a private room discussing the night Nelle died, and that Carly was there when she went over the cliff. She’s stunned as Carly recalls Nelle hanging onto the cliff, and how she hesitated in saving her for a second because she thought it was a trick. Jax assures her there was nothing she could have done and comforts her. They are interrupted by the priest who tells them that someone is looking for them. Jason enters, and Jax excuses himself. Carly admits to Jason that she doesn’t know if she can do this, but she will. Jason promises her that everyone is there for her.

Dante and Olivia arrive in the church, and Dante hopes his mom will be civil if Alexis arrives. Sasha enters and tells Michael how sorry she is about his father. Willow excuses herself, and Sasha asks Michael if he’s okay with her being there. He says yes, and they are still friends. Later, Dante and Michael chat about their father, and how there is an air of uncertainty to this day just like with Morgan’s funeral.

Sasha at Sonny's funeral with Michael on GH ABC

Nina goes to the cemetery and visits Nelle’s grave. She cries over the fact that she only found her after she died, and that Carly took her from her.

At Alexis’ place, Molly returns just as Alexis finishes sneaking a drink. She asks her mother if she’s okay, and Alexis claims she’s fine. Molly knows today will be rough for her, and the temptation to drink is there, but she’s grateful she’s hanging in. Alexis admits she still had a bottle hidden and hands it over. Kristina and Sam return to find out what the holdup is, and Alexis admits she took a drink. She tells her daughters to let her have it. The girls refuse to judge her and are glad she fessed up on her own. They want her to get better and will be there for her. Alexis offers up more bottles she’s hidden, and her daughters hug her.

Sam and Kristina leave for the funeral and Molly stays behind to stay with her mom. She tries to change the subject to her mother’s defense strategy in her upcoming hearing. Alexis cries how she’s always prided herself on her strength, and now look at her. She vows she wants to be sober but doesn’t know how — she wants to drink all the time. Molly reassures her but Alexis reminds she killed a man and thinks maybe she should change her plea to guilty. Molly objects and lists the reasons why Alexis should fight this — and her addiction. Alexis admires Molly but only wants a drink right now.

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At General Hospital, Laura speaks with Brando and can’t believe Cyrus won’t let him attend the funeral. Cyrus approaches and claims he’s not that heartless. Cyrus says all Brando had to do was ask to attend his cousin’s services, and suggests that they should both go to the chapel to pay their respects to his former business rival. Laura exclaims, “Hell no!” She accuses him of wanting to rub it in Carly’s face that Sonny is dead. Cyrus scoffs that she can’t blame him because Jason kidnapped his mother and Carly has to be in on it. Cyrus agrees not to attend the funeral if Laura would have coffee with him instead. She agrees, and Cyrus tells Brando to head to the funeral.

Laura confronts Cyrus about the funeral on GH ABC

Cyrus lets his sister know that he knows she killed David Hamilton as a teen. Laura regrets it but relays it was an accident. Cyrus understands, the same happened with him in regards to his father’s accident. He just wants to know if her life would have been different if her family had turned their backs on her at 17 as Cyrus’ did to him? Laura recalls how her mother took the blame but after Laura recovered from the trauma she confessed. Cyrus pushes for an answer to his question and Laura agrees, things would’ve been different. She knows it must have been horrible for Cyrus and admits she’s made terrible mistakes. Cyrus doesn’t think they’re too different but Laura disagrees.

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At Tan-o’s, “Mike” cleans tables as Lenny tells him not to worry about Officer Finchley. “Mike” admits he knows for some reason he doesn’t like cops but doesn’t remember much else. Lenny swears the officer is a good guy, and the robberies in town have him on edge. Lenny heads out, and “Mike” begins to clean glasses at the bar as a song on the jukebox plays. There is a knock at the door, and a ghostly figure that looks like Carly stands there and beacons to “Mike,” but he can’t make out her face.

Sonny remembers someone on GH ABC

He follows her out into the woods in what seems like a dream-like state and asks who she is. The blond-haired woman, with her back to him, rushes off. He follows and takes her in his arms and says, “I’ve missed you, I never want this to end.” Suddenly, he wakes up at the bar just as Lenny returns. “Mike” tells Lenny he heard a song then had a dream. “I remembered someone,” he says.

Back at the church, Diane and Spinelli arrive for the services, followed by Sam and Kristina. Sam gives Jason a hug and tells him how sorry she is.

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In the cemetery, Nina vents that Carly could have saved Nelle that night, but didn’t, and Jax helped her cover up what happened to the police. She seethes that he never wanted to protect her feelings, only Carly. Nina wipes off Nelle’s headstone and struggles with her loss. Nelle came to her for help but instead, Nina turned her back on her daughter and believed Carly. Nina vows, whatever it takes, she’ll get justice for Nelle.

Nina at Nelle's Grave GH ABC

Back in the chapel, Dante takes the podium and says a prayer. Kristina speaks next, and professes her love for Sonny but refuses to say goodbye. Michael comes forward and recalls how his dad was always there for him and how much he’s going to miss him. Carly looks at Jason, who shakes his head ‘no’, then goes to the podium herself. After describing Sonny, she simply cannot say goodbye to him. He’ll always be with her… in his children, in Carly’s heart, and in memories of his friends and family.

Carly speaks at Sonny's funeral on GH ABC

Sonny’s family and friends gather and struggle in the cemetery to compose themselves as Sonny is laid to rest. One by one they lay a white rose on Sonny’s grave until Carly is the last to do so. “I love you,” she sobs, as Nina appears and glares at Jax. Nina demands Jax talk to her right now. Though he tries to delay it, Nina makes a scene, insists on talking right now, and says, “I know what you did.”

On the next General Hospital: Nina lashes out in anger and Carly is forced to turn to Diane for help.

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