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Portia stops by Sonny’s gym to work out. Curtis is there taking his frustrations out on a bag and gets into a shoving match with a guy who wants to use it. Portia intervenes before it gets out of hand and pulls Curtis aside to talk. Curtis vents about Jordan’s lies, and says he needs things to change.

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Anna meets with Jordan (temporarily being played by Tiffany Daniels at The Metro Court for tea. Jordan fills Anna in on all the issues between her and Curtis. At another table, Chase advises Sasha that the interview might not be a good idea. She knows what she’s doing but does want to warn Michael and Willow.

At General Hospital, Finn witnesses Jackie picking up Sasha’s medical records. He inquires why she needs them. She explains she’s doing an interview with Sasha about her overdose. Finn thinks she shouldn’t make a story out of this, but Jackie explains this was Sasha and Chase’s idea. Finn confesses that he tried to convince Chase from the beginning that his and Sasha’s lie was a bad idea. Jackie is surprised to see his ideas about telling the truth have evolved. Finn brings up the possibility that Chase could be his son. He wasn’t ready to press it then but is now. She snaps that it’s too late, but when pushed, admits she never did a DNA test.

Finn ushers Jackie into his office, and Jackie admits there is a small chance he is Chase’s father. However she fell in love with Gregory, who was a good father to Chase, and she’s fine not knowing the truth. Finn says it may not matter to her, but it does to him.

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At the Quartermaine mansion, Willow reveals to Michael that she’s made an appointment to look at an apartment. After she departs to check it out, Sasha stops by. She informs Michael about her interview with Jackie and promises to keep him and Willow out of it as much as possible as to not disrupt their lives along with Wiley’s. Michael worries the interview could send Sasha back to using. Sasha assures him that she’s dedicated to her counseling and sticking to the program. Michael takes her hands, says he is rooting for her, and wishes her luck.

Michael Willow annulment papers GH

At Jax’s place, Jax confesses to Nina that Carly in trouble is a difficult trigger for him to ignore. She can’t fault him for being a good guy. The two decide to put talk about Carly aside, kiss, and head to the bedroom to make love.

Jax and Nina talk Carly GH

In Avery’s room at Wyndemere, Nikolas catches Carly just as she’s about to switch Avery’s necklace. He asks if she’s looking for something. Carly drops both necklaces, and steps on one. Nikolas picks up the other and says she’s going to have to explain herself to Ava.

Carly swaps Avery's necklace at Wyndemere General Hospital

Back downstairs, Nikolas and Carly barge in on Ava and Bobbie, and Nikolas reveals to Ava that Carly was going through Avery’s dollhouse for the necklace. Carly claims she was planning a surprise to create a second half of the necklace for Avery’s sister Donna, but Ava and Nikolas call her on her bull. Ava eventually orders Carly and her sidekick out. Once they are gone, Nikolas asks Ava if she is curious about why Carly wants the necklace, but Ava isn’t because she has everything she needs in him and her daughter.

Willow runs into Chase at Sonny’s gym, and the detective lets her know about Sasha’s interview with his mother. Willow in turn reveals to Chase that she and Michael signed the annulment papers to find out what is on the other side of their marriage. Meanwhile, Curtis opens up to Portia that he thinks he’s done being a PI, especially the sneaking around and lies part of the job. Portia asks if he was to change his professional trajectory, who does he want by his side. He admits it’s Jordan. She thinks he knows what he really needs to change in his life then.

Curtis leaves, and Portia runs into Willow. The doctor congratulates her on starting nursing school and offers her whatever help she needs. Portia heads out, and Chase admits to Willow that he overheard and is happy for her. She believes it’s time for a change in her life. He hopes some of those changes will involve him, and she hopes so too.

Curtis arrives at The Metro Court to pick up his dinner. Anna spots him and suggests to Jordan that she go to her husband and fight for him. Jordan takes her advice. She professes her love to Curtis and asks for one night for them to try and reconnect. He wants to say yes but still doesn’t trust her.

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Back at Jax’s, Carly and Bobbie show up right after Jax and Nina’s afternoon delight. Nina puts on some coffee and chats with Bobbie as Carly and Jax step outside. Carly relays the necklace bungle at Wyndemere, and that she has no idea if Avery has the real or fake necklace. She realizes she’s only made her situation worse.

Anna stops by the hospital and witnesses Jackie storming out of Finn’s office declaring the subject closed. She refuses to unravel Chase’s world with a DNA test and steps into the elevator. Anna asks Finn if he’s okay. Finn assumed Jackie did a DNA test when Chase was a baby, and the last thing he wants to do is hurt Chase. However, he needs to know the truth and asks for Anna’s help.

Willow returns to the Quartermaine mansion, where she and Michael catch each other up on their talks with Chase and Sasha.

On the next General Hospital: Michael asks Willow not to leave, Obrecht places a call indicating they need to act, and Peter has a task for Dante.

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