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Sam finds Dante getting dressed in his room at the hospital and she wonders if he’s been discharged. Dante says he has a job to do, and as he stands up, he gets dizzy. Sam calls for help and Liz and Franco run in. Liz informs Dante that he can leave against medical advice, but she refuses to let him walk out on his own. Sam agrees to take responsibility for Dante. Liz and Sam leave to sign papers, and Franco asks Dante why he risked his life for him. Sam returns, and Dante explains he doesn’t know why he did it. Sam tells Dante his forms are filed, and they depart.

Dante being released GH

In the hall, Finn and Anna discuss finding out the truth about Chase. Anna says it’s a simple mission and he just needs a DNA sample to find out if Chase is his brother or son. Finn worries both his father and Chase could end up losers in this situation. Anna advises that even if he knows the truth, he doesn’t need to reveal it and upend everyone’s lives. Finn wonders if it will be worse to know he’s Chase’s father and say nothing than never know the truth.

Finn wonders better off not knowing GH

At the nurses’ station, Franco confides to Liz that something doesn’t add up with Dante saving him. They head down to oncology for an appointment with Terry.

Liz gets sassy on GH

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At the Metro Court, Carly assures Jason that Nina won’t be a problem, and now they need to take care of the Martin issue. Scott confronts them, and when he brings up Sonny’s miserable death on a bridge in Jersey, Carly walks away. Jason can’t believe he’d say such a thing to Carly, but Scott warns him that he holds his miserable life in his hands. He brings up Franco’s idiotic plan and warns if anything happens to his son then he’ll make sure Jason spends his life in a hamster cage. Jackie interrupts and is glad to see Scott. She suggests they get a drink and catch up and leads him away from Jason and to the bar.

Jason cronfronts Scott on GH

Sam and Dante arrive, and Jason spots them together. Jason asks how Dante is, and he reveals he’s good other than being fired by Peter. Sam and Jason are shocked, and Dante feels Peter got the idea that he didn’t want Maxie to marry him. Sam suggests to Dante they grab lunch.

At the bar, Jackie is happy to be catching up with Scott, and she suggests they get the eighties gang back together, including Robert and Bobbie. Scott calls Bobbie, who would be happy to get together once she gets back in town from her current job as a private nurse. Scott vents about her taking these jobs thanks to being fired by Cyrus.

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At the coffee house, Jax leaves another message for Nina and begs her to meet and talk to him. Carly joins Jax later, and they discuss the Nina situation. Carly worries that Nina may want more answers on Nelle’s death, which is the last thing she needs while she keeps Cyrus at bay. Jax brings up her hostage, and Carly plays dumb. He knows Jason had Cyrus’ mother abducted, which Valentin brought up to bait him in front of Nina, and Jax knows Carly has to know about it. Carly quickly shifts the conversation back to Nelle’s death, and Jax suggests she consult Diane and get ahead of anything that might happen.

Carly is panicking about Nina on GH

Nina finds Maxie at Nathan’s grave on the anniversary of his death. Britt shows up as well, hoping they have room for one more. Maxie and Nina welcome her, and Nina lets them know that their family tree is getting nuttier. Nina reveals the truth about Nelle, and just hopes Peter and Maxie’s upcoming wedding will give them something happy for their family to celebrate. Britt points out that Maxie doesn’t exactly seem happy, and wonders if it’s Peter. Maxie cries it’s not Peter, but everyone else. She notes Dante, Spinelli and Jason all seemed concerned about her fiancé. She wonders what she needs to do to get some acceptance. Britt suggests she marry someone else.

Nina at Nathan's grave GH

Maxie fumes at Britt’s suggestion. Britt knows exactly who Peter is, the son of a monster, and if she expects people to line up and like Peter for her sake then she’s going to be disappointed. Nina advises Maxie she doesn’t need anyone else’s acceptance of Peter as long as she accepts him. Nina announces the three of them unite in honor of Jay, and they all take one another’s hands. Britt admits she’s never had female friends. Nina points out they are more than friends, they are family. Nina also realizes Wiley is her family as well, and she won’t miss the chance to get to know him.

Britt is surprised on GH

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Chase and his dad spar at Sonny’s gym, and Chase brings up his parents’ relationship and if it can be saved. Gregory admits there may not be anything left to fix. Finn arrives and overhears Chase asks his dad how he and mom ended up in this place to begin with. Gregory doesn’t have an easy answer, and sometimes couples just drift apart. Finn approaches and Chase hopes Finn will convince their dad to work on his marriage. Finn feels it’s not their business if their dad doesn’t want their help. Later, Finn privately advises Chase to let their dad figure out his marriage on his own, but Chase wants their dad to fight for this. He doesn’t understand why Gregory doesn’t have the same fight in him that they do. Finn comments that perhaps they got their fighting spirit from each other.

Chase and Gregory box on GH

Chase is distracted by a call from the station, and Gregory tells Finn that he’s concerned about how caring yet sometimes clueless Chase can be and is glad Finn stepped up to look after his brother. Chase has to get to work, and Gregory decides to take off as well. Alone, Finn grabs the water bottle Chase was drinking out of and puts it in his bag.

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Valentin arrives at Anna’s place to ask her if she’s found anything about Dante. Anna has, which only has led to more questions. Anna relays that Dante, Obrecht and Franco were all patients of the now-dead Dr. Kirk, and Peter is the connecting factor between all of them. She runs through how Peter is connected to them and that Franco is hearing Peter’s voice in his head. They’re interrupted by a call from Jackie, who tells Valentin that she has a lead on Florence. He advises Jackie to find her without him because he is dealing with something pressing. Valentin learns from Anna that Franco is hearing Peter’s voice from Drew’s memories, but it was from a time before Drew came to Port Charles, which means Drew and Peter knew one another in the past.

Valenin questions Anna about Dante GH

On the next General Hospital: Britt confronts Peter at Nathan’s grave, Valentin wonders to Anna why Peter has lied to them, and Jax tries to connect with Nina.

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