Obrecht and Franco talk memories in garage General Hospital
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Franco joins Obrecht in the garage and complains about the cold. She admits that she’s doing all she can but doesn’t have a cure for his tumor yet. He doesn’t care about preserving the Drew memories, but she does. They check their phones. The Invader has published news of Franco’s diagnosis. He’s shocked Peter would betray him like this. She’s not when she learns that Peter knows he has Drew’s memories. Franco stalks off for answers and she makes a call.

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Britt and Maxie talk Peter at gym General Hospital

Maxie and Britt do yoga at the gym. They chat about Peter. When the Franco story comes in, Britt thinks back to giving her brother access to the hospital computers.

Peter has orders for Dante at The Invader General Hospital

Dante walks in on Peter at The Invader office. He warns him they are going ahead with a big story that could put him and the staff at risk. Peter shows him the story and tells him he’s about to earn his salary. Once Dante takes off, Britt shows up and accuses Peter of using her. Franco appears and tells August that if Liz or their family gets hurt, it’s on his head. When Franco lunges at him, Dante runs in and pulls him off. After they exit, Britt warns Peter that people will find holes in why he is doing what he is.

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Nina and Sasha talk damage control at Crimson General Hospital

Sasha surprises Jax and Nina outside the Crimson office and informs them that she’s being interviewed on TV by Jackie about her drug use. They head into the office to talk this over.

In the waiting room, Valentin sits down and start bickering with Jax. He points out that he doesn’t have to do anything while Jax puts a stake into his relationship with Nina. They join her after Sasha leaves and Valentin implies that Carly took Florence and Jason is covering. He suggests that Jax reach out to his ex and get her to reverse course.

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Sam drops by her mom’s place. Alexis suggests her daughter stop criticizing her and look at her own life. When the news about Franco comes in, they rush out.

Nikolas drops Ava and Avery off at General Hospital. When the prince is left alone, Liz pops up to say they look like a family. The news about Franco comes in and he’s eager to protect the kids. She points out her husband is dying and she could use some comfort. As he hugs her, Ava returns. She can understand him comforting Liz now and leaves with her child. Alexis rushes in, trailed by Sam. Franco joins them and Sam asks her panicking mom to stop escalating. As Franco assures Sam he won’t hurt anyone, Alexis runs down the hall to take a drink and finds a syringe.

Obrecht makes a call about Franco in garage General Hospital

Dante meets with Obrecht in the garage to discuss the situation with Franco and Peter. She clicks a pen and tells him that he must protect Franco at all costs.

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At the Metro Court, Jackie worries to Chase that Sasha might be flaking out on her.

Jason corners Carly at the bar. He tells her there has been a lot of pressure from the five families and it’s time they make it clear he’s in charge. That means they need to declare Sonny dead and have a funeral. He doesn’t want to put the family through it, but she says they need to go ahead if it will protect them. Michael joins them and says Olivia won’t be in for a few days. He adds that Willow will be moving out now that the marriage is over.

Jason and Carly talk Sonny funeral at Metro Court General Hospital

Jason and Carly head around the corner. He reminds her she can’t get more involved in the business. She freaks out about the necklace and says the only way to truly bury Nelle is to keep the secret buried.

Michael wants Willow to stay at Metro Court General Hospital

Chase introduces his mom to Willow. As Jackie goes off to prepare for the broadcast, Michael pulls Willow into a corner and tells her he doesn’t want her to move out.
Jackie interviews Sasha at Metro Court General Hospital

As Jackie has a fit lecturing Lucy and Maxie about Sasha being late, Sasha rushes in. Ava arrives to drop off Avery so she can spend time with Carly. Michael chats with the little girl. When he tells her Sasha is about to have an interview, Avery says she needs good luck. They give the necklace to Sasha. When Carly comes out, her jaw drops when she learns this.

At Crimson, Nina watches Sasha’s interview and is shocked to see her necklace.

Jason interrupts Peter threatening Britt at The Invader.

General Hospital

Ava finds Nikolas working out at the gym. She’s impressed he seems concerned about Franco. He tells her how good things have been between them then drops to his knees to propose.

On the next General Hospital: Jason and Britt put their heads together.

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