Jason asks Brick for help on GH
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Laura runs into Curtis at General Hospital. She gives him an update on Florence and Cyrus being her brother. Although she doesn’t want any relationship with him, Cyrus seems more convinced they are cut from the same cloth. Laura talks about how hard it has been to lose Sonny and he encourages her to take some time for herself. They worry about all the violence that might fill the vacuum now that Sonny is gone. She asks about Jordan and he admits he hasn’t been home in weeks. He rants about his wife’s tendency to lie by omission. There’s something wrong with his marriage and he doesn’t know how to fix it. She suggests counseling.

Brando gets a checkup on GH

Down the hall, Amy walks in on Brando as he buttons his shirt. She checks on him and his abs.

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Sasha confronts Cyrus on GH

At the Metro Court, Olivia tries calling Alexis but has no luck. Meanwhile, Cyrus demands Sam tell him where Jason has taken his mother. She tells him to talk to Jason himself after she walks off with Olivia. Sasha strolls over to see Cyrus at the bar. He assumes she’s looking for a fix and she accuses him of nearly killing her. He’s disappointed that she’s sniping at him like everyone else. They argue about mothers and he gets distraught about his. She’s mocking and he complains everyone believes the worst of him. Brando gets between them. Once Sasha walks off, Cyrus tells Brando the need to find his mom. He explains the situation and suggests he try to get some information out of the Corinthos family. If Brando won’t try, Cyrus will go to the feds with what he knows about Dev.

Brando and Sasha sit at a table and talk about the problems of working with Cyrus.

Olivia questions Alexis' accident on GH

Olivia and Sam discuss Alexis. The drunk driving story isn’t adding up for Olivia, especially the detail of the coffee on the counter. She thinks Sam should be more supportive of her mom right now.

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Alexis wonders what really happened on GH

Alexis heads home and finds a bag of Julian’s possessions that were left by Ava. She starts going through a photo album but stops herself and pours a vodka. As she weeps and cuts Julian out of photos, Olivia and Sam show up. Reluctantly, she lets them in. While Liv is making coffee, Alexis tells her daughter that the only good thing Julian ever did was give her Sam. Now she feels like she will always be haunted by him. Sam tells her mom to take a shower and then they can strategize how to fight the DUI charge. When Alexis goes upstairs, Sam gets an idea of how they can figure out if Tracy was lying.

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Brick meets with Jason at Pozzulo’s. He offers to do whatever the family needs and explains that there has already been a move on Sonny’s territory. The Novaks have started moving stuff into a warehouse. Jason loads his gun and they head out.

Jason and Brick arrive at the warehouse and smell gunpowder. When they open the door, they find a string of corpses.

Brick and Jason return to Pozzulo’s. They guess that someone must have shut the Novaks down as a favor to Sonny. Cyrus shows up.

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Sonny has amnesia on GH

At the hospital up north, Sonny puts on clothes from the lost and found. Nurse Phyllis tells him he’s looking better and gives him some spaghetti. They talk about his fancy tailored clothes and wonder who he is. She hasn’t found any reports of a missing person matching his description. She’s sure his brain will heal and he has a killer smile. He thinks she’s a nice lady. She mentions Port Charles and they check his watch for an inscription. It says Mike so they assume that’s his name.

On the next General Hospital: Alexis receives a painful reminder.

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