Olivia demand answers from Tracy on GH
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At the Quartermaine mansion, Olivia demands answers from Tracy about the night of Alexis’ accident. Tracy claims Alexis was ranting that night that Olivia was a gold-digging slut and her marriage to Ned was a sham. Tracy suggests Alexis is after Ned and is going to convince him that Olivia’s not good enough for him if they don’t keep Alexis away from Ned. Ned enters and asks if Sam and Lucas are there as Leo is getting antsy about certifying the adoption. Tracy thinks it’s natural as this is his big debut as a Quartermaine.

Olivia Confronts Tracy

Ned checks on things in the kitchen, and Olivia still feels there is something Tracy isn’t telling her because the alarm was never disabled to Alexis’ house that evening. Olivia outright accuses Tracy of being the one who ran the car off the road but doesn’t understand what she’d gain from framing Alexis. Tracy blurts out that she did it for someone else. Olivia realizes she did this for her and is puzzled.

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Valentin stops by to check on Alexis and finds her drinking and destroying photos of Julian. There is a knock at the door, and she wonders if this is another intervention. It’s Martin, who Valentin calls the calvary. Valentin asked him in to represent her in her DUI case. Alexis assures them that she’s already drawn up her own defense, so Valentin asks her to share it with Martin. Martin criticizes her spelling errors, including referring to the arresting officer as Defective Chase, and says her defense strategy is terrible. Martin knows the judge, who can’t handle his liquor, so he always gives his keys to someone he knows can drive him home after having a good time. He points out she did the same with Tracy, and Tracy had a duty to care for her and she neglected that, putting the Quartermaine at fault.

Martin helps Alexis on GH

At Liz’s place, Franco hands Cam an important letter from Stanford. Cam admits he never even mentioned going to the west coast to his mom. He opens the letter as Franco begins to hear Peter’s voice saying, “Please meet Drew Cain.” Cam is stunned that he got in, and Franco hugs him. However, Cam hasn’t decided yet if he will go. Franco doesn’t understand why not, since this was clearly his first choice as he applied for early admission. Cam begs Franco not to tell his mom until he has it figured out.

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At General Hospital, Britt meets with Jason in her office. The doctor shows him, through a microscope, the results of Cyrus’ new test drug on a lab rat’s brain, which is beyond anything she’s ever seen. When he learns she swiped a sample of the drug he’s concerned that he’s putting her in danger. She assures him that she’s more than capable of handling this and reminds him that she’s the daughter of two world-class criminals. However, she wants to use her abilities for good and she’s nothing like them. Jason responds, “And you’re not like your brother.”

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In the hall, Sam overhears Liz mentioning Franco’s tumor and panics. She confronts the nurse about it and worries they could all be in danger. Liz says there has been zero evidence the tumor is affecting Franco in the same way. Liz and Sam sit down, and Liz explains that Franco’s tumor is inoperable, and they are hoping radiation will buy him time before it explodes. Sam lets Liz know that she can always talk to her or Jason, but Liz says Jason doesn’t know. Sam reveals Franco came to the house to see Jason the other week, and he had this crippling headache and was shouting at someone. She explains Jason warned her to call him if Franco ever came back.

At the Crimson office, Nina is surprised at Jax’s declaration of love. He admits he’s been looking for the right time to tell her and should have long ago. Nina confesses that she’s longed for this moment, but feared it too. In her experience, those words are either the beginning of the end or a sign that things will get better. Jax promises her it will be the latter. She returns the words in several languages, including English. The two embrace as Nina cries.

Back at the Quartermaine mansion, Sam arrives and says Lucas has been delayed at the hospital. Ned asks Olivia if they should get this party started. Shaken by Tracy’s words, Olivia begins to recall her past conversations with Alexis about her relationship with Ned, and Ned almost coming clean about his betrayal for doubting her faithfulness. Olivia calls Ned out on what it was that he really wanted her to forgive him for.

Back at Liz’s place, the nurse returns home as Franco is leaving a message for Obrecht about his latest symptoms. Liz accuses Franco of lying to her.

General Hospital will be preempted for the Presidential inauguration and will return with a new episode on Thursday, January 21.

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