Peter and Maxie talk wedding at Metro Court General Hospital
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At General Hospital, wigged Obrecht tries to obscure her identity by wearing a mask. Anna jumps off an elevator looking for Dante and senses she knows the doctor. Obrecht claims to be busy. Dante interrupts and the doctor escapes. The cop updates her on the search for Sonny. Then the topic turns to how he was allowed out by the WSB and whether he pulled the wool over their eyes. He reminds her that his doctor is dead and guesses she’s been digging into his case. Anna tells him what she thinks really happened to his doctor.

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Laura fills in Nikolas and Ava about Cyrus at Charlie's General Hospital

Ava and Nikolas are boxing things up at Charlie’s Pub. He insists on sticking around to help her clear up her brother’s mess. Laura arrives and pays her condolences. She then informs them of her surprising half-brothers. This sounds insane to the prince. The mayor says they need to dig into Cyrus’ needs and motives so they can stop him. Kevin calls her and asks them to the hospital.

Kevin and Britt look at Ryan at General Hospital

In the corridor at General Hospital, Britt tells Kevin that what happens next to Ryan is out of their hands. When she heads down the hall, she bumps into Obrecht. Britt quickly recognizes her perfume and pulls off her mask. They hurry around a corner and Obrecht shows her the WSB cleared her. That’s a relief to her daughter. Liesl explains that she’s there to find evidence against Peter and warns her that he would sacrifice her to preserve his life with Maxie. They start giddily talking about their hair and Britt’s career advancement. Obrecht is eager to meet Cyrus and Britt agrees to keep her return a secret.

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Nikolas, Ava, and Laura join Kevin, who explains what happened to his brother’s brain. Ryan can move his eyes, hear, and think but not the rest of his body. He’s being moved to a minimum-security facility. Ava goes into Ryan’s room to mock him. She digs her nails into his hand and whispers in his ear. Nikolas interrupts and Ryan grins as he is wheeled away.

Meanwhile, Kevin chats with Anna and asks him about Dr. Kirk. He tells her that he used to work in psy-ops and was developing experimental brain function techniques.

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At the Metro Court, Maxie and Peter discuss their double-wedding. She hadn’t thought about the shared guest list and looks across the room at Franco. They assure each other their wedding will be perfect and that love makes anything possible.

Liz and Franco talk about the wedding at Metro Court General Hospital

Across the room, Franco and Liz discuss his tumor. He’s more worried about having Peter in his head. After he tells her they don’t have to go to the wedding, she follows Maxie into the bathroom. Franco heads to Peter’s table and congratulates him on the wedding, which he offers not to attend for Maxie’s sake. Peter wants his friendly face there. They talk about having no friends. Peter is unsettled when Franco mentions Drew’s memories have been coming back to him.

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Valentin has orders for Martin at Metro Court General Hospital

Valentin joins Martin at the bar and says he needs his services to dig into what Jax is doing. Martin doesn’t have time for this. He needs to rescue his mother. The lawyer starts to rant about how self-centered Valentin is, but his client stops him and asks how he can help. Martin explains the situation.

Cyrus panics to Jordan about his mom at PCPD General Hospital

In her office at the Port Charles Police Department, Jordan goes through files from the bombing when Cyrus interrupts. He orders her to deliver Jason Morgan to him. She’s condescending as he panics about his mom. When he threatens her, she tells him to find his mother himself. She’s already lost everything and he has no leverage over her anymore.

Laura meets Cyrus at General Hospital. She hasn’t found his mother but is sure she is safe. The mayor asks him not to escalate things, but he’s not going to listen,

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