Sonny in the snow on GH
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Chase tosses in bed and can’t stop thinking about his dinner, and kiss, with Willow.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy asks Willow, who is in a daze, if she is okay. Willow was just wondering if she turned on Wiley’s monitor. Tracy walks into the living room to find Ned comforting Olivia, who is in tears over the news about Sonny. Willow interrupts and wants to go join Michael at the Corinthos estate, and Olivia wants to accompany her.

After they leave, Ned makes a drink and knows he has to call Lois and Brook Lynn to tell them about Sonny. Tracy notes Sonny will be missed but doubts anyone will grieve over Julian. She asks if he’s going to adopt Leo. Ned says it’s in the works, but he’s worried the truth about what happened with Alexis will come out and blow things up. Tracy assures him that Alexis won’t be a problem and will be in rehab soon thanks to her accident. Ned finds his mother a little too happy about Alexis’ situation, but Tracy says her misfortune works to his favor.

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At the hospital, Alexis arrives for a checkup on her hands. Finn tries to get her to go to a meeting, but she refuses. They quarrel about her car accident. She reiterates she wasn’t driving but will get to the bottom of things. She departs to grab her ride-share. After she leaves, Chase arrives to talk to his brother about his dinner with Willow.

At Molly and TJ’s place, Molly is about to leave to meet a friend for a study group when TJ arrives home. She forces him to talk about their situation. They both still want a future together but aren’t ready to jump into the commitment ceremony yet. TJ has to get to the hospital but needs a shower first, so Molly joins him for some romance.

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Jason meets with Brando on the docks to discuss what went down at the pier. Brando called Carly in to stop Jason from killing Cyrus and explains that the mobster knows the truth about Dev, and if he dies, they will all be implicated in covering up the truth about Dev.

At the Corinthos mansion, Sam, Michael, and Dante gather as Sasha checks on a food delivery. Carly is in the kitchen alone staring at Sonny’s Saint Christopher medal in disbelief. She eventually joins the family in the living room, and thanks them all for being there. Carly wants them to hug, tell stories about Sonny, and drink his scotch. She leads the family in a toast to Sonny for giving so much to all of them.

Willow and Olivia eventually arrive to join the gathering, and Olivia comes bearing her manicotti which Sonny loved. Michael thanks Sasha for being there, but knows she has a counseling session. They hug and she departs. Later, Michael is surprised to see Willow, and she asks him how he’s really doing. Michael admits he’s both numb and angry but is holding it together for his mom.

Meanwhile, Jason arrives and goes with Carly to the kitchen to speak. There he fills her in on what Brando told him about Cyrus’ leverage against them all. Back in the living room, Alexis stops by to pay her respects, and Sam assumes she was here for the free liquor. Alexis speaks with Olivia and lets her know Sam is angry she turned down a deal from the DA regarding her accident. Olivia is just glad Tracy was there that night, but Alexis notes Tracy has never had a kind word to say to her in her life, let alone want to help her.

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Back in the kitchen, Carly asks Jason to advise her on Sonny’s offshore accounts, which he does. She worries the waterfront won’t be safe, and she needs Jason to be open with her about everything going forward. She doesn’t want him to disappear like Sonny.

In the woods of New Jersey, Sonny lies in the snow but is too weak to get up. Mike (played by Max Gail) appears to his son, who asks where he is. Mike tells him that he’s halfway between where he was and where he’s going. Mike notices his watch has stopped and helps Sonny sit up. He lets him know he still has a choice and he can go to sleep and never open his eyes again, or he can fight and start walking. Mike begs his son to fight to get home to those waiting for him. Sonny is able to stand, and his watch begins ticking again. Mike vanishes, and Sonny wonders where he went. A hiker happens upon Sonny and asks what he’s doing out there. Confused, Sonny doesn’t know.

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Sasha runs into Brando at General Hospital and the two talk. She is on her way to a meeting and knows she is a substance abuser, and without help may become an addict. She thanks him for opening up about his own battle with drugs, which helped her, and then heads to her meeting. As Brando goes to leave, he runs into TJ. Brando suggests they catch a beer sometime. TJ has a better idea and punches him.

Elsewhere, Chase lets his brother know that dad wants another poker rematch, and suggests perhaps Anna and his mom can join them next time.

On the next General Hospital: Sonny is given a ride by a stranger, and Trina realizes she needs to apologize to someone. Meanwhile, find out about Carly’s new story, Jason and Sam’s future and more with our exclusive 2021 preview.

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