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Alexis is brought into Jordan’s office at the PCPD where Mac is waiting to question her. She explains what happened, and she was just trying to protect Sam. Mac points out that it’s her birthday and she’s in police custody, but Alexis feels it’s not like anyone will care and even her own daughters hate her. Alexis realizes she needs a lawyer but recalls that Diane is out of town. She decides she should call Martin. Mac takes notice of the irony that if Alexis had taken the DWI plea deal that she’d be in rehab and not where she currently is. She reminds him that she was cleared of the DWI which was Tracy’s doing.

Mac is furious with Alexis on GH

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At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy tells Luke over the phone that he was right, and she shouldn’t have meddled. Ned walks in and demands to speak to his wife. Tracy informs him that Olivia left just before he arrived. Monica returns home from a conference and wonders what she’s missed. Ned replies, “Chaos and heartbreak thanks to his mother.” Monica is filled in on Tracy’s latest scheme to take Alexis out to protect Olivia from the truth about Ned and Alexis’ affair.

At General Hospital, Olivia and Robert rush in and ask Sam and Liz what has happened to Dante. Liz informs Olivia that Dr. Robinson is doing everything she can to save him. An alarm sounds and Liz rushes into the room as Olivia relies on Robert for comfort.

Elsewhere, Jason grills Franco as to why Dante would try and save him. Franco doesn’t have a clue. Liz interrupts and taunts Jason over his disappointment at Dante stopping Alexis from killing Franco. Back outside of the ER, Sam informs Olivia and Robert what happened to Dante, and her mother’s involvement. Portia comes out and lets everyone know that Dante is stable, but he can’t have visitors yet.

Sam steps away to text Michael about Dante. She rounds the corner to hear Liz arguing with Jason about killing Franco, and realizes what Franco’s big plan was should he revert to a serial killer. She confronts them, and Liz and Franco slink away to leave her to talk to Jason. Jason swears to Sam that he never agreed to Franco’s request, but Sam thinks Franco and Liz believe he did.

Franco and Jason talk on GH

Olivia goes to the chapel to pray. Robert joins her, and she cries that there aren’t enough curses in the world for the woman who did this. She rails about all Alexis has done to her. Robert reflects back to a talk with Ned at Thanksgiving and asks Olivia what exactly Ned and Alexis did to her. She only notes that she doesn’t want to see either of them anytime soon. Ned enters, having been called by Robert earlier. Olivia doesn’t want him there and orders him to go, which he does. Robert follows to make sure Ned isn’t lurking in the hall. Olivia tells God that she can’t forgive Ned right now and needs to focus on Dante.

At another hospital, Phyllis talks with a doctor about “Mike” and his symptoms as he paces the room. The doctor wants to run some tests on the blood that was taken on him when he was first brought in to see if it gives them any answers. She departs, and Phyllis attempts to explain to “Mike” that could be having a manic episode, and it could result in a downturn and depression. He wonders why she cares about him, a stranger. Phyllis admits she made a huge mistake in the past and it’s haunted her ever since.

The doctor returns and reveals there was lithium in his blood, which is usually prescribed for bipolar disorder, and she wants to put him back on a small dose. “Mike” refuses and feels this is a con. Phyllis points out she hasn’t lied to him yet, and this medicine may even his mood swings out. He agrees and she hands him the medication to take.

Sonny questions things on GH

At the Metro Court, Nina puts the two heart necklaces together and they fit. She’s is ecstatic. Michael returns and Nina questions him about the cabin that Avery found the necklace at. Michael relays that Avery told him that she found the necklace in a clearing near their family cabin that Ava took her to shortly after his grandfather’s death. Michael also recounts that previously Nelle was at the cabin with Wiley. Nina wonders if Michael ever saw Nelle with the necklace, but he doesn’t recall. When Valentin brings up the nurse who took her baby to Florida, Michael reveals that is where Nelle was from. Michael receives Sam’s text and has to go. Nina asks Jax if Nelle could be her daughter. Jax replies yes. Carly tries to claim that she figured it out yesterday, which is why she came over to see Jax. Jax orders Carly to stop. He refuses to lie any longer, and that Nina needs to know the entire truth about Nelle.

Jax comes clean with Nina on GH

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Back at the Quartermaine mansion, after Ned has departed, Monica advises Tracy that she is going to be arrested for what she did to Alexis, and it’s time she leave and go back to Europe. Monica suggests without her as a reminder, Ned and Olivia may be able to heal and even one day forgive her.

At the hospital, Michael checks in on Olivia in the chapel. She tells him that Dante is going to be okay. In the hall, Robert advises Ned not to stick around, but Ned tells him to stay out of this. Back in the chapel, alone, Olivia thanks God for saving her son, but knows what she has to do. Once outside the chapel, Olivia vows to make Alexis pay.

Robert confronts Ned on GH

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Back at the station, Mac tells Alexis that an arrest warrant for Tracy has been issued, and Dante is okay. However, Alexis will be charged with attempted murder.

A cop arrives at the Quartermaine mansion to arrest Tracy, and is told by Monica that she’s left the county,

On the next General HospitalLaura asks Nikolas if he can trust Ava, Britt questions her mother, and Nina continues to press for answers about Nelle.

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