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Ava and Trina meet at Kelly’s to catch up. Trina is glad Ava is happy with Nikolas.

Ava and Franco talk love at Kelly's General Hospital

Franco joins his father at the bar with Cameron. He tells them that Alexis tried to kill him tonight because of the article published in The Invader. Cam thinks he should get a bodyguard. Ava strolls over and asks for a word with Franco. Scott drifts off, leaving Franco and Ava to discuss his tumor. They assume he defaced her portrait and she worries about him. She tells him how things have changed with her husband but worries she may have put a roadblock in their path. He tells her to stop getting in her own way and be happy. After she leaves, Trina and Cam come over to worry about him. He insists that the attack today was an isolated incident. When Franco goes out to warm up the car, Cam tells Trina he’s going to do something to keep his family safe.

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Anna interrupts Finn in his office at General Hospital. She needs to see Dante right away and tells him about the treatment that he was receiving. Dante’s records were redacted and she suspects Obrecht was somehow involved. She gets a call from a contact at Steinmauer who tells her that Obrecht was transferred. They guess she manipulated Dr. Kirk and must be working with Britt since she has no friends.

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Nikolas proposes to Ava at General Hospital

Laura meets with Nikolas. She updates him on Dante and worries about his mental state. They discuss what’s best for Rocco. She notices the prince seems happy. He tells her Ava deserves the credit and he’s asked her to marry him. His mom asks if he trusts her. The prince says he’s learned to understand her and wants to give her the family she’s never had. He thinks she hasn’t taken his proposal seriously so he’s found a ring and is looking for the perfect moment. Ava jogs over and agrees to marry him. Nikolas says they aren’t doing it this way. He drops down on one knee. Although they shouldn’t work together, they do, and he loves everything about her. Popping out the ring, he proposes again. She tears up and agrees and the nurses clap.

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Obrecht and Scott talk Franco at his place General Hospital

Britt meets with Obrecht at a condo. Dr. O questions her about the Franco article and tells her not to trust Peter. Her daughter admits she was right about him. When she confronted Peter, he threatened her. Liesl promises that August’s days are numbered. Scott walks in and Britt is surprised to realize her mother is staying with him. The lawyer sends her out and lectures Obrecht for showing her daughter where she is. She offers him schnitzel and says she was just worried about Britt. He’s more worried that the WSB may be after him because of Kirk’s death and she offers to make some calls. After she does, she learns that her files have been sent to Kevin. She assumes that Anna is on her trail.

At General Hospital, Britt is annoyed when Finn calls her back to sign some trivial paperwork. They bicker about her punishing him as Anna eavesdrops from around the corner as he asks about Obrecht. Britt tells Finn she hasn’t been in contact with her mom and stomps off.

Finn and Anna return to his office and guess Obrecht has been released.

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General Hospital

At the Metro Court, Jax admits to Nina that he and Carly have known the truth about Nelle for months. As Jax makes excuses, Valentin points out that Jaspers is as much of a manipulative liar as he is. Jax says he was wrong but lied because he loves her. When Nina defends Nelle, Carly rails about her being a psycho criminal and points out that Nina said as much on the witness stand. Sobbing, Nina recalls how she cost her daughter her child. Nina realizes she still has Nelle’s things and can prove if she’s really her mother. She runs off and refuses to let Jax go with her. Valentin tells Carly that relationship is over. She says Nina will forgive Jax because he’s actually a good man. When Valentin suggests she let Jax warm up her cold bed, she slaps him and orders him out.

Nina cries over Nelle's photo at Crimson General Hospital

Jax follows Nina into the Crimson office. She goes through the box of Nelle’s things, sobbing as she looks through photos and sees the resemblance between them. She notices Nelle had the necklace as a little girl. After she orders Jax out, she cries over her baby girl.

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