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At home, Liz confronts Franco about having secret meetings with Jason, and realizes Franco asked Jason to kill him. Franco swears he doesn’t want to die, and Dr. Kirk gave him hope that the tumor wouldn’t cause him to revert to the man he was. He explains he went to see Jason a second time to tell him that. She’s glad and decides to put an end to this and takes off. Alone, Franco hears Peter’s voice saying, “Please be Drew Cain.”

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In her office at General Hospital, Jason warns Britt that Peter will use her and throw her away without a care for his own gain. He runs down everything he knows, including Peter’s involvement with Faison and the memory swap, Shiloh’s blackmail, Drew’s plane crash, and the attempt on Franco and Andre’s lives. Jason says Peter is responsible for everything that’s been happening and pinned it on others including her mother and in the end, Maxie will pay the price.

Dante meets with Maxie and Peter at Kelly’s. They inform him of their decision to name their baby after Lulu, which touches Dante. Dante excuses himself to get a coffee, and Maxie senses Dante is being closed off. Peter thinks it is his presence, so he leaves them to talk alone. Dante returns to the table, and they talk about Rocco and how things have changed. Maxie switches the subject and thinks Dante still doesn’t like Peter. Dante says he’d like to get to know him a bit better. Maxie assures him that he’s a good guy. Dante admits it’s hard seeing her with anyone other than Nathan, let alone his brother. However, he will try, and promises to be there for her, James and Lulu.

At The Metro Court, Finn enjoys tea with Anna but is called away when Alexis phones for his help. After Finn leaves, Kevin joins Anna because he knows she had some questions for him. She admits she’s worried about Dante and fears the WSB is using him and disregarding his mental health. They discuss his doctor’s death, and Kevin admits it’s strange that Kirk, who’d always been so busy, suddenly had time to see one of his patients recently. Kevin makes some calls and learns Kirk, who normally had two dozen patients, was only seeing about four. He’s emailed his patients’ records. Dante’s file is heavily censored, and Anna’s shocked to learn Obrecht was one of his other patients.

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At the Quartermaine mansion, Olivia confronts Ned about the night he never came home, and she wants the truth. Tracy suggests this isn’t the time as it’s a family celebration, but Olivia accuses Tracy of being in on this with Ned. Ned confesses he slept with Alexis and it was a stupid mistake that will never happen again. He relays he was in a terrible place, and jumped to the wrong conclusion about her and Robert, and began drinking heavily. Stunned, Sam can’t believe he was drinking with her mother the alcoholic.

Finn arrives at Alexis’ house assuming she wants to go to a meeting. She doesn’t and fills him in on Martin’s plan to fight the DWI charge by arguing Tracy was to blame. Finn reminds her that Tracy was going to help her, but Alexis isn’t so sure. She recounts the events of the night Tracy drove her home and is sure that Tracy was trying to stop her from telling Olivia that she slept with Ned. She realizes she needs to go to the Quartermaine’s, so Finn drives her.

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In the living room of the Quartermaine mansion, Ned admits he wasn’t sober that night and only found out later that Alexis was drinking again. Olivia accuses him of not only not trusting her but being incapable of trust after spending his life in this house of liars and cheats. Suddenly, Alexis bursts in and accuses Tracy of setting her up. Sam believes her mother and notes that it’s all out in the open.

Ned asks what Tracy did. Sam explains that Tracy framed Alexis to get her out of the picture and protect Ned, and presents the evidence of the security alarm never being deactivated. Cornered, Tracy confesses that she lied and framed Alexis, and plays that she did it to send Alexis to rehab to get help. Alexis knows she just didn’t want her around Ned and Olivia. Sam excuses herself to start getting the charges against her mom dropped. Alexis wishes to speak to Olivia, who asks the others to leave them. In the foyer, Ned confronts his mother before she can slink off.

Back at General Hospital, Jason knows Peter can’t keep the cover-up going, and Maxie will lose everything. Britt doesn’t understand why the moral Anna would cover for Peter. Jason thinks she’s only seeing what she wants to see and asks Britt if she will open her eyes to the truth. Suddenly, Peter arrives. He offers to come back another time, but Britt indicates Jason was just leaving. Jason exits, and Britt asks what brings him by. Peter needs a favor from his sister, information for an article. He wants her to log into the system and walk away, which excuses her of any accountability. Britt agrees and indicates she’s trusting him not to get her into trouble. She leaves him with her computer but shortly returns having changed her mind because she can’t break protocol. He understands and leaves, having been able to get what he needed on a flash drive. Alone, Britt is able to learn that Peter was looking into Franco’s records.

Liz finds Jason working out at Sonny’s gym and says they need to talk.

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