Carly and Jax talk Nelle's death at church General Hospital
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At the Corinthos compound, Jason knocks on Carly’s door. She’s not sure she can go ahead with the funeral, but he insists she can. She explains how hard it is for her to say goodbye to Sonny and place him to rest beside his son and father. Whatever normally lets her push forward is gone. This is the first time she’s had no plan to go ahead. Pacing, she admits that Sonny was complicated, and often not in a good way. But she can’t imagine her life without him. Jason says the hole he leaves might never be filled, but they will get through this because they have no other option. She doesn’t know who she is without Sonny. He assures her that she made Sonny’s life whole.

Jax comforts Joss on GH

Jax arrives to comfort Joss downstairs. She tells him how much she’ll miss Sonny and how grateful this has made her to still have a father. As they sit, he explains how good her odds in life are and how important it is for her to live in the moment. Carly and Jason join them and her daughter worries there could be trouble at the funeral. After Carly sends Joss up to get her necklace, she asks Jason to have a word with her. When she returns, Jason offers to talk Joss through the security set up, but she’s just worried that life isn’t controllable. He tells her the important thing is to accept life as it is and live it to the fullest.

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Sam Kristina and Molly hear Alexis out on GH

Alexis’ three daughters file into her house. They expect her to attend the funeral. After she goes off to dress, they admit they are reluctant to let her get ready on her own. Molly tells her sisters she dropped by last night to search the house for bottles. Legally speaking, their mom’s future is not looking good. They might be able to keep her out of jail if they keep her sober. Alexis eavesdrops as they talk about how she can’t be relied on. She joins them and they all comfort Kristina. Alexis sends them out to the car, claiming she needs to get her phone. As soon as she’s alone, she takes a drink from a secret stash and Molly walks in on her.

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Olivia and Dante at the funeral on GH

At the Quartermaine estate, Dante and Olivia embrace and talk about how strange it is to lose Sonny. She’s sorry he grew up without his dad. Dante tells her not to question the decisions she made. He’ll always be grateful for the parenting he had. The topic turns to Alexis and she says she will never forgive her for almost killing him.

Michael has news for Willow on GH

Michael comes down the stairs and Willow helps him choose a tie. She’s decided to take him up on his offer and will move into the gatehouse.

Michael and Dante toast to their father. As they hug, Olivia comes in sobbing and her son tells her the tears can wait. They help Michael choose his tie and he tells Willow that Sonny taught him how to tie it.

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Sonny makes demands on GH

At Tan-o’s, Sonny and Lenny are clearing up when Phyllis calls to check in on them. When Sonny gets off the line with her, a cop shows up to see Sonny. There have been robberies and he’s wondering if Sonny might be responsible. Lenny stands up for Sonny. The cop asks Sonny where he was last night. Sonny gets defensive as he’s questioned, and the cop wishes they’d checked his fingerprints. When Sonny turns his back to make coffee, the cop grabs his mug and puts it is his pocket.

Nina questions Phyllis about Nelle on GH

Phyllis joins Nina in the Crimson office, happy to see her now that she’s found her daughter. Nina shows her a photo of Nelle as a child and explains that she’s dead. When she hands Phyllis a photo of Frank, the nurse confirms he’s the man she gave the baby to. That’s the final confirmation for Nina she can’t believe she lived in the same town as her daughter for years. When Nelle died, she was haunted by the idea that she could have been different. Nina vents about Jax keeping the truth from her and then about how important it is for her to reconnect with her grandchild.

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In the waiting room at the church, Carly and Jax discuss their daughter. She knows this is everything he’s always warned her about. Jax won’t unload on her. He’ll always respect the love that Sonny had for her and Joss. He’s just grateful to still have Joss is his life. As they talk about Nelle dying that night on the cliff, Nina arrives at the door and overhears them.

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