Jason and Liz talk killing Franco at the gym General Hospital
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At the Quartermaine estate, Alexis apologizes to Olivia for sleeping with Ned but doesn’t want to get into the sordid details. Liv can’t believe she’s lied to her face for months. She never detected a shred of regret in her until now.

Tracy tells Ned he's lucky for help at Quartermaine house General Hospital

In the foyer, Ned confronts Tracy for her plot against Alexis. She throws cheating on his wife in his face and insists she did what she did because she loves him. Her son accuses her of trying to control his life because hers is empty.

Ned, Olivia and Alexis talk deception at Quartermaine's General Hospital

Ned interrupts Alexis and Olivia. Alexis walks out and catches Tracy in the foyer and confronts her about the frame-up. Tracy claims she did it to save her. She thought it might send her into rehab.

Meanwhile, Ned tells Olivia that none of this was intentional. She accuses him of having revenge sex with Alexis because he assumed she was having an affair with Robert. She’s disgusted by him and his family and doesn’t want her son to be part of this. He begs her not to give up. Liv can’t talk about this now. Ned loves her and will be waiting. When he walks out, she weeps.

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Joss and Carly talk Avery at Corinthos house General Hospital

At the Corinthos compound, Joss catches her mom crying. They talk about everything that has been hitting her emotionally. Joss has realized how hateful Ava taking Avery away was. She tells her mom that Ava stopped by to get the necklace. Her mom assures her that giving up the necklace was the right thing. When she hugs her daughter, she looks worried.

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At Tan-o’s, Sonny furiously scrubs the tables. Phyllis worries and reminds him he needs to rest. Lenny joins them and Sonny starts telling them about all his plans for how they can improve things. He bustles off. Lenny is getting annoyed that their guest is taking over. Sonny returns, talking about signature cocktails. As he polishes bottles, he tells them he’s a new man. Lenny whispers to Phyllis that they’ve got to get rid of this guy. The nurse suspects that he might be mentally ill. Lenny orders Sonny to stop working and go to bed. Sonny apologizes and thanks them again before shuffling upstairs.

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Curtis and Nina talk Jax at Kelly's General Hospital

Jax and Nina find Curtis sitting alone at Kelly’s. She insists on joining them and he asks why she seems so happy. Nina tells him about her baby being adopted by a family in Florida. He offers to dig into it, but she insists the search is over. She just wants to concentrate on the now. Jax gets a call from Carly and runs off. Nina admits to Curtis that Jax running off is common. She makes excuses for this and Curtis raises his eyebrows. After they talk some more, she admits it’s hard for her to give up the search for her daughter.

Jax arrives at the Corinthos compound and Carly freaks out to him about Ava having the necklace. She’s worried the truth about Nelle could come out. He thinks he should be the one to tell Nina the truth. Carly begs him for some more time to sort things out. She insists she can find Nelle’s necklace and save them both.

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Liz interrupts Jason as he works out at the gym. She confronts him for agreeing to kill Franco, sure this is what he’s been wanting all along. The nurse asks what the criteria for killing her husband is. Jason says he’ll know when Franco is a threat, but will she? Liz insists that she doesn’t need protection from her husband, and Jake doesn’t either. She tells him Franco has been more of a father than he’s ever been. Jason says that was life before the tumor and it’s over. She warns that if any harm comes to Franco, he’s going to be sorry. After she leaves, he loads his gun and sighs.

Franco asks Scott to represent him at home General Hospital

Scott arrives at Franco’s, irritated that he’s been summoned and is missing his Tony Curtis movie. His son asks him to represent him after he’s dead. Franco tells Scott about hearing Drew’s voice in his head again. Scott soon guesses he’s convinced Jason to kill him. Franco asks if they can draw up papers to exonerate Jason just in case. His father doesn’t want any part of this but, after some begging, relents. After Scott leaves, Liz bustles in and tells Franco that if Jason comes after him, he’ll have to go through her first.

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