Jordan questions Jason and Diane at the PCPD General Hospital
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Jason and Diane arrive in Jordan’s office. She asks them if they have any thoughts on Cyrus’ mother going missing. They send the lawyer out and Jordan questions him about Florence. A cop arrives with a new report on Sonny.

Portia visits Taggert in cells General Hospital

Portia visits the PCPD cells to see Taggert. They instantly argue about what he did to Trina. He’s sorry. She thinks he should be more concerned about fighting to get his life back. Marcus can’t do that because he’s guilty. Portia insists that they have to work together to expose Cyrus. As she’s telling him to man up, Jordan interrupts. Once the doctor exits, she catches him up on the Cyrus situation and Sonny disappearing.

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Laura blames Cyrus at General Hospital

At General Hospital, Cyrus and Laura argue about his mom and the bombing. Laura is sure his mom is fine. He knows that she knows how to work the system and how much she’s willing to cross the line. When she turns her back on him, he grabs her arm. Her mom suddenly appears and yells at him. The sarcastic introductions follow and Cyrus call Lesley the tramp who slept with his father. When Laura explains who he is, Lesley almost cries. Cyrus adds that his father’s death was set in motion because of her. After some more bickering, Laura asks her mom to step away and raises her fist to Cyrus, telling him not to use her mom as a scapegoat. He urges her to resolve things with Jason or something might happen to her mom.

Laura goes down the hall and finds her mom crying. Lesley says Cyrus said some horrible things, but her recklessness helped lead them all into this mess.

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At the Quartermaine estate, Michael gets off the phone with the police. They’ve shifted from search and rescue to recovery for Sonny. Willow walks in and announces she’s having dinner with Chase. She offers to reschedule to stick around for him, but he says she should go.

Michael shares news about Sonny with Sasha and Sonny at Corinthos house General Hospital

Carly dreams of Sonny at the Corinthos compound. Sasha shows up to thank her for all she’s done for her. Michael arrives. Sasha is about to leave when they tell her about the search for Sonny. Michael informs his mother it has become a recovery mission. She insists they will find her husband alive and goes to the kitchen to make coffee. Sasha tells Michael how sorry she is and holds him while he worries. She asks him out for a walk. After they leave, Jason comes in and tells Carly that the cops haven’t found Sonny’s body, but they found his Saint Christopher medal. She nearly hyperventilates and cries that she doesn’t know what made her fall in love with Sonny.

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Chase and Willow discuss his betrayal at Metro Court General Hospital

Chase wanders into the Metro Court and joins Dante at the bar. Dante thanks him for looking out for his family while he was away. They agree to catch up later. Chase takes a table and Willow joins him. Things are awkward. They talk about Thor the police dog until she ends the small talk. He wants to get back to the way things were. She admits that she’s missed him but the pain he made her feel is still real. He begs for a chance to prove himself to her. Taking her hand, he says he’s sure she loves him too. They kiss and she reminds him she’s married to Michael. This is too complicated for her, so she runs away.

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Peter is defensive with Sam at Metro Court General Hospital

Across the room, Peter tries to get a call to Dr. Cabot but he’s in solitary. Agitated, he gets up and bumps into Sam. She’s eager to coordinate the bachelor and bachelorette parties. He snaps and says he knows she can’t stand him marrying Maxie. Peter tells her to stay out of his way and leaves. Sam notices Dante has been staring at Peter, so she strolls over to quiz him about it. She says they might have some aligned interest regarding August. They chat about Sonny and keeping up hope. He admits his hope is dwindling and offers his condolences for Julian. She says the world is better without him. They discuss looking out for their brother Leo. As they drink, they joke and tell stories about Sonny. It’s starting to feel like a wake.

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Peter shows up at General Hospital and anxiously asks a nurse to help him get in touch with Andre.

In the woods, Sonny’s body lays in the snow.

On the next General Hospital: Jason meets with Brando.

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