Peter fires Dante at General Hospital
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Valentin calls Martin and updates him on Nina and Nelle. He reminds him he needs to stop Jackie from digging into the situation with Florence. When he gets off the line, he walks into the cemetery and puts flowers on Nathan’s grave, promising that he is still looking out for his family.

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Valentin interrupts Martin and Jackie at Metro Court General Hospital

Jackie joins Jason at the bar in the Metro Court and asks about the bombing at The Floating Rib. She wants him to comment on being the target. He stays quiet as she asks questions. After he answers a worried call from Brando, Jackie goes back to asking questions. Eventually, Jason sighs until Martin interrupts. Jason escapes. Martin leads her to a table and asks her not to chase after his mom’s story. She starts to grill him about what’s changed until Valentin interrupts. He tells her he has a different story for her. Valentin suggests she not just tell the story, but become a character in it and help them rescue Florence.

Cyrus threatens Jordan's family in her office General Hospital

Cyrus is with Jordan in her office. He wants her to intervene with Jason to get his mom back. Renault offers to negotiate Taggert’s freedom in exchange. Lacking his testimony there isn’t much the DOJ can do to Marcus. He swears Taggert will come to know harm. She insists that she can’t help. Cyrus warns that if anything bad happens to his mother, no one she loves will be left standing.

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Portia and Trina discuss forgiving Taggert at General Hospital

Trina drops by General Hospital to see Portia. She says they need to talk about Taggert. As they wander the corridors, Trina admits she misses her father and worries about him. She still can’t handle her father not being a hero. Portia says he just has flaws. Cyrus interrupts, announcing that he was lobbying for Taggert’s release, but Jordan shot him down. Trina is livid. Her mom sends her home and Cyrus suggests that if she’s angry about the situation, she should direct it at the commissioner. As he heads to the elevator, he angrily urges Brando to actually pull his weight and find out where his mother is.

Curtis gives Alexis advice at General Hospital

Alexis avoids going into an AA meeting. She bumps into Curtis, who sends her back and joins the circle. He tells the group that he hasn’t been to a meeting in years and is now questioning his sense of purpose. Curtis refuses to give up on the man he’s become. Alexis starts talking about her addiction and the bad things that happened with her latest slip. She’s weak and doesn’t know if she cares or wants to stop drinking. She needs help. When the meeting ends, Curtis tells her how brave she was. Monica gives her some encouraging words.

Maxie asks Dante to forgive Peter at General Hospital

Dante wakes up with Maxie sitting on his bed. She’s eager to know if he can forgive Peter. He points out that all their conversations seem to be about this. Peter eavesdrops from around the corner. Dante tells Maxie he has a hard time with Peter because he’s Nathan’s half-brother. He asks what falling in love with Peter was like. She admits it was surreal but comforting and insists she doesn’t love him as a replacement for Nathan. Finally, Peter decides to interrupt and walks Maxie out so she can get back to wedding planning. At the elevators, she wishes people could see him the way she does. After she leaves, Peter returns to Dante’s room and fires him.

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Laura asks Carly to compromise at Corinthos house General Hospital

Laura drops by the Corinthos compound to talk to Carly. She asks where Jason is hiding Florence. Carly refuses to subvert whatever Jason is doing but Laura speaks up for Martin, pointing out that he is a lawyer and could cause problems. She hopes they can find a way to reassure him and calm him down. The mayor gets a text from Jordan and takes off.

Maxie goes to the cemetery to visit Nathan’s grave. She tells him how confused she is and worries Dante could be right about Peter. Sobbing, she wishes she knew what to do.

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Laura meets with Jordan in her office. They talk strategy to deal with Cyrus and assume he must be doing something with the hospital that they can use against him. As they talk it over, they assume Britt must be getting her hands dirty on Renault’s behalf. Brando is the other person they could try to turn against him.

Jason wants to use Cyrus' fear as leverage in Corinthos kitchen General Hospital

Jason arrives at the Corinthos compound. She tells him of her meeting with Laura and her concerns about Martin. Carly suggests they give the lawyer some reassurance. He worries that could send the signal to Cyrus that they are bluffing. Jason tells her they need to stay on the same page about this. The topic turns to the Nina situation. Carly insists she’s handling it and everything will be fine.

On the next General Hospital: Cyrus turns the heat up on Brando.

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