Obrecht in blond wig on GH
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Laura arrives at the Corinthos place to speak to Carly, but Jason says she is out. She says Jason will do and accuses him of kidnapping Florence. She never knew Jason to be this cruel, and if he plays by Cyrus’ rules then nobody wins. Laura departs in a huff.

Jason in a bind on GH

At the Metro Court, Peter and Maxie discuss their wedding over dinner. Robert approaches having received his double wedding invite and asks if it is a misprint, but Maxie tells him it’s not. She says he can still bring a plus one, and he plans to and tells them it’s Jackie. Maxie becomes upset at the thought that Lulu was so happy to work with Jackie and now she’s missing out on everything. She excuses herself for a moment.

Robert and Peter talk on GH

At another table, Valentin meets with Martin, who is distracted. As Martin informs him of a family matter and his newfound sister, Anna interrupts to speak with Valentin. Martin gives them a moment alone. Anna tells Valentin that Dante’s release is classified, and she is still looking for answers. She spots Robert across the room and gets an idea.

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Maxie rejoins Peter and Robert, and Robert tells Maxie that he wishes nothing but happiness for them. Anna interrupts, and Maxie gets a text from their wedding coordinator about looking at some chairs, so she and Peter take off. Anna asks Robert if he got any insight into Dante’s treatment while he was in Switzerland with Olivia. Robert only knows he was being treated by Dr. Kirk, who Kevin is familiar with. Anna’s phone buzzes and she rushes off to an appointment.

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Dante arrives at the hospital for a meeting with Kevin at the bioresearch lab. He runs into Liz, who tells Dante how sorry she is about Lulu’s condition. Liz points him towards the room he’s looking for, and there he finds Dr. Obrecht, still in her blond wig. She reveals she is the one who texted him because they have a lot of work to do. Obrecht praises his good work so far with Dr. Kirk which exonerated her. She regretfully informs him that Dr. Kirk was found dead, and she will be his new handler. Dante refuses to work with her until he gets confirmation from the WSB. Obrecht clicks her pen, putting Dante into a trance, and convinces Dante that they will complete the mission to bring down Peter together. Dante fills her in on the Maxie and Peter’s wedding, and Maxie being pregnant. Obrecht is stunned.

Dante meets his new boss on GH

At home, Sam is on the phone with a rehab facility when Franco arrives to see Jason. She tells him that Jason doesn’t live there anymore. Franco explains he was out of town and didn’t know and apologizes for bothering her. As he goes to leave, he suddenly collapses in the hall in pain. He hears Peter’s voice in his head saying, “I had no choice.” He screams at it to stop as Sam looks terrified.

Franco looks insane on GH

Sam helps him inside and says she’s going to call 911, but Franco claims it’s just a migraine. Jason arrives, and Sam excuses herself to get Jason some of the things he left. Franco tells Jason that the doctor he saw said he might not turn back into the man he was, and the tumor may be a result of his memory swap. Franco thinks he will be okay but knows if he’s not that Jason will stick to their bargain. Franco leaves but continues to be hit with more pain and hears Peter’s voice.

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Carly arrives to see Jax at his place and finds him with Nina. Jax needs to know that Joss is going to be safe, and Carly assures him that she’s taken care of Cyrus. Jax isn’t satisfied, and they get into a heated argument. Nina tries to calm them down and suggests Joss can stay with them till things cool down, causing Carly to lash out at her for giving her parenting advice. Carly quickly apologizes, and Nina decides to leave them to talk as she has a business meeting. Alone, Carly only tells Jax that things have been handled and Jason is running the show until Sonny returns. Jax feels Carly needs to face the truth that Sonny may not return. She refuses to believe that and storms out.

Jax needs answers from Carly on GH

Back at the Metro Court, Nina’s meeting is delayed and she runs into Valentin. They talk about Charlotte, and Valentin mentions how she’s going to be a wonderful mother to her own daughter when she finds her. When Nina mentions giving up the search, Valentin accuses Jax of convincing her to stop looking so he can have Nina all to himself.

Nina is over Valentin on GH

Meanwhile, Peter speaks with Robert, who thanks him for being a good sport about the double wedding. Robert is only giving him a pass because he’s Anna’s son, and hopes he doesn’t regret it.

Elsewhere, Laura meets with Martin and admits she hasn’t found Florence yet and has no proof that Jason is responsible. Martin thinks she suspects it though. She admits this is unlike the Jason she knows.

Anna stops in at General Hospital looking for Kevin. Liz tells her that he’s in a meeting with Dante, and explains how Kevin has been a big help to Franco in referring him to Dr. Kirk. Anna asks about the doctor and learns he was killed in a random mugging.

Back in the lab, Obrecht tells Dante her presence must be kept secret. She says she’ll be in touch when it’s time to strike. Dante departs, and she leaves later in a hospital mask and runs straight into Anna.

Back at the Metro Court, Maxie rejoins Peter and Robert, and Liz arrives as she’s supposed to be meeting Franco. She tells Peter that she and Franco are thrilled about attending his wedding, and thanks him again for saving Franco’s life.

On the next General Hospital: Laura relays a message to Ava and Nikolas that Kevin wants them to meet him at the hospital.

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