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At the Metro Court, Laura speaks with Olivia over the phone, who fills her in on Dante’s condition. After the call, Cyrus approaches and gives Laura his condolences on her former son-in-law. He notes danger seems to follow their family. She lets him know that they are not family, and she has no love or warmth for him. He reminds that if he was the monster she believes him to be then he wouldn’t have kept a memento of the family that turned their back on him. He shows her a photo of a young Gordon and Florence, along with him and baby Martin. She accuses him of playing on how important family is to her in order to do more to get his mother home. He only thought she’d want to see a photo of their father before everything went wrong. He leaves her with the photo and walks out.

Cyrus confronts Laura on GH

At their table, Peter is ruthless on the phone with someone about the Franco story being suppressed. After he hangs up, Maxie tells him that the article caused Alexis to go after Franco and almost kill Dante. Peter defends his story and says the public has a right to know Franco is a danger. Maxie doesn’t like the guy, but Franco is now nothing but a devoted husband and father. Peter remarks, “Until the bomb in his head goes off.” Maxie decides to go visit Dante, and Peter asks her to give him his best.

Dante wakes up at General Hospital with Sam by his side. He wonders what he’s doing there, and why he feels like he was hit by a truck. Sam explains what her mother did to him but is puzzled as to why he’d risk his life for Franco. He has no answer.

Dante wakes in the hospital confused on GH

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In the halls, Anna tells Kevin that she believes Obrecht might be back in Port Charles. Liz interrupts and slams Anna for her son’s story which puts her husband in danger. Kevin excuses himself, and Anna feels it’s not fair to blame Peter for Alexis’ actions. Liz says Peter made the decision to plaster Franco’s private records across The Invader. Liz informs Anna as much as they love Finn and Violet, it’s no longer safe for them to come to the wedding. Anna reminds her that Peter saved Franco and Andre, which Liz points out begs the question, who the real Peter is. Liz says Franco is not experiencing any of the symptoms he had before, and Peter never bothered to investigate before putting a target on his back.

Liz wonders who real peter is on GH

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Anna heads in to see Dante, who is still with Sam. Dante assumes she’s there to ask why he saved Franco. He says they know him, and he runs into trouble without thinking about it. Anna responds that’s the definition of a hero. She apologizes for Peter’s part in what happened. Anna tells him that they’ll catch up later and leaves.

Anna visits Dante in hospital on GH

Martin meets with Alexis in Jordan’s office to discuss her defense, but all Alexis wants at the moment is a drink. He points out that’s what got her into this mess, and if they get a sympathetic jury then they can argue extenuating circumstances given Franco’s past. Jordan enters and lets Alexis know that she is worried about her, and so are her kids. Alexis admits now that she is sober, she doesn’t like herself much, so she is thinking of pleading guilty and facing the consequences. Martin notes that won’t be happening. Jordan gets a call and has to deal with something and departs. Alexis thinks Martin should just leave her to jail, but he tells her to get over herself because he is proud to be an attorney and will defend her whether she likes it or not. He storms out.

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Later, Cyrus visits Jordan with a proposal. If she gets Jason to release his mom, he’ll make sure Taggert goes free.

Franco meets with Obrecht at Scott’s apartment. Obrecht feels they need to access his memories, and Kevin might be his best hope. However, he needs to be careful not to alert Anna what he’s up to.

Obrecht wants to access Franco's memories on GH

Back at the hospital, Liz apologizes to Kevin for busting in on him and Anna earlier. Franco arrives and is glad to have found Kevin as he needs a session. Anna lurks around the corner and hears Franco tell Kevin that he’s hearing Peter’s voice in his head talking to Drew and he’s got a lot to say. Anna interrupts in shock, and Franco explains he believes these are Drew’s memories from the transfer. Anna informs him that Dr. Kirk was also treating Dante and Obrecht, but Franco didn’t know that and assumed Obrecht is still in Steinbauer. Liz pulls Franco aside and asks him if he’s seen Obrecht. He admits he has, she proved she was innocent, and that someone framed her. He indicates she’s helping treat him, but Liz wonders what’s in it for Obrecht.

Meanwhile, Anna talks to Kevin about the common denominator between Obrecht, Dante and Franco. Anna realizes Peter is the common denominator and vows to get to the bottom of things no matter what she finds.

Alexis bursts into Dante’s room to see how he is and to apologize for what she did. Dante knows from his experience as a cop that decent people do things they wish they could take back, but he’s not the one she has to make things up to. He urges her to fix her relationship with her daughter. Alexis tearfully tells Sam that she thinks there is nothing left she can say to her and leaves. Dante suggests Sam not give up. Sam rushes after her mom and catches up with her in the elevator.

Sam gives side eye on GH

Obrecht, now in a red wig, sneaks into Dante’s room. She thanks him for saving Franco, but says Peter must still be dealt with. He wants Maxie and James away from him and will keep working. Obrecht insists they find the smoking gun before the wedding.

Later Maxie visits Dante, but he’s asleep. She tells him that Lulu needs him, and she needs him at her wedding.

Sam accompanies her mom to a meeting, but Alexis doesn’t think she can go through with it. Sam asks how many people she has to hurt before she realizes she needs help.

Martin meets up with Laura at the Metro Court and sees the photo she has. He accuses Cyrus of manipulating her in hopes of spurring her to help find their mother. Laura indicates she won’t help Cyrus, but she’ll help Martin because neither he nor Florence deserves to be caught in this mess.

Peter makes a call to someone and says they have something he needs now. He later meets with a jeweler, who has brought the rings he selected.

On the next General Hospital: Laura reaches out to Carly for help, Maxie asks Dante to forgive Peter, and Cyrus tells Jordan to think of this as a hostage negotiation.

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